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2 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com EU Policymaking at a Crossroads Negotiating the 2021–2027 Budget Edited by Sybille Münch, Stiftung Universität Hildesheim and Leuphana University and Hubert Heinelt, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany ‘Budget negotiations are often considered to be mostly rational and interest-based processes. Negotiations about the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) in particular tend to be analysed as classical domains of fierce intergovernmental bargaining between EU member states. This edited volume goes beyond the rationalist assumptions and zooms onto the “struggle over ideas”. By introducing an interpretive approach to the study of policymaking, this excellent collection makes an essential contribution to research on EU integration. With its focus on meaning as manifest in persuasion and justification, the book provides insights into the politicization and polarization encountered in different policy areas at a point in time, when the EU was, once again, considered to be “at a crossroads”.’ – Frank Nullmeier, Bremen University, Germany Dec 2022 c 296 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 764 7 c £105.00 / c $150.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in European Politics series NEW IN PAPERBACK How to Enhance Your Research 100 Practical Tips for Academics Don J. Webber, University of Sheffield, UK ‘Academia, while immensely rewarding, can be a pretty tough gig, particularly for junior researchers. In this book, Professor Webber, based on years of experience across countries and institutions, provides a very accessible set of tips to make the academic journey less daunting and more enjoyable. A delightfully free-flowing read, with many nuggets of quality information, for new and established academics as well as research leaders – a book that could easily become a staple on an academic’s bookshelf.’ – Gail Pacheco, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand 2021 272 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 808 8 £90.00 / $130.00 Oct 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0811 8 £30.95 / $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides The Economics of Environmental Risk Information, Perception and Valuation V. Kerry Smith, Arizona State University, US ‘Kerry Smith is a Renaissance Man of Economics. This book represents the master at work, drawing implications from research that traverses four decades of scholarship, the economics of environmental risk comes alive in ideas that scale, policies that are cost-effective, and insights that generalize to situations beyond risk. Anyone who wants to learn, or is just curious about pathbreaking economic work, should pick up this insightful and encyclopedic collection of articles.’ – John List, University of Chicago, US Dec 2022 c 442 pp Hardback 978 1 85898 525 1 c £120.00 / c $175.00 eBook • Elgaronline Handbook on Academic Freedom Edited by Richard Watermeyer, University of Bristol, Rille Raaper, University of Durham and Mark Olssen, University of Surrey, UK ‘The Handbook on Academic Freedom paints an extremely disturbing picture of how, globally, academics’ ability to act as critical public intellectuals has been radically undermined by universities’ shift from a collegial to a managerial mode of governance. However, this is not simply a critique of the myriad ways in which academics’ “performance” is now constantly audited and monitored in a way that limits their freedom to perform their proper function, but also a much-needed call to arms.’ – Julian Petley, Brunel University London, UK Nov 2022 c 416 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 590 2 c £155.00 / c $225.00 eBook • Elgaronline ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Handbook of Spatial Analysis in the Social Sciences Edited by Sergio J. Rey, University of California, US and Rachel S. Franklin, Newcastle University, UK ‘Rey and Franklin introduce this new Handbook with an allusion to a rapidly changing landscape. And perhaps because any landscape, but especially a swiftly evolving one needs solid landmarks, this collection is a welcome addition to the literature that should appeal to any researchers in the social sciences working to learn the ropes of spatial analysis.’ – Antonio Paez, McMaster University, Canada Nov 2022 c 592 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 393 5 c £220.00 / c $320.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Modern Guide to Austrian Economics Edited by Per L. Bylund, Oklahoma State University, US This Modern Guide explores central ideas, concepts, and themes in the Austrian school of economics, with a focus on how they, and with them the overall theory, have evolved over recent decades. Leading scholars offer their insights into potential directions of future research in the field, pointing towards contemporary debates and their potential conclusions, underdeveloped aspects and extensions of theory, and current applications of interest. Oct 2022 328 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 439 0 £130.00 / $185.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK How to Lead Academic Departments Successfully Edited by Adam Lindgreen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and University of Pretoria, South Africa, Alan Irwin, Flemming Poulfelt andThyra UthThomsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark ‘Few colleagues plan (and prepare) to be an academic leader at the start of their career. But, almost inevitably, many of us will be asked to take up a major leadership role at some point, and often unexpectedly. Managing professionals within a distinct organisational climate, with unique practices and politics, against the backdrop of a dynamic marketplace is no small matter. It is, in fact, often a sink-or-swim experience. But, have no fear, How to Lead Academic Departments Successfully is here. The book is a rich source of information that offers actionable advice and perhaps comfort for those of us who are about to face the challenges of academic leadership or are trying their very best at it every day. The book’s content provides lucid and eclectic answers to the question posed its title. It will be an inspiring companion of travel for any colleague on a leadership journey.’ – Ko de Ruyter, King’s College London, UK 2021 416 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 714 8 £125.00 / $180.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0903 0 c £35.00 / c $50.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022 Handbook of Economic Nationalism Edited by Andreas Pickel, Trent University, Canada This cutting-edge Handbook puts economic nationalism in its historical context, from early industrialization to globalization. It explores how economic nationalism has emerged to new prominence in the post-globalization era as states are trying to protect their economies, societies, and cultures from unwanted external influences. Oct 2022 416 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 903 6 £185.00 / $270.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime Edited by Paolo Buonanno, University of Bergamo, Italy, Paolo Vanin, University of Bologna, Italy and Juan Vargas, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime discusses the evolution of a field, whose growing relevance among scholars and policymakers is partly related to the persistence of crime and violence around the world and partly to the remarkable progress made in recent years in the economic analysis of individual and organised crime. With contributions from some of the leading scholars in the economics of crime, the volume highlights a variety of topics, conceptual frameworks and empirical approaches, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments of the field. Oct 2022 414 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 932 6 £145.00 / $200.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides Handbook on the Economics of Disasters Edited by Mark Skidmore, Michigan State University, US ‘The Handbook on the Economics of Disasters is a masterpiece. It is an indispensable resource for those who want to understand and conduct research on how economic decisions and regional/ national economies are affected by disasters.’ – Hideki Toya, Nagoya City University, Japan Oct 2022 514 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 372 8 £205.00 / $295.00 eBook • Elgaronline 3

4 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Handbook of Experimental Finance Edited by Sascha Fullbrunn, Radboud University, the Netherlands and Ernan Haruvy, McGill University, Montreal, Canada With an in-depth overview of the past, present and future of the field, The Handbook of Experimental Finance provides a comprehensive analysis of the current topics, methodologies, findings, and breakthroughs in research conducted with the help of experimental finance methodology. Leading experts suggest innovative ways of designing, implementing, analyzing, and interpreting finance experiments. Oct 2022 450 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 232 0 £190.00 / $280.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Money and Finance series EU Industrial Policy in the Multipolar Economy Edited by Jean-Christophe Defraigne, UCLouvain Saint-Louis Brussels University, Jan Wouters, Institute for International Law and Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven, Edoardo Traversa, UCLouvain, Belgium and Dimitri Zurstrassen, Sorbonne University, France and UCLouvain, Belgium ‘A timely book on a fundamental theme for the future of European sovereignty, which brings together experts from the academic world and practitioners of industrial policy. The various case studies on key industries, the historical and legal perspectives and the comparative analysis with the experiences of the US and China provide a deep insight into the workings and challenges of EU industrial policy in this twenty-first century. A must-read for all those who feel concerned about Europe’s strategic autonomy.’ – Romano Prodi, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Policy at the University of Bologna, Former Prime Minister of Italy and Former President of the European Commission Oct 2022 446 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 262 7 £130.00 / $190.00 eBook • Elgaronline Leuven Global Governance series Innovations in Transport Success, Failure and Societal Impacts Edited by Bert van Wee, Delft University of Technology and TRAIL Research School, Jan Anne Annema, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany ‘The transportation field has long put its faith in technological innovation as a way to solve our problems, whether traffic congestion or environmental impacts. But it is not that simple, as the theoretical frameworks and specific examples presented in this book demonstrate. Readers will find many important insights here.’ – Susan Handy, University of California, Davis, US Nov 2022 c 384 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 336 5 c £120.00 / c $175.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 80037 338 9 c £35.00 / c $50.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedia on the Economics of Knowledge and Innovation Edited by Cristiano Antonelli, University of Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy ‘Antonelli has assembled a virtual who’s who of scholars working in the area of the economics of knowledge and technology. The book – with its 66 entries – is a must-read for anyone interested in the area – be they researchers or policy makers.’ – Paula Stephan, Georgia State University and National Bureau of Economic Research, US Oct 2022 578 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 698 9 £220.00 / $315.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in Economics and Finance series TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Water Economics and Policy Ariel Dinar, University of California, Riverside, US ‘As a world-class water resources economist, Professor Ariel Dinar is always at the edge of the discipline. The book is another outstanding contribution to the application of economics in hot water issues around the world.’ – Dajun Shen, Renmin University, China Oct 2022 132 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 958 4 £85.00 / $120.00 Oct 2022 Paperback 978 1 83910 960 7 £15.95 / $24.95 eBook • Elgaronline Examination copies available upon publication Elgar Advanced Introductions series NEW IN PAPERBACK Transforming Energy Systems Economics, Policies and Change Steven Fries, Shell International Ltd., London, UK ‘The world economy must transform fundamentally in the next three decades if we are to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change; we must go to net zero emissions. Radical change in the energy systems will be at the core. This book examines what is involved in, and required, for such unprecedented transformation. It brings great wisdom, knowledge, judgement and analytical strength to a complicated but vital problem. It is based on experience at the highest levels in government, business and finance. It marshals an understanding of systems, policies and markets, with all their imperfections and power, in a very effective and illuminating way. This is a deep, thoughtful and important book; an outstanding contribution.’ – Lord Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics, UK 2021 320 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 036 4 £100.00 / $145.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0907 8 c £30.95 / c $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

A Research Agenda for International Political Economy New Directions and Promising Paths Edited by David A. Deese, Boston College, US ‘The timing of this book could not be better. There has been much debate recently about “gaps” in the agenda of international political economy. Deese and his colleagues deliver an excellent survey of key emerging areas of research that can be expected to help shape IPE scholarship in coming years.’ – Benjamin J. Cohen, University of California, Santa Barbara, US Oct 2022 250 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 411 3 £95.00 / $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas NEW IN PAPERBACK Teaching Sports Economics and Using Sports to Teach Economics Edited by Victor A. Matheson, College of the Holy Cross and Aju J. Fenn, Colorado College, US There is a dire need for a comprehensive pedagogical resource both on diverse approaches to teaching sports economics and the use of sports to teach broader principles of economic concepts. This book does exactly that. The contributions from leading scholars and teachers in both fields will help all instructors looking to raise their teaching game. 2022 288 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 417 5 £90.00 / $130.00 Oct 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0817 0 £35.00 / $49.95 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Guides to Teaching Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Handbook of Banking and Finance in Emerging Markets Edited by Duc Khuong Nguyen, IPAG Business School, France ‘It was ample time this Handbook was made available to professional investors and financial actors in emerging markets. Congratulations to Duc Khuong Nguyen for gathering such an expert crowd to help us navigate the new emerging world: post global financial crisis, post Covid, post China and BRICS take off, but also aligned with the sustainable development goals and the climate agenda. This is the compass we needed to sail the ocean ahead of us!’ – Bertrand Badré, Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital, France Oct 2022 866 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 089 4 £285.00 / $410.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Money and Finance series The Economics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency A Transaction Costs Revolution Edited by James Lee Caton, North Dakota State University, US ‘How are blockchain programs, on which cryptocurrencies and other applications are built, shaping the future of firms, markets, and finance? James Caton has assembled a first-rate group of contributors to provide cutting-edge insights into the new technologies and their sometimes surprising implications. Readers of this volume will be a step ahead in understanding what is happening in the evolution of payment systems and in the governance of market institutions.’ – Lawrence H. White, George Mason University, US Oct 2022 222 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 233 1 £90.00 / $130.00 A Research Agenda for the Gig Economy and Society Edited by Valerio De Stefano, York University, Canada, Ilda Durri, Charalampos Stylogiannis and Mathias Wouters, KU Leuven, Belgium ‘This important volume lays bare the significance of platform work for the wider world of work and for society at large. Through a multidisciplinary perspective it addresses a myriad of issues concerning platform work that have not received their due attention such as occupational safety and health, discrimination, and gaps in cross-border governance. The editors and contributors have done a fantastic job in making clear both the exceptional – and the unexceptional – aspects of platform work and thus provide a useful guide to scholars, social partners and policymakers of how to shape the gig economy so that it can be of benefit to all.’ – Janine Berg, International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland Nov 2022 c 264 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 350 5 c £95.00 / c $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas 5 ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

Handbook of Innovation & Appropriate Technologies for International Development Edited by Philippe Régnier, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Daniel Frey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, Samuel Pierre, Polytechnique Montréal, Montreal, Canada, Koshy Varghese, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, Chennai, India and Pascal Wild, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) ‘The chapter authors take a comprehensive and eclectic approach to “global engineering” in all its aspects, from academic research and learning, to practical approaches by international organizations and NGOs, to the experience of practitioners and communities who experimented with appropriate technologies — or were experimented on with them. This compendium explains the origin stories of the pathbreaking practitioners and organizations, and provides both the traditional socio-economic and political frameworks for appropriate technologies as well as the new, somewhat controversial, decolonization narrative, with a range of LMIC examples. The human aspect gets attention, including the need for protection of subjects and participants, and the ethical dimensions, with the limitations university’s institutional review processes may face about collection and analysis of data, use of AI and machine learning techniques to tease out insights and learning, to making these analyses available to the non-specialist as well as to the participants and other stakeholders. The scholar, the practitioner, the student, and the innovators will all find things to like and reflect on as we move from appropriate technologies to the broader intellectual and political context for applying what we learn to engage with the poor to improve their lives.’ – Paul M Cadario, University of Toronto, Canada Oct 2022 296 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 781 7 £160.00 / $235.00 eBook • Elgaronline Innovation and Appropriate Technologies for International Development Rethinking Economics as Social Theory Richard E. Wagner, George Mason University, US ‘Taking seriously the task of rethinking economics, Richard E. Wagner has gone to the centre of it. We are spirited beings capable of hoping, hating, learning, and doing, not fleshcovered robots enslaved to our programming. Our liberty of self-construction is hell on administrators, but endlessly fascinating for the true student of society. Buy this book, read it all, and walk away wiser.’ – Roger Koppl, Syracuse University, US Nov 2022 c 208 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 475 9 c £80.00 / c $115.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Economics series 6 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com The Behavioural Economics of John Maynard Keynes Microfoundations for the World We Live In Ronald Schettkat, Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal, Germany This insightful book discusses the behavioural microfoundations of Keynes’ macroeconomic revolution derived from ‘casual’ observations but impressively substantiated by rigorous research in behavioural economics and neurology. Ronald Schettkat argues that Keynes’ macroeconomic insights are based on microeconomic fundamentals of the behaviour of humans and markets in the monetary economy we live in. Dec 2022 c 208 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 488 9 c £80.00 / c $115.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Directions in Modern Economics series NEW IN PAPERBACK Nudged into Lockdown? Behavioral Economics, Uncertainty and Covid-19 Ananish Chaudhuri, University of Auckland, New Zealand ‘In responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic, most governments abandoned the existing scientific and policy consensus and mimicked one another to embrace lockdowns of varying stringency. Remarkably, hardly any seemed to produce cost–benefit analysis. Unremarkably, the cost–benefit balance varied between rich and poor countries. In this rigorous, multi-disciplinary examination, written in clearly accessible language, Ananish Chaudhuri explores the reasons for the herd-like behaviour by governments and for the public compliance with their edicts. A must-read for understanding what really happened with Covid-19 and why, and for being better prepared for the inevitable next pandemic.’ – Ramesh Thakur, Director of the Centre for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (CNND), Crawford School, The Australian National University, Vice Rector and Senior Vice Rector of the United Nations University and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations 1998–2007 2022 256 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 566 4 £90.00 / $130.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0909 2 c £30.95 / c $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline Governing the EU in an Age of Division Dalibor Rohac, American Enterprise Institute, US ‘Dalibor Rohac isn’t all misty-eyed when people talk about the European Union. Nor is he scornful, though, of the EU’s real accomplishments and possibilities. This is a rare, hard-headed, and balanced look at an important part of the current geopolitical landscape. Read and learn.’ – William Kristol, The Bulwark Nov 2022 c 176 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 872 6 c £75.00 / c $110.00 eBook • Elgaronline NewThinking in Political Economy series ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

A Comparative History of Central Bank Behavior Consistency in Monetary Policy in the US and UK John H. Wood, Wake Forest University, US ‘By mixing political economy and history in perfect proportions this book forcefully presents enduring and timely lessons about central banks, their purposes and their accomplices. I could not put this book down.’ – Thomas Sargent, New York University and Hoover Institution, Stanford, US Nov 2022 c 320 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 659 9 c £100.00 / c $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Smart Cities Zaheer Allam, Université Paris 1 PanthéonSorbonne, France and Yusra Raisah Takun, Deakin University, Australia ’Rethinking Smart Cities offers a refreshing and insightful survey of the increasingly popular concept of “Smart Cities” It surveys the concept’s evolution before critiquing the scope and offering contemporary warnings about the biases and assumptions embedded in this idea that is pervading much of our Westerninformed city and regional planning literature and practice today.’ – David S. Jones, Monash University and Griffith University, Australia Dec 2022 c 180 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 679 7 c £75.00 / c $110.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Urban and Regional Studies series Central Banks and Supervisory Architecture in Europe Lessons from Crises in the 21st Century Edited by Robert Holzmann, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria and Fernando Restoy, Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland ‘This volume provides a comprehensive and indispensable opportunity to take stock of the achievements and challenges of European banking supervision after the momentous reforms of the early 2010s, and on the related debates about financial supervisory architecture. While the complexity may at times appear dizzying, it is an important story whose policy lessons have relevance well beyond the boundaries of the euro area and European Union.’ – Nicolas Véron, Bruegel, Belgium and the Peterson Institute for International Economics, US Oct 2022 252 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 888 7 £95.00 / $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Published in Association with Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria Islamic Finance in Africa The Prospects for Sustainable Development Edited by M. Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans, US, Aishath Muneeza, INCEIF, Malaysia and Karamo N.M. Sonko, Heeno International, The Gambia ‘There is no doubt that Islamic finance has huge potential in African continent. I have not seen so far, a book that comprehensively covers the Islamic finance developments with its future prospectus in the African continent. The case study approach adopted in this book helps the readers to understand the practical implementation of Islamic finance. I highly recommend this book to practitioners and policymakers as to shape the postpandemic landscape of Islamic finance the information provided in this book is valuable.’ – Zamir Iqbal, Islamic Development Bank Oct 2022 c 360 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 989 1 £115.00 / $165.00 eBook • Elgaronline Studies in Islamic Finance, Accounting and Governance series Megaprojects for Megacities A Comparative Casebook Edited by John D. Landis, University of Pennsylvania, US Megaprojects for Megacities is a collection of 14 international case studies of transportation, urban development, and environmental megaprojects completed during the last ten years in North America, Asia and Europe. It goes beyond the previous megaproject literature to look at how and why each project was conceived, planned, engineered, financed, and delivered, and at how particular planning and delivery practices shaped outcomes. Nov 2022 c 614 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 062 7 c £150.00 / c $215.00 eBook • Elgaronline Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com 7 ECONOMICS & FINANCE TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

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