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the reappraisal of econometrics

Foundations of Probability, Econometrics and Economic Games series
Edited by O.F. Hamouda, Professor of Economics, York University, Canada and J.C.R. Rowley, Professor of Economics, McGill University, Canada
Extent: 544 pp
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Publication Date: 1997
ISBN: 978 1 85898 441 4
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Econometrics
Contributors include: O. Ashenfelter, G.E.P. Box, D.F. Hendry, T. Lawson, G.E. Mizen, R. Rowley, A. Zellner
Contents: Series introduction by Omar F. Hamouda and J.C.R. Rowley Introduction: ‘The Reappraisal of Econometrics’ by Omar F. Hamouda and J.C.R. Rowley Part I: Rational Expectations Part II: Robustness and Interactive Criticism Part III: Specification Search Part IV: Encompassing and Testing Part V: Dismissal Part VI: The Keynes–Tinbergen Exchange Revisited Part VII: Time Series Connection Index