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Essential reference works for individuals and for academic and professional libraries.

Our reference titles include dictionaries, companions, statistical publications and indices. Specialist dictionaries in economics, politics and law define the lexicon of a particular field, synthesising technical terms with contextual references. Elgar companions comprise a range of reference material, with some offering biographical background and contemporary commentary on the life and work of great figures in the social sciences, and others offering wide-ranging surveys of key intellectual movements or schools of thought, or of international institutions. Statistical publications and indices provide authoritative data sets that are relied upon worldwide, often produced in direct partnership with the international organisations that generate the data.

Online editions have enhanced functionality on Elgaronline. Powerful search tools facilitate the pin-pointing of key terms, and users are able to navigate dictionaries at the entry level and link between related content.

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Authors from over 90 countries contributed to Elgar books and journals last year.

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