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Science And Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship

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Science And Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship

Global Experience in Policy and Program Development

Sarfraz A. Mian

Edited by Sarfraz A. Mian, Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, School of Business, State University of New York, Oswego, US

2011 488 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 390 8

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‘Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship comprises a broad range of papers that provide a detailed overview of the development and state of regional science and technology (S&T) entrepreneurial activity. The book is of particular interest for policy practitioners as it aims to facilitate the development of policy and programme mechanisms for S&T. It provides readers with an insight into some of the best and most effective practices in stimulating regional entrepreneurial activity, new venture creation, and more generally, potential for generating future economic growth. . . This book provides a good overview of the diverse ways in which S&T entrepreneurial activity is encouraged in different environments. As a result, it provides a good one-stop shop for academics and practitioners alike who want to gain a quick overview of and insight into S&T activity across the world.’
– Sergej Ljubownikow, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Contributors: A. Arroio, J.E. Cassiolato, G. Corbetta, A. Dawson, U. de Haan, A. Fayolle, C.-O. Frykfors, J. Gao, S.Z. Hassan, J. Hessels, K. Hindle, W. Hulsink, H. Klandt, M. Klofsten, T. Kodama, H. Lastres, H. Lawton Smith, X. Liu, D. Ma, G. Maas, S.A. Mian, J. Mitra, S. Musengi, K.-B. Nahm, G. Natarajan, H. Patzelt, W.H. Plosila, K. Suddle, O. Torrès, X. Triado, J. Valls-Pasola, J.-C. Wang, P.K. Wong, J. Yencken, M.Y. Zhang

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Providing a global survey of public policies and programs for building national and regional ecosystems of science and technology based entrepreneurial development, this book offers a unique analysis of the advances, over the last several decades and in light of the experiential knowledge gained in various parts of the world, in the understanding of innovation systems in the pursuit of developing these economies. Presenting nineteen case studies of diverse developed and emerging economy nations and their regions, more than thirty expert authors describe an array of policy and program mechanisms that have been implemented over the years.

The in-depth analyses of the worldwide efforts featured in this volume provide the reader with several valuable lessons. There are clear indications of a trend toward better cohesion and coordination of national efforts to improve innovation but also a trend toward the broadening of regional agendas to address technology, talent, capital, innovation infrastructure and entrepreneurship culture issues – considered essential for knowledge based entrepreneurial growth. The book also offers a unique treatment of grassroots level programmatic aspects of these efforts, including some novel entrepreneurial mechanisms employed for policy implementation.

The book’s blend of theory and practice provides valuable insights to the reader, particularly government, academic and private sector policymakers and scholars researching or involved directly with efforts to build and support the development of science and technology based entrepreneurial regions.

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Sarfraz A. Mian

1. Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship in the USA: The Evolution of National and State Policies and Programs
Sarfraz A. Mian and Walter H. Plosila

2. New Directions in Japan’s Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy: An Emerging Concept of Clusters as Seen in the TAMA Project
Toshihiro Kodama

3. Stimulating Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The UK Policy Framework
Helen Lawton Smith

4. Promoting Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship through Regional Innovation Networks: The German Experience
Holger Patzelt and Heinz Klandt

5. Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship in France: Towards a Regionalized Neo-Colbertism
Alain Fayolle and Olivier Torrès

6. Innovation and Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship in Italy: Structural Problems and Policy Challenges
Guido Corbetta and Alexandra Dawson

7. Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship in Spain: Public Policies, Development Programmes and the Role of Universities
Jaume Valls-Pasola and Xavier Triado

8. Regional Innovation Policy in South Korea: Building Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurial Development Capabilities
Kee-Bom Nahm

9. Emergence of the Swedish Innovation System and the Support for Regional Entrepreneurship: A Socioeconomic Perspective
Carl-Otto Frykfors and Magnus Klofsten

10. Building Entrepreneurial Platforms and Innovative Hotspots: Science and Technology Based Regional Development in the Netherlands
Willem Hulsink, Jolanda Hessels and Kashifa Suddle

11. Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurial Support in Australia’s ‘Second Tier Innovator Economy’
Kevin Hindle and John Yencken

12. The Dynamism of Singapore’s Science and Technology Policy and its Quest for Technopreneurship
Poh Kam Wong

13. Taiwan’s Industrial Innovation Policy and Programs to Support Research and Technology Based Entrepreneurship
Jiann-Chyuan Wang and Daw Ma

14. The Israel Case of Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship: An Exploration Cluster
Uzi de Haan

15. China’s Emerging Innovation System: The Interplay between the Science and Technology Policy and Technology Entrepreneurship
Jian Gao, Xielin Liu and Marina Yue Zhang

16. Micro and Small Enterprise Based Innovative Entrepreneurship and the Development of Local Productive Systems in Brazil
Ana Arroio, José E. Cassiolato and Helena Lastres

17. Science, Technology and Regional Entrepreneurial Growth in India: The Case of the Software Industry
Jay Mitra and Ganesh Natarajan

18. Pakistan: Facing the Challenge of Science and Technology Driven Entrepreneurial Take-off
Syed Zahoor Hassan

19. The South African Science, Technology and Innovation Environment and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development
Gideon Maas and Sandra Musengi


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