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Economic Growth in the Long Run

A History of Empirical Evidence Edited by Bart van Ark, Chief Economist of the Conference Board, US and Professor, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
The focus of these volumes is on the empirical evidence of trends and patterns in long term economic growth, viewed in particular from the perspective of economic history. There is a strong emphasis on international comparative studies, which are useful in that they highlight the common and unique characteristics of the growth process in individual countries. This authoritive collection offers a good representation of the major contributions by eminent scholars, a balanced exposition of the main issues in each field and an account of the evolution of the literature available on this subject.
Three volume set
Extent: 1,248 pp
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Publication Date: 1997
ISBN: 978 1 85898 259 5
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Economic History
These three volumes include 46 articles which together provide a history of empirical evidence on growth. It consists of six parts dealing with pioneers in measuring growth, international comparisons of income, output and expenditure, growth accounting and productivity, convergence and divergence, agricultural development and industrialization, and capital and technical change. In the selection of articles there has been a strong emphasis on long run growth and on major scholars such as Abramovitz, Chenery, Clark, Crafts, Denison, Kendrick, Kravis, Kuznets and Maddison. They are intended to give a balanced representation of the main issues in each subfield, and to provide a reasonable account of the evolution of the empirical literature on growth.
46 articles, dating from 1696 to 1995
Contributors include: M. Abramovitz, H.B. Chenery, C. Clark, E.F. Denison, J.W. Kendrick, I.B. Kravis, S. Kuznets, A. Maddison
Contents: Volume I: Part I: Pioneers in Measurement Part II: International Comparisons of Income, Output and Expenditure • Volume II: Part I: Growth Accounting and Productivity Part II: Convergence and Divergence • Volume III: Part I: Agricultural Development, Industrialisation and Economic Growth Part II: Capital, Technology and Growth Index