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Heat, Power And Light

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Heat, Power And Light

Revolutions in Energy Services

Roger Fouquet

Roger Fouquet, Principal Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics, UK

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2009
2008 488 pp Hardback 978 1 84542 660 6
2010 Paperback 978 1 84980 007 5
ebook isbn 9781782542520

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‘Fouquet undertakes a heroic effort to organize and present data on energy prices and usage since the 14th century. He then uses this data as the foundation for a narrative and analysis of changes in energy usage over the long run. . . the sifting and analysis of so many different sources to provide a coherent account will prove useful to those seeking an overview of this important topic, or for those seeking a point of entry to the study of more specific topics. Highly recommended.’
– J.L. Rosenbloom, Choice


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What happens when a radically-new fuel or technology transforms the energy system? How does the energy system evolve at different stages of economic development? What are the implications for people’s lives and their environment? Building on an award-winning article, in this exciting book Roger Fouquet investigates the impacts of technological innovations and economic development over the last seven hundred years on our ability to provide heat, power, transport and light. Using a unique data set, collected over a decade, the analysis identifies the forces driving revolutions in energy services. It highlights the tendency of markets to produce ever-cheaper energy services, which in turn incite greater energy consumption. It also examines how these revolutions affect people’s well-being and the environment. The framework, analysis and insights in this book offer an original perspective on future energy markets, transitions to low-carbon economies and strategies for addressing climate change.

Heat, Power and Light is an invaluable and unique contribution to this profoundly important topic. As such it will appeal to a wide audience of energy economists, climate change analysts, policymakers, economic and technology historians and economists more broadly.

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Contents: Preface Part I: Introduction 1. The Past, Present and Future of Energy Services 2. Energy Demand, Technological Change and Economic Development 3. Historical Data and Methods Part II: The Past 4. Heating 5. Stationary Power 6. Transport 7. Lighting Part III: Analysis 8. Producing Cheaper Services 9. Consuming More Services 10. External Costs of Cheaper and More Energy Services 11. Policies Influencing the Trends in Energy Services Part IV: The Future 12. Future Trends in Energy Services 13. Policy Discussion Related to Long-Run Energy Services 14. Conclusion References Index

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