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Innovation, Global Change And Territorial Resilience

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Innovation, Global Change And Territorial Resilience

Philip Cooke , Mario Davide Parrilli , José Luis Curbelo

Edited by Philip Cooke, formerly University Research Professor in Regional Development and Director, Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK, Mario Davide Parrilli, Senior Research Fellow, Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Orkestra and Associate Professor of Economics, University of Deusto, San Sebastian and Bilbao, Spain and José Luis Curbelo, Vice-President, Latin American Development Bank, Andean Development Corporation (CAF)

2012 512 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 574 8
ebook isbn 978 0 85793 575 5

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Series: New Horizons in Regional Science series

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‘Innovation, Global Change and Territorial Resilience is indeed a timely contribution addressing the challenges that the global economy poses for local, regional and national economies. In the current situation, resilience is instrumental and innovation is the key mechanism to get there. In this volume, an impressive line-up of international authorities in the field – from across Europe and beyond – present highly valuable insights, models and hypotheses on innovation dynamics and activities in current day economics, as well as policy analysis and advice.’
– Anders Malmberg, Uppsala University, Sweden

Contributors: A. Amighini, C. Aragón, M.J. Aranguren, H. Bakhshi, P. Bianchi, A. Bravo-Biosca, F. Comptour, P. Cooke, J.R. Cuadrado-Roura, J.L. Curbelo, L. De Propris, M. Delgado, A. Eriksson, S. Franco Rodríguez, J.J. Gibaja Martíns, P. Gratzke, C. Iturrioz, J. Karlsen, C. Ketels, S. Labory, M. Landabaso, M. Larrea, L. Lazzeretti, B. MacAulay, A. Murciego Alonso, M. Navarro Arancegui, M.D. Parrilli, M. Perló Cohen, R. Rabellotti, A. Rodríguez-Pose, M. Sanfilippo, A. Saxenian, A. Vázquez Barquero, S. Westlake, J.R. Wilson, F. Zhang

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The critical message of this book is that in the current context of global change, local and national territories have to upgrade their resilience in terms of improving both their competitiveness and capability to innovate.

Localized creativity, small high-tech entrepreneurship, related innovation platforms, social capital embedded in dynamically open territorial communities and context-specific though continuously upgrading policy platforms are all means to face new challenges and to promote increased absorptive capacity within local and national territories. The contributors illustrate that these capabilities are much needed in the current globalized economy as a path towards sustainability and for creating new opportunities for their inhabitants. They analyse the challenges and development prospects of local/regional production systems internally, across territories, and in terms of their potential and territorial connectivity which can help exploit opportunities for proactive policy actions. This is increasingly relevant in the current climate, in which the balanced allocation of resources and opportunities, particularly for SMEs, cannot be expected to be the automatic result of the working of the market.

Exploring conceptual and methodological aspects, and documenting original accounts of innovative territories, this book will be of great interest to academics, students and researchers within the fields of economics, industrial organization, and technology and innovation.

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Mario Davide Parrilli, José Luis Curbelo and Philip Cooke

1. The New Argonauts, Global Search and Local Institution Building
AnnaLee Saxenian

2. Resilience, Innovative ‘White Spaces’ and Cluster Platforms as a Response to Globalisation Shocks
Philip Cooke and Arne Eriksson

3. The Innovation Index: Measuring the UK’s Investment in Innovation and its Effects
Stian Westlake, Brian MacAulay, Peter Gratzke, Albert Bravo-Biosca and Hasan Bakhshi

4. Territorial Benchmarking Methodology: The Need to Identify Reference Regions
Mikel Navarro Arancegui, Juan José Gibaja Martíns, Susana Franco Rodríguez and Asier Murciego Alonso

5. Innovative Regions: Strategic Spaces for Development
Antonio Vázquez Barquero

6. New Policy Approaches to Develop Innovative Territories: Developing Trust and Behavioral Additionality in Gipuzkoa
Mirren Larrea, Maria José Aranguren and James Karlsen

7. New Focus of Economic Reactivation in Spain: Creative Industries in the Basque Country
Luciana Lazzeretti and Mario Davide Parrilli

8. Assessing Country Competitiveness: The Case of Spain
Mercedes Delgado and Christian Ketels

9. Outward FDI from Developing Country MNEs as a Channel for Technological Catch-up
Alessia Amighini, Roberta Rabellotti and Marco Sanfilippo

10. Heterogeneous Social Capitals: A New Window of Opportunity for Local Economies
Mario Davide Parrilli

11. China: Beyond the Global Production Line
Philip Cooke and Fangzhu Zhang

12. Are Clusters the Solution?
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Fabrice Comptour

13. Conceptualisations, Relationships and Trends between Innovation, Competitiveness and Development: Industrial Policy Beyond the Crisis
Patrizio Bianchi and Sandrine Labory

14. Regional Policy: What (it seems) we have Learned from Some European Experiences
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

15. Cities in Times of Economic Crisis: A Challenge for Local Governments
Manuel Perló Cohen

16. What Public Policies Can and Cannot do for Regional Development
Mikel Landabaso

17. A Participatory Methodology for Evaluating the Cluster Policy of the Basque Country
Cristina Aragón, Maria José Aranguren, Cristina Iturrioz and James R. Wilson

18. For a Resilient, Sustainable and Creative European Economy, in What Ways is the EU Important?
Philip Cooke and Lisa De Propris



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