We are delighted to be publishing your work

The information in these pages has been prepared to assist you in preparing your chapter for submission. 

It is important that you also review the guidelines in the Elgar Author Portal, as this provides information on preparing your manuscript, copyright and legal issues and other requirements.

Please also keep in touch with your book editor, they will be your main contact throughout the writing and submission process.

Your book editor will be able to advise you on:


Word count

Take account of the word count stipulated by your editor. The chapter should not exceed the agreed length. Figures and tables should be included in the word count with each figure counting as 500 words and each table as 300 words.

Delivery date

If you think you may miss this, then please contact your editor as soon as possible to discuss the implications. 
Please also be aware that this deadline refers to delivery of the whole chapter and that it won’t be possible to make more than very minor changes to the files once you have delivered them. We need to receive all the chapters at one time so be aware that if you are late in delivering your material you will be delaying the whole book.

Consistency of style and formatting across chapters

If your editor has provided you with a list of spelling conventions or a chosen reference or notes style/convention please adhere to it. It will improve the readability of the book if it looks like a coherent whole. If you are unsure about these points please check with your editor.

Contributor Agreement

This is a contractual agreement between you and the book’s editor. Please ensure that you sign the agreement and return it to your editor promptly. 

Chapter titles, key words, abstracts & ORCID

Today readers and researchers discover books through a myriad of online search engines, websites, databases and indexes.
Please consider the key terms that you think interested readers will use in literature searches and incorporate them into the chapter title, abstract and key words in an appropriate way.  This will help researchers find your work and increase readership and citations.

Your chapter title

Researchers using online databases often first discover a chapter of a book before discovering the book itself.  The chapter title should make sense in isolation.  For example, it is better to have ‘Introduction to Small Business Economics’ than merely ‘Introduction’ as the book’s first chapter.  

A good chapter title is concise and gives a clear indication of what the chapter is about.

Your abstract and key words

We require an abstract of up to 150 words and a list of up to 6 key words/terms for each chapter with your final script.  This is a requirement for the chapter to be indexed by Google Scholar.

This information is included in your book’s metadata and has an important impact on the visibility of individual chapters in online searches and on the discoverability of your book as a whole. Please supply these as a single document entitled ‘Abstracts and Key Words’. Please do not include them in the chapter files themselves. 

Your ORCID number

Please provide ORCID author identification numbers for yourself and any co-authors to your chapter if you would like us to use them in the information we provide to third parties in promoting your work. If you do then please visit http://orcid.org.

Manuscript delivery

Deliver your files directly to your book editor, as the editor will wish to make their own checks and may wish to review the material before they collate the chapters and submit them to us.

Ensure that you have finished work on the chapter before you contemplate delivery of the material to your editor. 
Your book editor needs to deliver all the material to be included in the book to Elgar at the same time.  Once they have passed the files to us there will be no opportunity to make changes to the text other than to make minor copy-editing corrections.

Copyright permissions

If any of your material is under copyright to a third party (including your own work) you will need to provide documentation to your book editor confirming permissions has been granted to reuse the material. 

Please see our copyright guide in the Author Hub for more information on what material requires copyright permission.

Your name and affiliation/biography

All our edited books contain lists of contributors in a consistent format. 

Please check with your editor on the convention they have chosen, either:

  • A brief affiliation only, or; 
  • a short biographical paragraph, ideally a maximum of 80 words long.

Please check that your name appears exactly as you would like it to appear in the book and in exactly the same format in your chapter file.