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Research Handbook on Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour

Edited by Victoria Wells, Professor of Sustainable and Ethical Management, The York Management School, University of York, Diana Gregory-Smith, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham and Danae Manika, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing, Queen Mary, University of London
Extent: c 416 pp
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Publication Date: June 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78643 282 7
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  • Business and Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management and Sustainability
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Contributors include: B. Asfar, N. Ashkanasy, W. Binney, M. Bissing-Olson, F. Bowen, P. Bradley, L. Brennan, J. Callewaert, JY.H. Cheung, C. Ciocirlan, M. Davis, S. Dilchert, C. Dutra, P. Endrejat, S. Fudge, B. Gatersleben, D. Gregory-Smith, A. Güntner, R. Hahn, S. Kauffeld, R. Klein, F. Klonek, M. Leach, A. Leung, S. Lockrey, D. Manika, R. Marans, N. Murtagh, T. Norton, D. Ones, F. Ostertag, P. Paillé, S. Parker, A. Ruepert, S. Russell, I. Shah, A. Shahjahan, W. Staples, L. Steg, T. Tudor, D. Uzzell, C. Verfuerth, K. Verghese, V. Wells, B. Wiernik, L. Yang, H. Zacher

1. Introduction
Victoria K. Wells, Diana Gregory-Smith and Danae Manika

2. Multiple Domains and Categories of Employee Green Behaviours: More than Conservation
Deniz S. Ones, Brenton M. Wiernik, Stephan Dilchert and Rachael M. Klein

3. Green Human Resources Management
Cristina E. Ciocirlan

4. Individual Antecedents of Pro-Environmental Behaviours: Implications for Employee Green Behaviours
Brenton M. Wiernik, Deniz S. Ones, Stephan Dilchert and Rachael M. Klein

5. Disentangling Voluntary Pro-Environmental Behaviour of Employees (VPBE) – Fostering Research through an Integrated Theoretical Model,
Regina Hahn and Felix Ostertag

6. Environmental considerations as a basis for employee pro-environmental behaviour
Angela Ruepert and Linda Steg

7. Between- and Within-Person Variability in Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour
Hannes Zacher and Megan J. Bissing-Olson

8. Workplace Green Behaviour of Managerial and Professional Employees in Hong Kong,
Yu Ha Cheung and Alicia S. M. Leung

9. Dare to care in environmental sustainability context: How managers can encourage employee pro-environmental behavior
Pascal Paillé

10. Leadership and Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviours
Bilal Afsar, Asad Shahjahan and Imad Shah

11. A virtuous cycle: How green companies grow green employees (and vice versa)
Thomas A. Norton, Stacey L. Parker, Matthew C. Davis, Sally V. Russell and Neal M. Ashkanasy

12. Organisational and Employee Symbolic Environmental Behaviours: An Integrated Multi-level Framework
Lei Yang, Danae Manika and Frances Bowen

13. Motivation Towards ‘Green’ Behaviour in the Workplace: Facilitating Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour Through Participatory Interventions,
Paul C. Endrejat and Simone Kauffeld

14. A socio-motivational perspective on energy conservation in the workplace: The potential of motivational interviewing,
Amelie V. Güntner, Florian E. Klonek and Simone Kauffeld

15. Enabling employees and breaking down barriers: Behavioural infrastructure for pro-environmental behaviour,
Simon Lockrey, Linda Brennan Karli Verghese, Warren Staples and Wayne Binney

16. Workplace Energy Use Feedback in Context,
Niamh Murtagh, Birgitta Gatersleben and David Uzzell

17. The role of social norms in incentivising energy reduction in organisations
Peter Bradley, Shane Fudge and Matthew Leach

18. Embedding pro-environmental behaviour change in large organisations: perspectives on the complexity of the challenge,
Terry Tudor and Cleber Dutra

19. Measuring and Tracking Pro-Environmental Behaviour Among University Employees,
John Callewaert and Robert W. Marans

20. Spillover of Pro-environmental Behaviour,
Caroline Verfuerth and Diana Gregory-Smith