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Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach James D. Hart, Director, Arts Entrepreneurship, Southern Methodist University, US
Entrepreneurship is a creative act with entrepreneurs creating products, services, jobs, economic stimulation, culture and more. This creatively written book offers a wide array of exercises of varied time requirements for implementation, as well as a complexity of content. In addition to more traditional topics, the book serves to enhance students’ imaginative and creative abilities so they can effectively problem-solve and build their creative entrepreneurial visions. Learning objectives can be directly implemented into syllabi.
Extent: c 304 pp
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Publication Date: April 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78643 483 8
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Entrepreneurship is a creative practice with tremendous impact, but how does one effectively teach entrepreneurs to engage in this sometimes tumultuous and risk-laden process? A traditional stand and lecture approach to teaching this complex subject does not always suffice, and many professors are finding that students benefit more from hands-on experiences. By engaging and acting, students can own their knowledge and progress beyond an intellectual understanding of the subject.

This book offers sixty-five experiential exercises, each designed to be applicable to the entrepreneurial process. These cross-disciplinary exercises vary in scale from single-class activities to course projects or yearlong capstones. Learning objectives are clearly defined so that instructors can incorporate the book’s exercises, games, simulations and demonstrations into their syllabi. Whether classes are basic, intermediate or advanced, instructors can use the exercises to engage their students and help them develop as creatively-minded entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship professors seeking experiential exercises to incorporate into their teaching will find this book of value.
Contents: Foreword PART 1 IDEATION 1. Ideas: The Beginning PART II ACTION 2. Communication 3. Competition 4. Capital 5. Networking 6. Pitching 7. Plans and Strategy 8. Teams Part III INTROSPECTION AND REFLECTION 9. Examining References Index