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3 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook on Shrinking Cities Edited by Karina Pallagst, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, Marco Bontje, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Emmanuèle Cunningham Sabot, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris, France and René Fleschurz, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany ‘Our cities represent very comprehensive social ecosystems – a mosaic consisting of diverse structures interlinked by the veins of infrastructure shaped by multiple actions of various actors. The Handbook on Shrinking Cities edited by Karina Pallagst, Marco Bontje, Emmanuele Cunningham-Sabot and Rene Fleschurz presents a similar picture. This is a book in which the synergy between chapters written by numerous authors creates a multi-faceted picture of shrinking cities and which will be of interest to a wide range of readers.’ – Maros Finka, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and President of the AESOP 2022 470 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 703 0 £203.00 / $296.00 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 3899 3 £46.95 / $67.95 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Urban Studies series NEW IN PAPERBACK A Research Agenda for International Political Economy New Directions and Promising Paths Edited by David A. Deese, Boston College, US ‘The timing of this book could not be better. There has been much debate recently about “gaps” in the agenda of international political economy. Deese and his colleagues deliver an excellent survey of key emerging areas of research that can be expected to help shape IPE scholarship in coming years.’ – Benjamin J. Cohen, University of California, Santa Barbara, US 2022 250 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 411 3 £99.00 / $146.00 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 3901 3 £30.95 / $44.95 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas NEW IN PAPERBACK Smart-Tech Society Convenience, Control, and Resistance Mark Whitehead and William G.A. Collier, Aberystwyth University, UK ‘The pages of this book take the reader on a perceptive and revealing journey through the smart-tech society. Bringing clarity to these disorientating and farreaching transformations, it offers guidance, understanding and an irresistible call to engage with how the future might yet be shaped.’ – David Beer, University of York, UK 2022 232 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 409 0 £94.00 / $135.00 June 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 4298 3 c £22.95 / c $35.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Megaprojects for Megacities A Comparative Casebook Edited by John D. Landis, University of Pennsylvania, US Megaprojects for Megacities is a collection of 14 international case studies of transportation, urban development, and environmental megaprojects completed during the last ten years in North America, Asia and Europe. It goes beyond the previous megaproject literature to look at how and why each project was conceived, planned, engineered, financed, and delivered, and at how particular planning and delivery practices shaped outcomes. 2022 588 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 062 7 £161.00 / $229.00 June 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 4301 0 c £46.95 / c $67.95 eBook • Elgaronline POLITICAL SCIENCE & PUBLIC POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024