COVID-19 – Elgar are firmly committed to continuing our business operations as normal.


Edward Elgar Publishing has moved to a homeworking structure to help combat the global Covid-19 outbreak, covering both our UK and US offices. We do not anticipate this move causing any disruption to the day-to-day running of the business, and want to reassure you that we remain firmly committed to continuing our business operations as normal.


Free access to Edward Elgar content to help online teaching and learning:

In the wake of university closings, online and virtual classes have become a key component in the continuity of studies for students and instructors.

Edward Elgar Publishing has been developing a library of resources for teaching in the fields we publish and we are pleased to offer free access to pertinent content through our Elgaronline digital platform.

We would also like to remind you that no matter what your area of interest, the introductory chapters of most of our publications are available for viewing as well.

If we can help in any way to get more Elgar econtent to your users to assist in courses and teaching please let us know.

Link to online teaching resources


> Theorising about learning and knowing

> Designing and teaching an online module

> Successful teaching in virtual classrooms

> Managing online learning

> Heutagogy, personal learning environments, and multi-path entry into GIS education

> Teaching, learning and assessing in geography: a foundation for the future

> Teaching entrepreneurship as a method that requires practice

> The practice of creation

> Exercises to practice play

> Exercises to practice creation 

> Internet technology as a global connector

> Online learning in K-12 schools

> What is HR/why is HR important/strategic HRM

> Labor relations, employee relations and negotiation

> Integrated and multi-concept HR activities 

> Beyond cybernation: technology and teaching in doctoral educational leadership

> Teaching leadership research courses online at the doctoral level: why we do it and how it works

> Online Teaching: Enhancing Distance Learning

> Rethinking technology-enhanced learning: disconnect passive consumers, reconnect active producers of knowledge

> Pedagogy for online tourism classes 

> Distance Education: Course Development and Strategies for Success

> The transformation of distance learning at Open University: the need for a new pedagogy for online learning?

> Leading innovation: digital education in a traditional university

> Best practices in the American undergraduate political science curriculum

> Distance and online course design 

> The Extended Learning Environment

> Teaching leadership

> The “smart” classroom

> Establishing moorings and foundations in entrepreneurial education

> Neuroentrepreneurship: what can entrepreneurship learn from neuroscience? 




We understand that many students have lost access to their course materials due to institutions moving to online teaching. Recognising the importance of staying connected with course material we have joined the Vitalsource Helps Programme. This is free access to eTextbooks for a set period of time, to ensure students have the material they need for success and to sit their exams.

Students simply log into the VitalSource Bookshelf app using their school email address and can then find and view course materials from participating publishers via VitalSource’s Explore capabilities within Bookshelf. 




Our distributors Marston Book Services and Books International are still currently processing orders and carriers are still collecting and delivering to shippers. This may change daily so for more information on your orders please email [email protected] (UK RoW) and [email protected] (NS America).




Elgaronline book and journal subscribers

We would like to reassure you that we have put in place processes and contingencies to ensure new titles and new journal issues will continue to be published as planned and are available without delay on Elgaronline. Libraries that have purchased our front list collections will continue to receive new books as forecast. We are using one of the most robust cloud networks and we do not foresee any disruption to our service. We would like to remind you that access to your content is here. To filter by subject, date and product, please use the 'REFINE BY TYPE, SUBJECT and DATE' links on the left.

If we can help in any way to get more Elgar econtent to your users to assist in courses and teaching please let us know. We are now working from home but are available as normal if you have any enquiries, needs or concerns, please email your normal contact or [email protected] (UK RoW) and [email protected] (NS America)


Not currently subscribing to Elgaronline?

In light of the current situation where students and teachers are working remotely now might be a good time to consider buying Elgar content on line. See our purchase options here, or email [email protected] (UK RoW) and [email protected] (NS America). All our content is DRM free and multi user access is standard.




The business is operating as normal and we do not foresee this change having any impact on our production schedules or business operations. We are also expanding our digital marketing operations as a result of the cancellation of many academic conferences we would normally be attending in the coming months.

We are also still actively commissioning new titles, and would be delighted to hear from you should you have a new project that you would like to discuss.

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Commissioning Editor.


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