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Handbook Of Institutional Approaches To International Business

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Handbook Of Institutional Approaches To International Business

Geoffrey Wood , Mehmet Demirbag

Edited by Geoffrey Wood, University of Warwick and Mehmet Demirbag, Head of Department of Strategy and Organization and Professor of International Business, University of Strathclyde, UK

2012 640 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 768 5
2013 Paperback 978 1 78100 548 4
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 769 2

Hardback £187.00 on-line price £168.30

Paperback £45.00 on-line price £36.00


Series: Research Handbooks in Business and Management series

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‘The latest generation of research in comparative institutional analysis of business is impressively captured in this volume; readers find depth in theory development, breadth in application to practice and policy, and insight on the big research issues ahead. Both generalist and specialist readers will find much of value here.’
– Bruce Evan Kaufman, Georgia State University, US

Contributors: M.L. Aldred, F. Allen, M.M.C. Allen, A. Arslan, B.R. Barnes, N. Beech, J.A. Clampit, D.G. Collings, K.M. Conroy, R. Croucher, A. Cuervo-Cazurra, M. Demirbag, D. Demirbas, F. Filippaios, M. Fovargue-Davies, N.T. Gaffney, M.E. Genc, A. Giroud, J. Godard, G. Greig, N. Haworth, J.J. Hotho, S. Hughes, B. Karademir, B.L. Kedia, G. Klerck, S. Konzelmann, J. Larimo, M. McGuinness, B. McSweeney, H. Mirza, G. Morgan, C. Morrison, H. Patrick, T. Pedersen, R. Stepanov, C. Stoian, Z. Stone, M. Upchurch, K.H. Wee, G. Wood, A. Yaprak, D.A. Yen, A. Yukhanaev

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This inspiring Handbook brings together alternative perspectives from a range of disciplines to shed light on the nature of institutions and their relationship to firm-level practices and outcomes across a wide range of national settings.

Expertly written by leading scholars from a range of different starting points, this compendium presents a synthesis of recent work relating to institutionally-informed accounts from transitional and emerging markets, as well as from mature economies. It specifically focuses on the linkage between institutions and what goes on inside firms, and the relationship between setting, strategic choice and systemic outcomes.

The Handbook is explicitly multi-disciplinary, encompassing perspectives from a range of the functional areas of management studies. It will prove invaluable for postgraduate students and faculty in international business, and the wider research community in the areas of international business, corporate governance, socio-economics, and comparative HRM.

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Geoffrey Wood and Mehmet Demirbag

1. Institutions and Comparative Business Studies: Supranational and National Regulation
Geoffrey Wood and Mehmet Demirbag

2. International Business, Multinationals and National Business Systems
Glenn Morgan

3. Financing Firms in Different Countries
Franklin Allen

4. Anglo-Saxon Capitalism in Crisis? Models of Liberal Capitalism and the Preconditions for Financial Stability
Sue Konzelmann and Marc Fovargue-Davies

5. Framing Human Resource Management: The Importance of National Institutional Environments to What Management Does (and Should Do)
John Godard

6. Constitutive Contexts: The Myth of Common Cultural Values
Brendan McSweeney

7. The Role of Institutions and Multinational Enterprises in Economic Development
Ben L. Kedia, Jack A. Clampit and Nolan T. Gaffney

8. The International Labour Organization
Nigel Haworth and Steve Hughes

9. Categories of Distance and International Business
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and Mehmet Erdem Genc

10. Beyond the ‘Rules of the Game’: Three Institutional Approaches and How They Matter for International Business
Jasper J. Hotho and Torben Pedersen

11. The Multinational Enterprise, Institutions and Corruption
Martina McGuinness and Mehmet Demirbag

12. The Role of the MNE Headquarters in Subsidiary Innovation: An Institutional Perspective
Kieran M. Conroy and David G. Collings

13. Partial or Full Acquisition: Influences of Institutional Pressures on Acquisition Entry Strategy of Multinational Enterprises
Ahmad Arslan and Jorma Larimo

14. Managing Improvisational Practice: The Tension between Structure and Creative Difference
Holly Patrick, Gail Greig and Nic Beech

15. South–South Foreign Direct Investment: Key Role of Institutions and Future Prospects
Axèle Giroud, Hafiz Mirza and Kee Hwee Wee

16. Internationalization, Institutions and Economic Growth: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis of the New EU Member States
Matthew M.C. Allen and Maria L. Aldred

17. Financial System and Equity Culture Development in Central and Eastern European Countries: The Effect of Institutional Environment
Zita Stone, Fragkiskos Filippaios and Carmen Stoian

18. Between Welfare and Bargaining: Union Heterogeneity in Europe’s ‘Far East’
Richard Croucher and Claudio Morrison

19. Explaining Persistence of Dysfunctionality in Post-Communist Transformation
Martin Upchurch

20. The Co-evolution of the Institutional Environments and Internationalization Experiences of Turkish Internationalizing Firms
Bahattin Karademir and Attila Yaprak

21. Exploring Western and Chinese Business Relationship Paradigms
Dorothy A. Yen and Bradley R. Barnes

22. Reforms in Russian Corporate Governance and Evaluation of Russian Boards of Directors
Dilek Demirbas, Andrey Yukhanaev and Roman Stepanov

32. Firms, Markets and the Social Regulation of Capitalism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Gilton Klerck


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