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Innovation, Markets And Sustainable Energy

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Innovation, Markets And Sustainable Energy

The Challenge of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Stefano Pogutz , Angeloantonio Russo , Paolo Migliavacca

Edited by Stefano Pogutz, Bocconi University, Angeloantonio Russo, Parthenope University and Paolo Migliavacca, Bocconi University, Italy

2009 272 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 107 1
ebook isbn 978 1 84844 932 9

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‘. . . the book is worth reading for policy makers, industry experts and academics who focus on innovation research and/or hydrogen and fuel cell research.’
– Wolfgang Eichhammer, Energy and Environment

Contributors: P. Agnolucci, M. Ball, J. Brown, M.J. Bürer, M. Contestabile, L. Dibiaggio, D. Goddard, Y. Harayama, P. Harborne, C. Hendry, K. Honda, P. Larrue, P. Migliavacca, M. Nasiriyar, P. Nieuwenhuis, S. Nygaard, S. Pogutz, M. Reijalt, A. Rickne, A. Russo, P. Seydel, G. Simbolotti, C. Vurro, M. Wietschel, R. Wuebker, R. Wüstenhagen, C. Zapata

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Innovation, Markets and Sustainable Energy is the first attempt to explore fuel cells and hydrogen technologies by embracing a solid theoretical perspective in the field of innovation and management. Adopting a cross-sectional and international perspective, the book analyzes the implications of introducing fuel cells into the industrial system and explores the complexity of market development for new technological solutions.

This book presents an in-depth study of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and markets, concentrating on the disruptive nature of these technologies. It examines the value chain structure and the strategies of relevant industry players, the alliances and inter-organizational learning processes, the development of new markets, and venture capital dynamics. It also provides an overview of the policies that support hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in major countries around the world.

Academics focussing on innovation management, strategy, sustainability, and energy and environmental management will warmly welcome this timely book. It will also be of great interest for the fuel cell and hydrogen practitioner community at large and in particular policymakers.

Full table of contents


Frano Barbir

Alfonso Gambardella

Stefano Pogutz, Angeloantonio Russo and Paolo Migliavacca

1. The Role of Hydrogen in Our Energy Future
Giorgio Simbolotti

2. Transition Towards Sustainable Energy Systems: The Case of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Marcello Contestabile

3. Fuel Cells as Disruptive Innovation: The Power to Change Markets
Paul Harborne, Chris Hendry and James Brown

4. Build-up of a Hydrogen Infrastructure
Martin Wietschel, Philipp Seydel and Michael Ball

5. Networks Dynamics, Innovation and Fuel Cell Technologies: Shaping a New Industry
Stefano Pogutz, Angeloantonio Russo and Paolo Migliavacca

6. Rate and Dimensions of the Technological Knowledge Base Underlying Fuel Cell Innovations: Evidence from Patent Data
Ludovic Dibiaggio and Maryam Nasiriyar

7. Balancing Exploration and Exploitation Across Firm Boundaries: Intra- and Interorganizational Learning in the Fuel Cell Industry
Clodia Vurro and Angeloantonio Russo

8. Financing Fuel Cell Market Development: Exploring the Role of Expectation Dynamics in Venture Capital Investment
Rolf Wüstenhagen, Robert Wuebker, Mary Jean Bürer and Dale Goddard

9. The Introduction of Fuel Cell Technologies in the Automotive Industry: State of the Art and Perspectives
Paul Nieuwenhuis

10. Early Markets for Fuel Cells: An Assessment of their Contribution to a Future Hydrogen Economy
Paolo Agnolucci

11. Market Coordination and Network Effects: The Case of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform
Stian Nygaard and Annika Rickne

12. The American Hydrogen Strategy: Cooperation in Public Policy
Clovis Zapata

13. Japan’s Fuel Cell Technology: Policy and Progress
Yuko Harayama, Philippe Larrue and Kuniaki Honda

14. Hydrogen: Origins and Where to Go from Here?
Marieke Reijalt


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