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Education and Earnings in Europe

A Cross Country Analysis of the Returns to Education Edited by Colm Harmon, School of Economics, The University of Sydney, Australia, Ian Walker, Lancaster University, UK and Niels Westergaard-Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Education and Earnings in Europe is based on a two year pan-European research programme and presents an in-depth analysis of the returns to education in Europe.
Extent: 352 pp
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Publication Date: 2001
ISBN: 978 1 84064 530 9
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Labour Economics
  • Public Sector Economics
Education and Earnings in Europe is based on a two year pan-European research programme and presents an in-depth analysis of the returns to education in Europe.

The book begins with a critical review of the literature which compares and contrasts the issues involved in the estimation of these returns. A central message of this review, based on the extensive use of cross country comparisons, is that the estimated return to education can vary depending on the precise methodology and data specification used. This review is followed by 15 country specific chapters which present the structure of the educational system, estimates of the returns to education and extensions to the basic model of each country. The chapters follow a consistent format and style to allow for ease of comparison between the countries discussed.
‘I enjoyed reading the individual chapters, and think their inclusion in a single volume will be a helpful asset to those concerned about specification and estimation issues in the literature. An introductory chapter by the editors usefully lays out the issues in the schooling returns literature.’
– M.L. Blackburn, Economics of Education Review

‘. . . the authors present country-specific trends and, perhaps more importantly, describe these trends in terms of underlying changes in various supply-side and demand-side factors. Since each one of the countries has it’s own chapter, the presentation allows readers to develop an in-depth understanding of the structure and evolution of each one of the national systems of education. Taken together, this book is a methodological tour de force and is highly recommended for graduate students, faculty, and researchers.’
– F. Galloway, Choice

‘This excellent volume provides a valuable insight into the returns to education from a cross European perspective. It contains high quality analyses by some of Europe’s leading labour market economists. Whilst of a quantitative nature, the results and respective interpretations of the volume will also be of value to practitioners and policy makers. I strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the analysis of economic and social returns to education.’
– Thomas Lange, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK
Contributors: M. Arai, R. Asplund, F. Barceinas-Paredes, E. Barth, G. Brunello, A. Chevalier, I. Cholezas, J.J. Christensen, S. Comi, K. Denny, J. Fersterer, M. Guille, C. Harmon, J. Hartog, C. Kjellström, C. Lauer, C. Lucifora, P.S. Martins, J. Odink, J. Oliver-Alonso, P.T. Pereira, J.L. Raymond-Bara, M. Røed, J.L. Roig-Sabaté, A. Skalli, J. Smits, V. Steiner, P. Tsakloglou, I. Walker, B.A. Weber, N. Westergaard-Nielson, R. Winter-Ebmer, A. Wirz, S. Wolter