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The Challenge Of Food Security

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The Challenge Of Food Security

International Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

Rosemary Rayfuse , Nicole Weisfelt

Edited by Rosemary Rayfuse, The University of New South Wales, Australia and Lund University, Sweden and Nicole Weisfelt, The University of New South Wales, Australia

2012 320 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 937 1
ebook isbn 978 0 85793 938 8

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‘This is a timely book which addresses one of the greatest challenges for international regulation: food security. The book is a comprehensive treatment of various aspects of food security from its origins to the relationship between food security and other values, the role that commodity trading plays in exacerbating food insecurity, the importance of adequate food governance, together with specific food security problems like fish, water and genetic resources. The editors should be congratulated on a stimulating collection of essays that brings together a diverse range of scholars and which sheds real light on the complex dimensions of the food security debate.’
– Fiona Smith, University College London, UK

Contributors: E. Bürgi Bonanomi, C. Chartres, N. Colbran, L. Cotula, I.C. De Jesus, R. Ford, D. Fuchs, K. Glaab, C. Häberli, M.S. Islam, A. Joshi, A. Kalfagianni, N. Louwaars, M. Margulis, R. Meyer-Eppler, C. Pearson, R. Rayfuse, B. Visser, N. Weisfelt, M. Young

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This timely study addresses the pressing issue of food security through a range of interdisciplinary contributions, providing both scholarly and policy-making perspectives. It sets the discussion on food security within the little-studied context of its international legal and regulatory framework. The expert contributors explore the key issues from a development perspective and through the lens of existing governance and policy systems with a view to articulating how these systems can be made more effective in dealing with the roots of food insecurity.

The book considers the root causes of food insecurity before discussing the regulatory challenges inherent in reconciling food production and sustainability to ensure both adequate supply of and equitable access to food, particularly in light of emerging issues such as food price volatility, ‘land grabbing’ and the need to coordinate the actions of the multitude of actors that influence food policy and regulation. It highlights the need for more equitable, transparent and coherent policy and regulatory approaches to the myriad of issues that make up the food security challenge.

This cross-cutting study will appeal to researchers in law, international relations, agricultural science and food systems, as well as to policy makers in government and international organisations that engage with policy and regulation of food security issues. It will also be essential reading for professionals in non-governmental organisations that are interested in development issues in general and food security in particular.

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1. The International Policy and Regulatory Challenges of Food Security: An Overview
Rosemary Rayfuse and Nicole Weisfelt

2. A Fresh Look at the Roots of Food Insecurity
Craig Pearson

3. Food Security in the Great Lakes Region: Reconciling Trade Liberalisation with Human Security Goals
Anagha Joshi

4. Right to Food, Sustainable Development and Trade: All Faces of the Same Cube?
Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi

5. Crop Disease, Management and Food Security
Rebecca Ford

6. The Contribution of Plant Genetic Resources to Food Security
Bert Visser and Niels Louwaars

7. Water and Food Security
Colin Chartres

8. The WTO and Food Security: What’s Wrong with the Rules?
Christian Häberli

9. The Financialisation of Agricultural Commodity Futures Trading: The 2006–08 Global Food Crisis
Nicola Colbran

10. Food Security, Sustainability and Trade Distortions: Fisheries Subsidies and the WTO
Margaret Young

11. ‘Land Grabbing’ in the Shadow of the Law: Legal Frameworks Regulating the Global Land Rush
Lorenzo Cotula

12. Global Food Security Governance: The Committee on World Food Security, Comprehensive Framework for Action and the G8/G20
Matias Margulis

13. Regional Initiatives on Food Security
Md Saidul Islam and Iris Carla De Jesus

14. Food Security in the Era of Retail Governance
Doris Fuchs, Katharina Glaab, Agni Kalfagianni and Richard Meyer-Eppler


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