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Urban Transport In The Developing World

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Urban Transport In The Developing World

A Handbook of Policy and Practice

Harry T. Dimitriou , Ralph Gakenheimer

Edited by Harry T. Dimitriou, Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies and Director, OMEGA Centre, University College London, UK and Ralph Gakenheimer, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

2011 656 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 205 5
2012 Paperback 978 0 85793 139 9
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 839 2

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‘This edited collection is a rare treat for anyone with an interest in securing a sustainable transport future for the developing world. . . Such a book is most definitely both necessary and timely.’
– Karen Lucas, Journal of Transport Geography

Contributors: A. Aeron-Thomas, R.J. Allport, R. Cervero, H.T. Dimitriou, E. Dotson, J. Ernst, R. Gakenheimer, X. Godard, A. Golub, W. Hook, G. Jacobs, J. Kenworthy, A. Mahendra, V.S. Pendakur, M. Replogle, A. Schäfer, E. Sclar, J. Touber, E.A. Vasconcellos, L. Wright, C. Zegras

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The twenty thematic chapters in this book provide a broad set of perspectives on the plight, possibilities and opportunities of urban transport in the developing world, set against the challenges of sustainable development. The contributors expertly set the international context of transport policy-making and planning for developing cities and present a critical review of recent developments that have taken place and which offer lessons for the future.

The special features that distinguish this book are: its multiple institutional perspectives on transport in urban development of developing cities; its efforts to link sustainability with urban transport and other development concerns; and its understanding of the consequences of globalism in choices and obligations for urban transport.

This Handbook will prove invaluable for professional practitioners and academics engaged in and concerned with the future of movement in cities of the developing world. It will also be of interest to students of urban transport and city planning, particularly those from developing countries. Politicians, policy-makers and international development agencies and investors, as well as those working for international non-government organizations wishing to familiarize themselves with the mounting transportation challenges of developing cities, will also find this book a source of inspiration.

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Harry T. Dimitriou and Ralph Gakenheimer

1. Introduction
Ralph Gakenheimer and Harry T. Dimitriou

2. Transport and City Development: Understanding the Fundamentals
Harry T. Dimitriou

3. Land Use and Transport in Rapidly Motorizing Cities: Contexts of Controversy
Ralph Gakenheimer

4. An International Comparative Perspective on Fast-rising Motorization and Automobile Dependence
Jeffrey Kenworthy

5. The Future of Energy for Urban Transport
Andreas Schäfer

6. Environmental Challenges of Urban Transport: The Impacts of Motorization
John Ernst

7. Economic Fall-out of Failing Urban Transport Systems: An Institutional Analysis
Elliott Sclar and Julie Touber

8. Non-motorized Urban Transport as Neglected Modes
V. Setty Pendakur

9. Poverty and Urban Mobility: Diagnosis Toward a New Understanding
Xavier Godard

10. Institutional and Political Support for Urban Transport
Edward Dotson

11. Environmental Evaluation in Urban Transport
Michael Replogle

12. Equity Evaluation of Urban Transport
Eduardo A. Vasconcellos

13. Use and Abuse of Economic Appraisal of Urban Transport Projects
Walter Hook

14. Road Crashes and Low-income Cities: Impacts and Options
Amy Aeron-Thomas and Goff Jacobs

15. Bus Rapid Transit: A Review of Recent Advances
Lloyd Wright

16. Rail Rapid Transit Advances
Roger J. Allport

17. Informal Public Transport: A Global Perspective
Robert Cervero and Aaron Golub

18. Options for Travel Demand Management: Traffic Bans versus Pricing
Anjali Mahendra

19. Mainstreaming Sustainable Urban Transport: Putting the Pieces Together
Christopher Zegras

20. Conclusions: Emergent Crucial Themes
Harry T. Dimitriou and Ralph Gakenheimer


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