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Harold Hotelling (1895–1973), Lionel Robbins (1898–1984), Clark Warburton (1896–1979), John Bates Clark (1847–1938) and Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973)

Edited by the late Mark Blaug, former Professor Emeritus, University of London and Professor Emeritus, University of Buckingham, UK
Extent: 324 pp
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Publication Date: 1992
ISBN: 978 1 85278 504 8
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Economic History
  • History of Economic Thought
17 articles, dating from 1971 to 1985
Contributors include: M. Addelson, M.D. Bordo, J.M. Buchanan, T.F. Cargill, C. Chen, S. Devarajan, A.C. Fisher, W.S. Gramm, R.F. Hebert, J.F. Henry, J. Jalladeau, A. Leijonhufvud, P. Murrell, W.J. Samuels, A.J. Schwartz, K.I. Vaughn, L.B. Yeager, V. Zarnowitz