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Transport, The Environment And Security

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Transport, The Environment And Security

Making the Connection

Rae Zimmerman

Rae Zimmerman, PhD, Professor of Planning and Public Administration, New York University, US

2012 288 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 020 4

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‘Transportation planning and policy making have followed a particular model for more than fifty years. Rae Zimmerman begins with the premise that we are in a rut and that the old ways of thinking need to be replaced. An enormous amount of evidence is presented that together argues a strong case for the systematic integration of planning for transportation, the environment, and security. While the book does not get us to an integrated process, it points us to one and starts us down a creative path. A great introduction to the complexities of these relationships.’
– Martin Wachs, RAND Corporation, US


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Effective means of transport are critical under both normal and extreme conditions, but modern transport systems are subject to many diverse demands. This path-breaking book uniquely draws together the typically conflicting arenas of transport, the environment and security, and provides collective solutions to their respective issues and challenges.

From a primarily urban perspective, the author illustrates that the fields of transportation, environment (with an emphasis on climate change) and security (for both natural hazards and terrorism) and their interconnections remain robust areas for policy and planning. Synthesizing existing data, new analyses, and a rich set of case studies, the book uses transportation networks as a framework to explore transportation in conjunction with environment, security, and interdependencies with other infrastructure sectors. The US rail transit system, ecological corridors, cyber security, planning mechanisms and the effectiveness of technologies are among the topics explored in detail. Case studies of severe and potential impacts of natural hazards, accidents, and security breaches on transportation are presented. These cases support the analyses of the forces on transportation, land use and patterns of population change that connect, disconnect and reconnect people from their environment and security.

The book will prove a fascinating and insightful read for academics, students, and practitioners across a wide range of fields including: transport, environmental economics, environmental management, urban planning, public policy, and terrorism and security.

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Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Rail and Road Networks 3. The Climate Connection 4. Planning, Technology and Behavior 5. Environmental Networks and Transport: Air, Water and Ecosystems 6. Natural Hazards and Accidents that Disrupt Transportation Networks 7. Security 8. Conclusions Index

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