Research Handbook On The WTO Agriculture Agreement

Research Handbook On The WTO Agriculture Agreement

New and Emerging Issues in International Agricultural Trade Law

Joseph A. McMahon , Melaku Geboye Desta

Edited by Joseph A. McMahon, Professor of Commercial Law, University College Dublin, Ireland and Melaku Geboye Desta, Professor of International Economic Law, De Montfort University, UK

2012, 336 pp Hb 978 1 84844 116 3 / Pb 978 1 78100 537 8

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Series: Research Handbooks on the WTO series

‘The range of topics covered in this volume is multi-faceted and various. . . Practitioners with clients involved in agri-business will be particularly interested in the broad spectrum of matters discussed, as will trade negotiators, policy advisors and graduate students in this vital and fascinating field.’
– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

Contributors: K. Anderson, D. Blandford, M. Cardwell, I. Carreño, M.G. Desta, G. Dutfield, C. Häberli, L.A. Jackson, T. Josling, E. Laurenza, A. Matthews, J.A. McMahon, F. Smith, S. Switzer

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Agriculture has been the unruly horse of the GATT/WTO system for a long time and efforts to halter it are still ongoing. This Research Handbook focuses on aspects of agricultural production and trade policy that are recognized for their importance but are often kept out of the limelight, such as the implication of national and international agricultural production and trade policies on national food security, global climate change, and biotechnology. It provides a summary of the state of the WTO agriculture negotiations as well as the relevant jurisprudence, but also, and uniquely, it focuses on the new and emerging issues of agricultural trade law and policy that are rarely addressed in the existing literature.

With contributions from a multi-disciplinary team of leading analysts from around the world, this Research Handbook will appeal to trade negotiators, international trade law and policy academics as well as postgraduate students in the field.

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Joseph A. McMahon and Melaku Geboye Desta

1. The Agreement on Agriculture: Setting the Scene
Joseph A. McMahon and Melaku Geboye Desta

2. Food Security and International Agricultural Trade Regulation: Old Problems, New Perspectives
Fiona Smith

3. Do WTO Rules Improve or Impair the Right to Food?
Christian Häberli

4. The Impact of WTO Agricultural Trade Rules on Food Security and Development: An Examination of Proposed Additional Flexibilities for Developing Countries
Alan Matthews

5. Plant Intellectual Property, Food Security and Human Development: Institutional and Legal Considerations, and the Need for Reform
Graham Dutfield

6. GMOs: Trade and Welfare Impacts of Current Policies and Prospects for Reform
Kym Anderson and Lee Ann Jackson

7. Addressing the Solution of SPS and TBT Matters through Trade Negotiations
Eugenia Laurenza and Ignacio Carreño

8. Private Standards and Trade
Tim Josling

9. Climate Change Policies for Agriculture and WTO Agreements
David Blandford

10. Biofuels, Food Security and the WTO Agreement on Agriculture
Stephanie Switzer

11. Stretching the Boundaries of Multifunctionality? An Evolving Common Agricultural Policy within the World Trade Legal Order
Michael Cardwell


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