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Growing The Productivity Of Government Services

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Growing The Productivity Of Government Services

Patrick Dunleavy , Leandro Carrera

Patrick Dunleavy, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Leandro Carrera, Pensions Policy Institute, King’s College, UK

2013 384 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 498 7
2013 Paperback 978 1 78195 610 6
ebook isbn 978 0 85793 499 4

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Paperback £26.00 on-line price £20.80


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‘Carrera and Dunleavy provide a crystal clear and comprehensive account of the complex issues involved in how best to improve the productivity of government services. They offer a nuanced but powerful explanation of productivity puzzles, conundrums and dilemmas in the public sector. But they also offer solutions to many of these problems. Finally, I have found a text on public economics that makes sense, gives genuine management insights and offers real suggestions to practitioners as to what to do next.’
– Barry Quirk, Chief Executive, London Borough of Lewisham, UK


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Productivity is essentially the ratio of an organization’s outputs divided by its inputs. For many years it was treated as always being static in government agencies. In fact productivity in government services should be rising rapidly as a result of digital changes and new management approaches, and it has done so in some agencies. However, Dunleavy and Carrera show for the first time how complex are the factors affecting productivity growth in government organizations – especially management practices, use of IT, organizational culture, strategic mis-decisions and political and policy churn.

With government budgets under stress in many countries, this pioneering book shows academics, analysts and officials how to measure outputs and productivity in detail; how to cope with problems of quality variations; and how to achieve year-on-year, sustainable improvements in the efficiency of government services.

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Contents: Preface 1. Introduction: Why has Government Productivity been so Neglected in Economics and Public Management? Part I: Nationally Provided Government Services 2. Studying National Agencies’ Productivity 3. Rapid Productivity Growth – Customs Regulation 4. Growing Productivity Gradually – Tax Services 5. How Productivity can Remain Unchanged Despite Major Investments – Social Security 6. Broadening the Picture – Two National Regulatory Agencies Part II: Analysing Decentralized Government Services 7. Methods and Quality Issues in Analysing Complex and Localized Services 8. Hospital Productivity in England’s National Health Service Part III: Sustainable Increases in Productivity 9. Embracing Digital Change and Enhancing Organizational Learning 10. Pushing through to Productivity Advances References Index

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