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Stone on Private International Law in the European Union, Fourth Edition

Peter Stone, formerly Professor of Law, University of Essex, UK
Within Europe the private international law rules have been harmonized to a very large extent by legislation adopted at EU level and case-law on the interpretation of this legislation. Recent developments include the entry into operation of revised versions of the Brussels I Regulation on civil jurisdiction and judgments and the Regulation on insolvency proceedings, as well as numerous decisions of the European Court and the English courts. The new edition of this authoritative work takes account of recent developments at both EU and UK levels.
Extent: c 800 pp
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Publication Date: July 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78471 265 5
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Contents: Preface PART I INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction PART II CIVIL JURISDICTION AND JUDGMENTS 2. History, Outline and Scope 3. Domicile 4. Alternative Jurisdiction 5. Ancillary Jurisdiction 6. Protected Contracts 7. Exclusive Jurisdiction 8. Submission 9. Concurrent Proceedings 10. Provisional Measures and Taking Evidence 11. Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments 12. Enforcement Procedure 13. Other Legislation on Judgments PART III CHOICE OF LAW 14. The Proper Law of a Contract 15. Contractual Issues and Exceptions 16. Protected Contracts 17. Torts 18. Some Particular Torts 19. Restitution PART IV FAMILY MATTERS 20. Matrimonial Proceedings 21. Parental Responsibility 22. Maintenance and Property 23. Succession on Death PART V INSOLVENCY 24. Main Insolvency Proceedings 25. Other Insolvency Proceedings Index