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Teaching Benefit Cost Analysis

Tools of the Trade Edited by Scott Farrow, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Faculty Affiliate, University of Southern California/Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, Guest Investigator, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, US
Teaching Benefit Cost Analysis provides detail and inspiration that extends and clarifies standard textbooks. Each short, self-contained module includes guidance to additional sources while many also provide class exercises. Classes for advanced undergraduates, practitioners, or Masters students could especially apply these tricks of the trade.
Extent: c 264 pp
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Publication Date: May 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78643 531 6
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Public Sector Economics
  • Valuation
Contributors include: C. Belfield, W.K. Bellinger, A. Brooks Bowden, G. Catalano, C. Dockins, S.E. Dudley, S. Farrow, M. Florio, D. Greenberg, C. Griffiths, A.C. Harberger, P.-O. Johansson, B. Kristrom, K. Krutilla, H.M. Levin, J. Mendeloff, C. Pancotti, L.E. Quinet, A. Robinson, D. Salkever, S. Shapiro, N. Treich, D. Weimer, R.O. Zerbe


Preface: Teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis

PART I The Big Picture
1. Decision Rules
William K. Bellinger

2. Triangles and All That
Arnold C. Harberger

3. Defining the Baseline
Charles Griffiths and Chris Dockins

4. The Concept of Standing in Benefit-Cost Analysis
Richard O. Zerbe

5. Partial Equilibrium versus General Equilibrium Evaluations or Small versus Large Projects
Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kristrom

6. BCA and US Regulatory Review: Finding a Market Failure
Susan E. Dudley

7. The Essentials: A Short Course for Young Professionals
Gelsomina Catalano and Massimo Florio

PART II Challenging Concepts and Examples
8. Valuing Statistical Lives
Lisa A. Robinson

9. The Arithmetic of Efficiency—Or the Value of Marginal Analysis
John Mendeloff

10. Treatment of Employing and Disemploying Workers
David Greenberg

11. Uncertainty and Risk
Nicholas Treich

12. On Defining and Valuing the Benefits of Health Policy Interventions
David Salkever

13. Harmful Addiction
David Weimer

14. Supplementing Benefit-Cost Analysis: Models for Transport and Land Use Decisions
Emile Quinet

15. Evaluating Knowledge Projects and R&D Infrastructures with an Example
Massimo Florio and Chiara Pancotti

16. Cost Estimation in Education: the Ingredients Method
Clive Belfield, A. Brooks Bowden and Henry M. Levin

17. Distributional Accounting in Benefit-Cost Analysis
Kerry Krutilla

18. Case Studies in the Classroom: Lessons Learned
Stuart Shapiro

19. Simulation: Incorporating Uncertainty
Scott Farrow