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Law And Economics For Civil Law Systems

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Law And Economics For Civil Law Systems

Ejan Mackaay

Ejan Mackaay, Emeritus Professor of Law, Université de Montréal and Fellow, CIRANO, Canada

Awarded the 2013 Vogel book prize
2013 560 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 309 9
2014 Paperback 978 1 78347 764 7
ebook isbn 978 1 78254 791 4

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‘This formidable book offers an insightful unifying perspective on the research carried out in law and economics over the last decades. From his unique Canadian standpoint, Ejan Mackaay is able to bridge over the common and the civil law traditions, illustrating the theory with cases and examples taken from both North American and European legal systems. The rigor of the analysis is accompanied by illuminating discussions, covering both historical developments and up-to-date policy debates.’
– Luigi Alberto Franzoni, University of Bologna, Italy


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This unique volume presents the core ideas of law and economics for audiences primarily familiar with civil law systems.

Ejan Mackaay offers a comprehensive look at the essential points of economic reasoning, the Coase Theorem, and legal institutions such as intellectual property, extra-contractual civil liability and contracts. The book’s structure mirrors the way law is taught in civil law countries, with structured presentations, references to civil code articles paired with non-technical explanations, and limited reliance on graphs. This English-language version builds on the success of the author’s 2008 French-language textbook on law and economics from a civil law perspective.

This pioneering volume fills a critical gap in the literature of law and economics, and will be an invaluable resource for lawyers and law students working in civil law systems.

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Contents: Preface Introduction Part I: Foundations 1. Individual Decision-making 2. Risk and Insurance 3. Human Interaction 4. The Market Order 5. The Political Order 6. Black Markets Part II: Legal Institutions 7. The Coase Theorem 8. Property and Real Rights 9. Intellectual Property Rights 10. Extra-contractual Civil Liability 11. Contract Conclusion Index

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