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A Dictionary Of Transport Analysis

A Dictionary Of Transport Analysis

Kenneth Button , Henry Vega , Peter Nijkamp

Edited by Kenneth Button, University Professor, Director, Center for Transportation, Policy, Operations and Logistics and Director, Aerospace Policy Research Center, School of Public Policy, George Mason University, US, Henry Vega, former Research Fellow, George Mason University, US and Peter Nijkamp, Professor of Regional, Urban and Environmental Economics, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010 544 pp Hardback 978 1 84376 375 8
2012 Paperback 978 0 85793 247 1
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 471 4

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Series: Elgar original reference

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‘There appears to be no other recently published work offering similar encyclopedic style coverage. . . A Dictionary of Transport Analysis is a quality book. . .’
– Reference Reviews

Contributors: W.P. Anderson, J. Andrey, E. Avineri, K.W. Axhausen, P. Baker, A. Ballis, B. Benson, D. Bernstein, M. Beuthe, C. Bhat, W. Black, P. Bonnel, M.R. Brooks, K. Button, R. Capello, M. Chowdhury, L.F. Cohn, M. Corbett, A. Costa, G. Currie, P. DeCorla-Souza, M. Diana, M. Dijst, K.P. Donaghy, R.S. Done, K. Feighan, M. Fischer, H. Flämig, P. Forsyth, R.N. Fries, T.L. Friesz, P. Gaffron, O.H. Gao, J.L. Gifford, M. Givoni, A. Goetz, A. Golub, M. Grieco, G. Griffin, R. Gritta, B. Hachleitner, S. Handy, M. Hardy, D.A. Hensher, M. Hesse, V. Himanen, M. Hirst, C. Holz-Rau, M. Iacono, L. Ickert, S. Ison, M. Janic, T.I. Kim, T.J. Kim, A. Koh, T. Komornicki, C. Kwon, A. Lee, I.S. Lee, D. Levinson, T.A. Litman, B.P.Y. Loo, B. Lubbe, Y. Ma, T. Martin, A. Matthes, M. McDonald, B.S. McMullen, R.W. McQuaid, F. Medda, P. Metaxatos, M.D. Meyer, O. Meyer-Rühle, P.L. Mokhtarian, H. Mollenkopf, K. Nagel, A. Nagurney, C. Nash, D.A. Niemeier, P. Nieuwenhuis, P. Nijkamp, M.E. O’Kelly, E. Pels, M. Percoco, M.J. Peters, P.C. Pfaffenbichler, D. Pitfield, S. Poppelreuter, A. Potter, E. Quinet, A. Regan, A. Reggiani, A. Reynolds-Feighan, A. Richards, P. Rietveld, M.A. Rigdon, A. Root, R. Roson, G. Rudinger, S.E. Russell, I. Salomon, D. Salon, G. Santos, I. Savage, J. Schade, K.W. Schaie, J. Scheiner, L. Schintler, B. Schlag, D.M. Scott, D. Scrafton, A. Sen, Y. Shiftan, B. Slack, R. Srinivasan, S. Srinivasan, D. Stead, S.S.C. Steimetz, E. Stern, K. Storchmann, R.R. Stough, Y.O. Susilo, W.K. Talley, I. Thomas, T. Thoresen, L. Trujillo, D.A. Tsamboulas, W. Tuttle, B. Ubbels, S. Ukkusuri, E. Van de Voorde, M. Vanderschuren, T. Vanelslander, W.W. Veeneman, H. Vega, A. Verbeke, E. Verhoef, R. Vickerman, W.G. Waters II, D. Watling, B. Wiegmans, G. Williams, F. Witlox, G. Yang, W. Young, L. Zamparini, Y. Zhou

Further information

This concise and clearly focused Dictionary, with contributions by the leading authorities in their fields, brings order and clarity to a topic that can suffer from confusion over terminology and concepts.

It provides a bridge between the academic disciplines involved and illustrates the application of transportation policy that crosses a variety of administrative divisions. Cutting through jargon, the entries concentrate on the social science aspects of transportation analysis, defining many of the terms used in transportation, and providing valuable information on some of the major institutions and technologies affecting this sector.

This concise and comprehensive Dictionary will be an invaluable addition to libraries and research institutes and a helpful resource for anyone with an interest in the analysis of transport.

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