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Handbook Of Global Research And Practice In Corruption

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Handbook Of Global Research And Practice In Corruption

Adam Graycar , Russell G. Smith

Edited by Adam Graycar, Flinders University and Russell G. Smith, Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, Australia

2011 520 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 501 8
Paperback 978 0 85793 892 3

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‘Corruption is on top of the agendas of practitioners and scholars in public administration all over the world. This volume addresses questions no one can neglect and comes up with answers we should not miss.’
– Leo Huberts, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contributors: J.S. Albanese, S. Basu, L.C. Botterill, J.E. Campos, D. Chaikin, D. Chappell, C. Davids, L. de Koker, I. Dussuyer, L.A. Elges, M. Felson, S.A. Fritzen, L. Gray, A. Graycar, R.G. Hearn, F. Heinrich, R. Hodess, P. Jorna, M. Joutsen, P. Larmour, W.B. Magrath, B. Michael, S. Moss, R. Mulgan, S. Mumford, G.P. Noone, N.L. Piquero, K. Polk, F. Recanatini, G. Schubert, I. Scott, D. Siegel, R.G. Smith, G. Sullivan, J. Wanna, G.T. Ware

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Corruption is a global phenomenon with costs estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. This source of original research and policy analysis deals with the most important concepts and empirical evidence in foreign corrupt practices globally.

Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption includes research from all continents and provides a critical analysis of the key issues of corruption and its control. Through rigorous analysis and theoretical foundations, this book provides a multi-disciplinary and international account of corruption from the perspectives of public policy, criminal law and criminology, as well as considering principles of prevention and control in both the public and private sectors.

With original and empirical analyses, this unique book will appeal to academics, researchers and students in international business and international law, staff of crime and corruption commissions and police integrity agencies, as well as international organisations such as the World Bank, IMF, Transparency International and the World Economic Forum.

Full table of contents


1. Research and Practice in Corruption: An Introduction
Adam Graycar and Russell G. Smith

2. Corruption in the Broad Sweep of History
Marcus Felson

3. Measuring Corruption
Finn Heinrich and Robin Hodess

4. Assessing Corruption at the Country Level
Francesca Recanatini

5. Corruption in Procurement
Glenn T. Ware, Shaun Moss, J. Edgardo Campos and Gregory P. Noone

6. Circumventing Sanctions Against Iraq in the Oil-for-Food Programme
Linda Courtenay Botterill

7. Identifying Corruption Risks in Public Climate Finance Governance
Lisa Ann Elges

8. Corruption in REDD+ Schemes: A Framework for Analysis
Peter Larmour

9. Corruption and Crime in Forestry
William B. Magrath

10. The Relationship between Corruption and Financial Crime
Nicole Leeper Piquero and Jay S. Albanese

11. Corrupt Practices Involving Offshore Financial Centres
David Chaikin

12. Corruption and the Global Diamond Trade
Dina Siegel

13. Corrupt Practices in the Global Trade in Art and Antiquities
Duncan Chappell and Kenneth Polk

14. Corrupt Misuse of Information and Communications Technologies
Russell G. Smith and Penny Jorna

15. From Information to Indicators: Monitoring Progress in the Fight Against Corruption in Multi-project, Multi-stakeholder Organizations
Scott A. Fritzen and Shreya Basu

16. The United Nations Convention Against Corruption
Matti Joutsen

17. The Global Architecture of Foreign Bribery Control: Applying the OECD Bribery Convention
Cindy Davids and Grant Schubert

18. Applying Anti-money Laundering Laws to Fight Corruption
Louis de Koker

19. Recovering Corruptly Obtained Assets
Larissa Gray

20. Activist Regulatory Practices in Corruption Prevention: A Case Study from Montenegro
Bryane Michael

21. The Hong Kong ICAC’s Approach to Corruption Control
Ian Scott

22. Developing Cultures of Integrity in the Public and Private Sectors
Richard Mulgan and John Wanna

23. Reporting Corrupt Practices in the Public Interest: Innovative Approaches to Whistleblowing
Inez Dussuyer, Stephen Mumford and Glenn Sullivan

24. The Role of Education in Changing Corrupt Practices
Rose Gill Hearn


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