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Handbook Of Research Methods In Tourism

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Handbook Of Research Methods In Tourism

Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

Larry Dwyer , Alison Gill , Neelu Seetaram

Edited by Larry Dwyer, Professor of Travel and Tourism Economics, School of Marketing, University of New South Wales, Australia, Alison Gill, Simon Fraser University, Canada and Neelu Seetaram, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management, Bournemouth University, UK

2012 528 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 128 8
2014 Paperback 978 1 78195 595 6
ebook isbn 978 1 78100 129 5

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‘This is an excellent book which significantly contributes to tourism research and education. It takes a rigorous yet readable style to address twenty five of the most pertinent quantitative and qualitative techniques applied in tourism research. The book will appeal to a wider readership of social scientists as well as to scholars of tourism as each chapter provides a thorough overview and explanation of the techniques irrespective of their tourism application.’
– Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University, UK

Contributors: K.M. Adams, E. Ahmed, A. Apostolakis, S. Cang, C. Cater, S. Divisekera, D. Dredge, L. Dwyer, E.W. Foemmel, L. Fredline, A. Gill, U. Gretzel, R. Hales, G.R. Jennings, O. Junek, H. Kennedy-Eden, L. Killion, G. Kyle, J. Lee, Z. Lei, G. Li, T. Low, N.G. McGehee, C. Morley, A. Papatheodorou, G.B. Peng, S. Petit, T.D. Pham, C. Polo, N.F. Ribeiro, J. Rosselló, C.A. Santos, N. Seetaram, C. Shim, H. Song, S. Stepchenkova, D.J. Timothy, L.W. Turner, E. Valle, C. Vu, S.F Witt

Further information

This insightful book explores the most important established and emerging qualitative and quantitative research methods in tourism. The authors provide a detailed overview of the nature of the research method, its use in tourism, the advantages and limitations, and future directions for research.

Each chapter is structured to provide information on: the nature of the technique and its evolution; background and types of problems that the technique is designed to handle; applications of the technique to tourism, including discussion of studies that have used the technique and their findings; advantages and limitations of the technique conceptually and for policy formulation; and further developments and applications of the technique in tourism research.

Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism will appeal to social scientists, students as well as researchers in tourism who use quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

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1. Statistical Testing Techniques
Gang Li

2. Regression Analysis
Jaume Rosselló

3. Time Series Analysis
Shuang Cang and Neelu Seetaram

4. Demand Modeling and Forecasting
Grace Bo Peng, Haiyan Song and Stephen F. Witt

5. Structural Equation Modeling
Jenny (Jiyeon) Lee and Gerard Kyle

6. Discrete Choice Analysis and Experimental Design
Clive Morley

7. Panel Data Analysis
Neelu Seetaram and Sylvain Petit

8. The Almost Ideal Demand System
Sarath Divisekera

9. Hedonic Price Analysis
Andreas Papatheodorou, Zheng Lei and Alexandros Apostolakis

10. Factor Analysis
Lindsay W. Turner and Chau Vu

11. Cluster Analysis
Liz Fredline

12. Input–Output and SAM Models
Clemente Polo and Elisabeth Valle

13. CGE Modeling
Larry Dwyer and Tien Duc Pham

14. Cost–Benefit Analysis
Larry Dwyer

Gayle R. Jennings

15. Grounded Theory
Olga Junek and Les Killion

16. Ethnographic Methods
Kathleen M. Adams

17. Focus Groups
Carl Cater and Tiffany Low

18. Interview Techniques
Nancy Gard McGehee

19. Participant Observation
Nuno F. Ribeiro and Eric W. Foemmel

20. Cross-cultural Approaches
Carla Almeida Santos and Changsup Shim

21. Archival Research
Dallen J. Timothy

22. Community Case Study Research
Dianne Dredge and Rob Hales

23. Content Analysis
Svetlana Stepchenkova

24. Meta-analyses of Tourism Research
Ulrike Gretzel and Heather Kennedy-Eden

25. Network Analysis
Ehsan Ahmed


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