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The International Handbook On Environmental Technology Management

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The International Handbook On Environmental Technology Management

Dora Marinova , David Annandale , John Phillimore

Edited by Dora Marinova, Professor of Sustainability, Sustainability Policy Institute, Curtin University of Technology, David Annandale, Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental Science, Murdoch University and John Phillimore, Professor and Executive Director, John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

2007 592 pp Hardback 978 1 84064 687 0
Paperback 978 1 84844 192 7

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Series: Elgar original reference

‘This stunning Handbook is an excellent tool for environmental manager and environmental officer alike. It is brimful of ideas, case studies and methodologies which stimulate continuous improvement thinking and help train staff to implement sustainability and environmental management concepts. Highly recommended.’
– Eagle Bulletin

Contributors: M. Anda, D. Annandale, Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz, A. Arundel, S. Benn, C. Bizzarri, S. Borsky, M. Braungart, R. Burritt, F. Chan, C. Cocklin, J. Connolly, N. Cook, D. Dunphy, D. Evans, T. Foxon, G. Gillespie, P.J. Gollan, A. Griffiths, S. Halls, S. Harding, K. Hargroves, J. Herbertson, A. Higham, M. Hill, R. Hillary, G. Ho, D. Holmes, R. Hughes, S. Jones, R. Kemp, L.H. Lovins, I. Lowe, D. Maor, J. Marceau, D. Marinova, K. Mathew, M. McAleer, P. McDonagh, W. McDonough, W. Nell, A. Nelson, P. Newman, C. Page, S. Parto, J. Phillimore, C. Plunkett, M. Polonsky, A. Prothero, G. Querini, R. Repetto, H. Rohracher, S. Ross, S. Schaltegger, S. Schilizzi, M.H. Smith, H. Tibbs, C. Tipler, T. Turpin, R. van Berkel, P. Verstegen, S. Yokwe

Further information

This important Handbook is the first comprehensive account that brings together recent developments in the three related fields of environmental technology, environmental management and technology management. With contributions from more than 55 outstanding authors representing ten countries and five continents, the reader is provided with a vast range of insightful perspectives on the latest industry and policy issues. With the aid of numerous case studies, leading experts reflect on significant changes in the use of technology and management practices witnessed in the last decade.

Within this Handbook, the authors discuss, in detail:

• eco-modernization and technology transformation
• environmental technology management in business practices
• measuring environmental technology management
• case studies in new technologies for the environment
• environmental technology management and the future.

The International Handbook on Environmental Technology Management has a broad audience including researchers, practitioners, policymakers and students in the fields of sustainability and environmental science.

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Part I: Introduction
1. Understanding Environmental Technology Management as a Move to Sustainability
David Annandale, Dora Marinova and John Phillimore

Part II: Ecomodernization and Technology Transformation
2. Industrial Ecology
René van Berkel

3. Remaking the Way We Make Things: Creating a New Definition of Quality with Cradle-to-Cradle Design
William McDonough and Michael Braungart

4. Users as a Source of Learning in Environmental Technology Management
Harald Rohracher

5. Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency
René van Berkel

6. Natural Capitalism: Path to Sustainability?
L. Hunter Lovins

7. Sustainable Strategies Towards Human Resources – A Way Forward
Paul J. Gollan

8. Innovation Impacts of Environmental Policies
Tim Foxon and René Kemp

9. Sustainable Production and Consumption Policy Development: A Case Study from Western Australia
Andrew Higham and Piers Verstegen

10. Managing Research for Sustainable Development: Different Countries, Different Contexts
Tim Turpin

11. Technology Transfer and Uptake of Environmentally Sound Technologies
Steve Halls

12. Lifecycle Assessment
David Evans and Stuart Ross

13. The Natural Step Framework: From Sustainability Fundamentals to Innovation
Joe Herbertson and Christopher Tipler

14. Integrating Human and Ecological Factors: A Systematic Approach to Corporate Sustainability
Suzanne Benn, Dexter Dunphy and Andrew Griffiths

15. Using Network Approaches to Engage Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Environmental Management Systems
Ruth Hillary

16. Green Marketing and Green Consumers: Exploring the Myths
John Connolly, Pierre McDonagh, Michael Polonsky and Andrea Prothero

17. Business, Environmental Management and the Triple Bottom Line
Steven Schilizzi

18. Eco-management and Audit Scheme in Sustainable Tourism
Giulio Querini and Carmen Bizzarri

19. Measuring the True Productivity Gains from Environmental Technology Improvements
Robert Repetto

20. Environmental Accounting
Stefan Schaltegger and Roger Burritt

21. Indicators for Environmental Innovation: What and How to Measure
Anthony Arundel, René Kemp and Saeed Parto

22. International Trends in Socially Responsible Investment: Implications for Corporate Managers
Shanit Borsky, Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz, Chris Cocklin and Doug Holmes

23. Comparison of International Strengths in Sustainable Technological Solutions
Dora Marinova and Michael McAleer

24. Sustainability Assessment
Peter Newman

25. Trends and Volatility of Ecological and Anti-pollution Technology Patents in the USA
Felix Chan, Dora Marinova and Michael McAleer

26. Integrated Waste Management
Robert Hughes, Martin Anda, Goen Ho and Kuruvilla Mathew

27. Renewable Energy Technologies: Key to Sustainable Futures
Ian Lowe

28. Internet Tools for Environmental Technology Management Learning
Dorit Maor and Dora Marinova

29. Russian Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Options for Sustainable Reduction
Malcolm Hill

30. Environmentally Friendly Energy Development and Use: Key Capacities in the Building and Construction Industry in Australia
Jane Marceau and Nicole Cook

31. Tools for Environmental Impact Assessment
Sharon Jones

32. Technology Transfer and Adoption by Small-scale Women Farmers: A Case Study in Qwaqwa District in South Africa
Stanley Yokwe, Wilhelm Nell and Dora Marinova

33. Waste Streams to Value Streams
Compiled by Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves and Michael H. Smith of the Natural Edge Project, with Chris Page, Caroline Plunkett, Gerry Gillespie and Alexis Nelson

34. Environmental Technology Management: Insights from Holistic Science
Stephan Harding

35. The Value Loop – A New Framework for Business Thinking
Hardin Tibbs

36. Environmental Technology Management – Lessons from Today for a More Sustainable Future
Dora Marinova


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