Companion Sites Guidelines

Many of our textbooks and teaching books are supported with additional resources in the form of companion sites. These additional resources are designed to assist instructors with their teaching and students’ knowledge. This outlines what we can offer.



If you do feel that you can offer companion resources for your book please do let your commissioning editor know as soon as possible, ideally before the contract is signed but certainly at least 3 months before you deliver your final manuscript files.

We need the companion site files at the same time as we receive the material for the book itself. The companion site will go live at the same time the book is published and so testing on the site will start at least 2 months before publication. If we are to include a link to the site in the book itself, we will need to set this up when we receive the book manuscript files.


Good example of a companion site:

To prevent piracy, some of our companion sites require confirmation of textbook purchase/adoption before we provide access. This can be agreed before any files are uploaded.

If you would like to provide additional online resources, please use the following guide to ensure this can be produced efficiently.

Recommended content:

Feedback from instructors tells us that the most useful resources are those that assist with teaching.
Good examples include:
Teaching slides
Printable handouts
Video guides

Formats we can accept:

Powerpoint slides
Microsoft word
Images as jpegs
Videos (videos will be uploaded to the Edward Elgar Youtube channel and linked from there)

Please note that all files should be submitted as final versions, with all permissions for images/content resolved and credited appropriately. Files for companion sites won’t be copy-edited or typeset and we will not edit videos or powerpoint presentations.



Please note that we adhere carefully to copyright license and companion sites are subject to the same copyright restrictions as books. We cannot use images for which we do not hold the license/rights. If you require stock images, please use Adobe Stock for which we have a subscription and we can access these for you. Please avoid using sites such as Wiki Commons or images taken directly from the internet unless these explicitly say that they are royalty-free.

Amendments and New Editions

Once a site is live it is best to avoid amendments until there is a new edition of a book. Once a book goes into a new edition, the old companion site will be retired and a new one set up. If an amendment is essential please contact your commissioning editor in the first instance.