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A Defense Of Intellectual Property Rights

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A Defense Of Intellectual Property Rights

Richard A. Spinello , Maria Bottis

Richard A. Spinello, Associate Research Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, US and Maria Bottis, Lecturer, Department of Archive and Library Sciences, Ionian University, Greece

2009 232 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 395 3
ebook isbn 978 1 84844 942 8

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‘The book is well provided with detailed references/bibliography for those who want to pursue the matter. . . The authors have effected a very thorough analysis of the moral issues and the book is strongly recommended for that reason. . .’
– Brian Spear, World Patent Information


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Richard A. Spinello and Maria Bottis defend the thesis that intellectual property rights are justified on non-economic grounds. The rationale for this moral justification is primarily inspired by the theory of John Locke. In the process of defending Locke, the authors confront the deconstructionist critique of intellectual property rights and remove the major barriers interfering with a proper understanding of authorial entitlement. The book also familiarizes the reader with the rich historical and legal tradition behind intellectual property protection.

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Contents: Foreword by Dionysia Kallinikou 1. Introduction: Intellectual Property on the Line 2. An Intellectual and Political History of Intellectual Property Rights 3. The US and European Legal Regimes: A Critical Overview 4. Protesting Intellectual Property Rights 5. Foundations of Intellectual Property Rights 6. Defending Intellectual Property Rights 7. Epilogue Appendix Index

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