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Moving Beyond Barriers

Prospects for EU Citizenship Edited by Sandra Seubert, Department of Social Sciences, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, Marcel Hoogenboom, Trudie Knijn, Sybe de Vries and Frans van Waarden, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
This book identifies, analyses and compares a variety of possible ‘barriers’ to the exercise of European citizenship and discusses ways to move beyond these barriers. It contributes in a multi-disciplinary way to a highly topical issue and offers new perspectives on EU citizenship in the sense that it critically analyses concepts of citizenship, the way EU citizenship is politically, legally and socially institutionalized, and elaborates alternatives to the current paths of realizing EU citizenship.
Extent: c 352 pp
Hardback Price: $155.00 Web: $139.50
Publication Date: May 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78811 363 2
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  • Law - Academic
  • European Law
  • Law and Society
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • European Politics and Policy
  • Public Administration and Management
  • Social Policy and Sociology
  • Comparative Social Policy
Contributors include: B. Anderson, W. Bakker, V. Bari?evi?, F. Cheneval, S. de Vries, D. di Micco, O. Eberl, M. Ferrín, M.-P. Granger, M. Hoogenboom, E. Ioriatti, T. Knijn, N. Kosti, D. Levi-Faur, M. Naldini, M. Prak, E. Pulice, M. Seeleib-Kaiser, S. Seubert, I. Shutes, S. Walker, P. Wallis, M. van der Kolk, F. van Waarden


1. Introduction: Being a citizen in Europe
Frans van Waarden and Sandra Seubert

2. Boundaries and promises: conflicts of democratic citizenship and its prospects in the European Union
Sandra Seubert and Oliver Eberl

3. Rivalling and clashing citizenship rights within the EU – Problems with the multi-dimensionality of rights
Sybe de Vries and Frans van Waarden

4. Troublesome transitions and historical continuities: Citizenship in Europe, 1600-2000
Maarten Prak, Marcel Hoogenboom and Patrick Wallis

5. Accommodating Rivalling Claims of Citizenship
Mónica Ferrín and Francis Cheneval

6. The social embeddedness of citizenship: Rights, communities and polities
Marcel Hoogenboom and Trudie Knijn

7. Economic rights of EU citizens within a multi-level context
Sybe de Vries and Elisabetta Pulice

8. Citizenship, Europe and Social Rights
Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

9. The protection of civil rights and liberties and the transformation of Union citizenship
Marie-Pierre Granger

10. The Right to Participate: Empowerment via Participation in the EU
Nir Kosti and David Levi-Faur

11. Gender and Generational Interdependences and Divisions among EU citizens
Trudie Knijn and Manuela Naldini

12. Insider/outsider: categorical rivalries?
Bridget Anderson, Vedrana Bari?evi?, Isabel Shutes and Sarah Walker

13. Linguistic diversity as a cultural and practical barrier: how multilingualism can hinder the exercise of European citizenship rights
Elena Ioriatti and Domenico di Micco

14. The Futures of EU Citizenship: Consequences of Different Scenarios
Wieger Bakker and Marlot van der Kolk

15. Conclusions
Trudie Knijn, Marcel Hoogenboom, Sandra Seubert and Sybe de Vries