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NEW IN PAPERBACK A Modern Guide to Creative Economies Edited by Roberta Comunian, King’s College London, UK, Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Jarna Heinonen, University of Turku, Finland and Nick Wilson, King’s College London, UK ‘A Modern Guide to Creative Economies is essential reading for considering and reflecting on how we build healthy, equitable and sustainable conditions for the creation, celebration and exchange of human expression. The book, and its collection of brilliant essays, offers fresh insight that will inspire scholars, students, and leaders in arts and culture to ask new and different questions and ultimately to imagine possibilities for not just growing our creative economies, but also for sustaining the humans who are critical for creative expression to thrive’ – Steven Tepper, University of Arizona, US 2022 308 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 548 9 £135.00 / $187.00 Apr 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 3896 2 £33.95 / $48.95 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime Edited by Paolo Buonanno, University of Bergamo, Italy, Paolo Vanin, University of Bologna, Italy and Juan Vargas, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime discusses the evolution of a field, whose growing relevance among scholars and policymakers is partly related to the persistence of crime and violence around the world and partly to the remarkable progress made in recent years in the economic analysis of individual and organised crime. With contributions from some of the leading scholars in the economics of crime, the volume highlights a variety of topics, conceptual frameworks and empirical approaches, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments of the field. 2022 414 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 932 6 £151.00 / $208.00 Apr 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 3898 6 £38.95 / $56.95 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK Smart-Tech Society Convenience, Control, and Resistance Mark Whitehead and William G.A. Collier, Aberystwyth University, UK ‘The pages of this book take the reader on a perceptive and revealing journey through the smart-tech society. Bringing clarity to these disorientating and farreaching transformations, it offers guidance, understanding and an irresistible call to engage with how the future might yet be shaped.’ – David Beer, University of York, UK 2022 232 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 409 0 £94.00 / $135.00 Jun 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 4298 3 c £22.95 / c $35.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Qualitative CrossCultural Research Methods A Social Science Perspective Edited by Pranee Liamputtong, VinUniversity, Vietnam ‘The book provides an impressive and comprehensive set of views and methodological perspectives on how to be a true respectful and culturally sensitive crosscultural researcher. Pranee Liamputtong has assembled a diverse group of contributors that include academics, field researchers and indigenous people; describing different approaches that range from community art to gardening. A must read!’ – Maurizio Trevisan, VinUniversity, Vietnam 2022 386 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 661 8 £166.00 / $239.00 Jun 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 4303 4c £44.95 / c $64.95 eBook • Elgaronline 2 For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

NEW IN PAPERBACK Fixing Prices A Century of Setting, Posting and Adjusting Retail Prices Franck Cochoy, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès and Institut Universitaire de France, France, Johan Hagberg, University of Gothenburg and Hans Kjellberg, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden ‘Fixing Prices reveals how retail shopping was transformed by the posting of prices through the invention of new techniques and technology. The book delightfully captures how these innovations had to be learned by store owners, sold to customers, and created new and unforeseen opportunities. We now take these innovations for granted but as the authors suggest, they continue in the digital age to evolve in startling ways.’ – Neil D. Fligstein, University of California, Berkeley, US 2023 242 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 924 8 £90.00 / $130.00 Jun 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 4302 7 c £29.95 / c $43.95 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Health Care Policy Edited by Martin Powell, University of Birmingham, UK, Tuba I. Agartan, Providence College, US and Daniel Béland, McGill University, Canada ’This is an excellent Research Handbook for anyone interested in the study of comparative health care policy. It has been written by top academics focused on health care institutions, the policymaking process, and evaluation. If you want to understand how health policy has changed over the years, I can only recommend this book.’ – Joan Costa-Font, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK Apr 2024 610 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 755 8 £245.00 / $345.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Social Policy and Welfare Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology Edited by Christine Overdevest, University of Florida, US ‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology is a collection of informative and up-to-date entries written by outstanding scholars on a range of key topics in environmental sociology. It is a valuable reference work that will be helpful to those new to the field and to seasoned veterans alike.’ – Richard York, University of Oregon, US Apr 2024 580 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 103 7 £240.00 / $335.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in Sociology series A Research Agenda for the Social Impacts of Tourism Edited by Robin Nunkoo, Thanika Devi Juwaheer, University of Mauritius and Siamak Seyfi, University of Oulu, Finland ‘Social impacts are a critical but undervalued dimension on the tourism system. This book presents a welcome examination of the research paths that need to be followed as well as introducing some new dimensions to our understanding of social impacts research. The book is a welcome addition to our knowledge base of the social dimension of tourism.’ – C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand Apr 2024 292 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 829 9 £110.00 / $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas A Research Agenda for Disability and Technology Edited by Jane Seale, The Open University, UK ‘Technology and disability are vast and dynamic concepts. The internet and world wide web brought huge potentials of digital connectivity and the possibilities – and risks – of digital inclusion and exclusion. We can only imagine how much more would have been achieved, had a cogent Research Agenda been in place, and this is now offered by Seale and colleagues. A vision for multistakeholder collaborations, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research is laid out across ten chapters. Concluding with a call for communities of practice, this Research Agenda will stand us in good stead for the future.’ – Natasha Layton, Monash University, Australia and ARATA (the Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association, Australia) Apr 2024 274 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 863 0 £110.00 / $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas Research Handbook on Urban Sociology Edited by Miguel A. Martínez, Uppsala University, Sweden ‘This rich and varied collection, focused on recent theory and research, will educate and stimulate students of the city from across the social sciences and the humanities.’ – Loïc Wacquant, University of California, Berkeley, US, and author of The Invention of the “Underclass” and Bourdieu in the City Apr 2024 656 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 889 0 £255.00 / $355.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Sociology series For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024 3

The Elgar Companion to Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals Edited by Nicola Piper and Kavita Datta, Queen Mary University of London, UK ‘For some time, we have needed a text that brings international migration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development together under one lens. Nicola Piper and Kavita Datta have delivered that, in a volume that is grounded in local lived experience, shedding new light on a complex contemporary issue. Brilliant!’ – Ronaldo Munck, Dublin City University, Ireland Apr 2024 432 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 450 6 £205.00 / $285.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Companions to the Sustainable Development Goals series Rethinking Socialism Compass for a Sustainability Revolution Klaus Dö rre, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany ‘Rethinking Socialism is a tour de force. As long as we have capitalism there will be visions of socialism; as capitalism transforms itself so the visions change. Klaus Dörre has brought socialism into the 21st century by addressing climate change, digitization and pandemics among other pathologies with concrete utopias aimed at realizing the UN’s sustainable development goals. The world desperately needs such brave and innovative thinking.’ – Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley, US Apr 2024 250 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 2637 2 £95.00 / $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Sociology series Handbook on Public Policy and Food Security Edited by Sheryl L. Hendriks, University of Greenwich, UK and Suresh C. Babu, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, US and University of Pretoria, South Africa ‘This Handbook provides a valuable introduction to how humanity can achieve food security and all our sustainable development goals, with global coverage and a special focus on developing countries. A highly recommended guide to how progress has been and can be achieved thanks to local leadership linking research and practice.’ – William A. Masters, Tufts University, US Apr 2024 460 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 543 2 £180.00 / $250.00 eBook • Elgaronline Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics in the Social Sciences Edited by Tuija Takala and Matti Häyry, Aalto University, Finland ‘This is a uniquely informative and insightful source of knowledge on the plethora of ways in which applied ethics is intertwined with the theory and practice of the social sciences.’ – Thomasine Kushner, Program in Medicine and Human Values, Sutter Health Apr 2024 284 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 168 6 £175.00 / $245.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series Encyclopedia of Citizenship Studies Edited by Marisol García Cabeza, formerly University of Barcelona, Spain and Thomas Faist, Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University, Germany ‘This anthology of original contributions represents a watermark for citizenship studies – for the wideness of its geographical spread, its deep historicity, its grappling difference, and its sensitivity to the imminent dangers of populism and neoliberal decline.’ – Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University, US Apr 2024 500 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 045 0 £215.00 / $300.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series Research Handbook on Civil– Military Relations Edited by Aurel Croissant, Heidelberg University, Germany and and GSIS, Ewha Womans University, S Korea, David Kuehn, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Germany and David PionBerlin, University of California, Riverside, US ‘This exceptionally wide-ranging work on military politics features some of the most thoughtful scholars on this important subject. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in the interactions between the armed forces, society, and politicians.’ – Zoltan Barany, University of Texas, US Apr 2024 448 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 983 5£210.00$295.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Political Science 4 For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

Research Handbook on Curriculum and Education Edited by Elizabeth Rata, University of Auckland, New Zealand ‘Contributors to this outstanding anthology include historians, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, educators, didactitians, and literary scholars from 18 countries. The acquisition of universal, yet fallible and revisable knowledge, as the core curriculum principle is defended. Issues of design, transformation, implementation, politics, powerful knowledge, and teacher education are addressed in national contexts.’ – Michael R. Matthews, University of New South Wales, Australia Apr 2024 602 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 853 5 £245.00 / $345.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Education Handbook on Aging and Place Edited by Malcolm Cutchin, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences and Graham D. Rowles, University of Kentucky, US ‘Thoughtfully curated, this Handbook is innovative, forward-thinking, and reflects the complex and dynamic nature of aging and place. The diversity of perspectives, connections between theory and practice, and identification of opportunities and challenges, make it a must-read for anyone seeking to understand and improve quality of life among older adults and those supporting them.’ – Candace L. Kemp, Georgia State University, US Apr 2024 470 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 997 6 £220.00 / $310.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on the Sociology of Emotion Institutions and Emotional Rule Regimes Edited by Helena Flam, Leipzig University, Germany ‘This rich collection covers established ground in new ways and explores territory previously neglected. Written by leading scholars as well as rising stars, the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Emotion will be an enduring source of reliable findings, useful approaches – and inspiration – for the next generation of students and researchers.’ – Jack Barbalet, Australian Catholic University, Australia Apr 2024 456 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 564 6 £210.00 / $295.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Sociology series How to Incorporate Equity and Justice in Your Teaching Edited by Don C. Sawyer III, Fairfield University, JT Torres, Washington and Lee University and Suzanne S. Hudd, Quinnipiac University, US ‘This book is invaluable: it offers comprehensive and novel understandings of how to integrate equity and justice into our learning environments. Featuring contributions from well-respected experts, I highly recommend this book to teachers and scholars who are committed to supporting diverse students.’ – Mollie Dollinger, Curtin University, Australia Apr 2024 188 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 1819 3 £90.00 / $125.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides Understanding Biosocial Criminology A Paradigm for the 21st Century Anthony Walsh, Boise State University, US ‘Biosocial criminology represents the future of criminology in that it seeks to understand how we as bio-psycho-social beings interact with our environment (and vice versa). However, there are various subareas of biosocial criminology, such as evolutionary psychology and epigenetics, that makes it difficult for newcomers to understand the relationships between disciplines. This book introduces readers to all areas of biosocial criminology while encouraging readers to recognize how these concepts can be folded into current criminological theories and common criminological findings. Dr. Walsh’s command of the material helps readers understand the foundations of biosocial criminology while appreciating the nuances of the topic.’ – Jamie Vaske, Western Carolina University, US Apr 2024 278 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 2286 2 £100.00 / $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Understanding series Rethinking Organised Crime Leslie Holmes, University of Melbourne, Australia, Renmin University, Beijing, China and University of Bologna, Italy and Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw, Poland ‘An invaluable overview of the nature of organised crime and its overlaps with state crimes, white-collar crime, terrorism, cybercrime, and police corruption. This innovative book discusses new and emerging forms of organised crime, exploring theories of organised crime causation and alternative prevention responses to it.’ – Jay Albanese, Virginia Commonwealth University, US May 2024 288 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 622 7 £100.00 / $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Political Science and International Studies series 5 For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

Handbook of Race and Refusal in Higher Education Like a Path in Tall Grasses Edited by Kenjus T. Watson, American University, Washington D.C., Nora Cisneros, California State University, Bakersfield, Lindsay Pérez Huber, California State University, Long Beach and Verónica Vélez, Western Washington University, US This cutting-edge Handbook goes beyond discourses of equity, inclusion, and diversity, carving a space for critical discussions about the relationships between Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and the university. In doing so, it forges new paths and alternative conceptual starting points to consider in making a commitment to social justice in higher education. May 2024 374 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 786 8 £160.00 / $225.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Education How to Think Like a Realist A Methodology for Social Science Ray Pawson, University of Leeds, UK ‘Realist methodology is blossoming, and realist studies are burgeoning. This is no flash in the pan. Ray Pawson’s work is both the product and the source of this intellectual evolution. The book makes the proposition that realist principles underpin science in all its guises and makes tiny, tentative steps in tracing the common realist tenets. If he is correct, we will be reading this manifesto for many years to come.’ – Frans L. Leeuw, Maastricht University, the Netherlands May 2024 304 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 2109 4 £105.00 / $145.00 eBook • Elgaronline How to Research Guides Research Handbook on Intergenerational Inequality Edited by Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, University of Turku, Finland, Jo Blanden, University of Surrey, UK, Jani Erola, University of Turku, Finland and Lindsey Macmillan, University College London, UK ‘The economic study of intergenerational mobility has become much deeper and much wider since Gary Solon’s seminal research in the 1990s. Both early career scholars and more seasoned specialists will do well to use this book as a touchstone to appreciate these developments, the editors having done a remarkable job in organizing the many important aspects of this field into a coherent and informative whole.’ – Miles Corak, City University of New York, US May 2024 468 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 825 8 £215.00 / $300.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks on Inequality Handbook on the Political Economy of Social Policy Edited by Bent Greve, Roskilde University, Denmark, Amílcar Moreira, University of Lisbon, Portugal and Minna van Gerven, University of Helsinki, Finland ’In the Handbook on the Political Economy of Social Policy Bent Greve, Amílcar Moreira and Minna van Gerven have compiled an excellent collection of works that examine the link between political economy and social policy providing new insights into contemporary policy developments and welfare states reforms.’ – Neil Gilbert, University of California, Berkeley, US May 2024 342 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0648 0 £185.00 / $260.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Social Policy and Welfare Digital Media and Grassroots Anti-Corruption Contexts, Platforms and Data of Anti-Corruption Technologies Worldwide Edited by Alice Mattoni, University of Bologna, Italy ‘Political power and technology may benefit society but are also readily abused. Alice Mattoni looks beyond social media in anti-corruption protests to analyze anti-corruption technology in diverse and rapidly evolving forms. She raises questions regarding transparency, social mobilization, and accountability – and also of the vulnerability of citizens challenging corrupt interests. She shows why we should not be dazzled by technology’s reach but also must understand its roles within fundamental dynamics of systemic power.’ – Michael Johnston, Colgate University, US May 2024 286 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 209 0 £110.00 / $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline OPEN ACCESS Promoting Inclusion and Justice in University Teaching A Transformative-Emancipatory Toolkit for Educators Edited by Teresa M. Cappiali, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI), Sweden and Johanne Jean-Pierre, York University, Canada ‘This book skillfully bridges the gap between transformative pedagogy theory and actionable classroom practices, offering educators in higher education a unique and invaluable toolkit for creating empowering learning environments. Through its innovative approach and strong connections between theory and praxis, it offers a new standard in the field, ensuring classrooms are both inclusive and transformative.’ – Edward W. Taylor, Penn State University, US May 2024 278 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 2344 9 £105.00 / $150.00 eBook • Elgaronline 6 For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

Research Handbook on Feminist Political Thought Edited by Mary Caputi, California State University and Patricia Moynagh, Wagner College, US ‘Anyone interested in the challenges of contemporary political life—from the hazards of permanent war, the dangers of the carceral state, debt crises, democratic decline and rising authoritarianism, extractive economies, medicalization of sex and sexuality, transmisogyny, and white supremacy to the prospects for freedom and justice—will find the Research Handbook on Feminist Political Thought is deeply illuminating.’ – Mary Hawkesworth, Rutgers University, US May 2024 512 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 912 5 £190.00 / $265.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Political Thought series How to Edit and Manage a Successful Scholarly Journal Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Edited by Iain Hay, Gareth Butler and Gerti Szili, Flinders University, Australia ‘This is an engagingly written and insightful book. A must read for any scholar taking on the role of editing an academic journal or with an interest in better understanding how the editorial, manuscript management and review processes of journals work and how they are affected by new technological developments.’ – Jennifer Frost and Warwick Frost, La Trobe University, Australia May 2024 226 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0016 7 £95.00 / $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth Edited by Judith Bessant, RMIT University, Philippa Collin, Western Sydney University, Patrick O’Keeffe, RMIT University, Australia ‘This is an important Research Handbook for all of those interested in the experiences of young people. One of its main strengths is its focus on diversity. It brings together contributions from: different parts of the world; different disciplines; different organisations – community groups and NGOs, not just universities; and young people themselves, as well as researchers.’ – Rachel Brooks, University of Surrey, UK May 2024 c 490 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 179 2 £220.00 / $310.00 eBook • Elgaronline 7 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Rethinking Neighborhoods Connections and Cohesion William A.V. Clark, University of California, Los Angeles, US ‘Neighborhoods matter! Drawing on a long career of urban scholarship, this book by Bill Clark provides a fascinating review of the social science on neighborhoods: how they emerge and change, how people sort into them, and why this matters for social mobility, health, general wellbeing, and society as a whole. In the face of concern that work-from-home will reshape urban life, Rethinking Neighborhoods: Connections and Cohesion shows how neighborhoods have and will continue to be an extremely important geography for understanding society.’ – Paavo Monkkonen, University of California, Los Angeles, US May 2024 236 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0793 7 £90.00 / $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline Rethinking Urban and Regional Studies series The Fate of Social Modernity Western Europe and Organised Welfare Provision in Challenging Times Ingo Bode, University of Kassel, Germany ‘This highly ambitious monograph is a must read. Viewed through the prism of Europe’s reconfigured welfare arrangements, it explores Western European countries’ current standing in relation to the Enlightenment-inspired vision of social modernity. Bode’s penetrating analysis of the forces (re)shaping contemporary welfare systems raises important questions about the future of welfare and, by extension, the future of the social modernist project itself.’ – Nick Ellison, University of York, UK May 2024 440 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 3121 5 £145.00 / $205.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Adult Education Policy Edited by Marcella Milana, University of Verona, Italy, Palle Rasmussen, Aalborg University, Denmark and Margherita Bussi, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium ‘This book strongly builds on theories and rigorous research on adult education policies, showing how adult education is reduced to serving labor markets under a neo-liberal paradigm. Reading it encourages us to ask whether this is a fundamentally wrong decision, wasting infrastructure that we desperately need for fighting authoritarianism and climate injustice.’ – Anke Grotlüschen, University of Hamburg, Germany Jun 2024 c 404 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 594 3 c £200.00 / c $280.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Education SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

Research Handbook on the History of Political Thought Edited by Cary J. Nederman, Texas A&M University, US and Guillaume Bogiaris, Champlain College, Saint-Lawrence, Canada ‘None of us invented our own political ideas. We have all picked them up from our education and environment. One way to get control of them is to understand where they came from. And this is the Research Handbook for learning how to get that understanding, and that sense of control.’ – John Christian Laursen, University of California, Riverside, US Jun 2024 c 510 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 379 2c £220.00c $310.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbooks in Political Thought series The Atlas of Social Complexity Brian Castellani, Durham University, UK and Northeastern Ohio Medical University, US and Lasse Gerrits, Erasmus University, the Netherlands‘ This is a superb review of the development of social complexity in the social sciences and is a must read for anyone interested in cutting-edge social theory. Castellani and Gerrits convincingly show that this set of concepts is being transformative of social science thinking across multiple disciplines, even if it is developing too slowly.’ – Sylvia Walby, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK Jun 2024 c 516 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 951 7 c £145.00 / c $205.00 eBook • Elgaronline Questioning Humanity Being Human in a Posthuman Age Thomas Osborne, University of Bristol, UK and Nikolas Rose, The Australian National University, Australia and University College London, UK ‘In this thought-provoking book, Thomas Osborne and Nikolas Rose examine a wide range of issues concerning humans and human uniqueness in comparison to other species in the animal kingdom. The multidisciplinary breadth of their perspective matches the complexity of the problem they tackle. It is an impressive accomplishment!’ – Shanyang Zhao, Temple University College of Liberal Arts, US Jun 2024 c 228 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 0981 8 c £90.00 / c $125.00 Jul 2024 Paperback 978 1 0353 0983 2 c £29.95 / c $42.95 eBook • Elgaronline 8 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com OPEN ACCESS Public Policy in the Arab World Responding to Uprisings, Pandemic and War Edited by Anis Ben Brik, Hamid Bin Khalifa University, Qatar ‘In this important and timely volume, Anis Ben Brik assembles a group of experts to assess the challenges and opportunities posed by the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the pandemic to governance in the Arab world. Collectively, the chapters focus on how these twin crises have shaped the lived experiences of marginalized groups and highlight the key role of politics in shaping policies towards the region’s most vulnerable populations.’ – Melani Cammett, Harvard University, US Jun 2024 c 340 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 1268 9 c £110.00 / c $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in Public Policy series Values, Institutions and Innovations for Societal Progress The Moral Pursuit of Autonomy and Rationality Udo Pesch, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands ‘Udo Pesch provides an overdue impetus to rethink progress as a value-oriented design task based on understanding and deliberation. This book not only encourages the belief that progress is still possible, but also provides valuable insights on how we can contribute.’ – Armin Grunwald, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Jun 2024 c 240 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 2252 7 c £95.00 / c $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Innovations in Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education Implications for Teaching and Learning Edited by Carol Evans, Cardiff University and Michael Waring, University of Leeds, UK ‘Evans and Waring have made a significant contribution by bringing together leading researchers worldwide to present their model of self-regulatory assessment and feedback. The Handbook serves as an empirical basis for elevating self-regulation in higher education and guides educators toward creating a more engaging, empowering, and successful learning experience for their students.’ – John Hattie, Emeritus Laureate Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia Jun 2024 c 596 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 159 4 c £245.00 / c $345.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Education SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

How to Stop Being Stuck with your Academic Writing Seonaidh McDonald ‘It was a pleasure to read this book – the personal tone, the flow of the text, the engagement with a subject that I am passionate about. It has truly inspired me to explore new mindsets and techniques for writing. I will start using them right away.’ – Sara Persson, S dert rn University, Sweden Jun 2024 c 164 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 395 9 c £80.00 / c $110.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides Research Handbook on Inequalities in Later Life Edited by Catherine Earl, RMIT Vietnam and Philip Taylor, University of Warwick, UK ‘Tackling topics such as aging bodies, income security, precarious work, colonization, prisons, sexuality, and more, Earl and Taylor curate thoughtprovoking chapters that push the global and intellectual boundaries of later life inequalities research. The Research Handbook on Inequalities in Later Life is a must-read for scholars, students, and advocates.’ – Jennifer Craft Morgan, Georgia State University, US Jun 2024 c 338 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 723 0 c £155.00 / c $215.00 eBook • Elgaronline Ageing, Work and Welfare series Handbook of Social Infrastructure Conceptual and Empirical Research Perspectives Edited by Anna-Theresa Renner, Leonhard Plank and Michael Getzner, TU Wien, Austria ‘The contribution of social infrastructure to human development has garnered rising academic and policy interest. This valuable set of chapters advances our knowledge of social infrastructure across a variety of dimensions, sectors and local and national contexts, and provides a foundation for anybody seeking a deeper understanding of this field.’ – John Tomaney, University College London, UK Jun 2024 c 444 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 312 3 c £205.00 / c $285.00 eBook • Elgaronline 9 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com Handbook of Aid and Development Edited by Raj M. Desai, Brookings Institution, Shantayanan Devarajan and Jennifer L. Tobin, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US ‘Aid is important in development for two reasons. First it provides additional resources in finance and knowhow to poor countries which, if well used, could aid their development. The key is of course in “if well used.” Second, the study of aid and its outcomes can shed light on the development process itself, which could help in the design of development policy in general. Both of these dimensions are present in this excellent volume, with contributions from the leaders in the field. It will take its place among the standard reference volumes in development studies.’ – Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University, US Jun 2024 c 458 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 680 3 c £210.00 / c $295.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Development Encyclopedia of Happiness, Quality of Life and Subjective Wellbeing Edited by Hilke Brockmann, Constructor University, Germany and formerly European University Institute, Italy and Roger Fernandez-Urbano, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg and formerly European University Institute, Italy This comprehensive Encyclopedia delves into the underpinnings, approaches, and recent advancements in the dynamic global landscape of happiness and wellbeing research. Laying out the foundational concepts and disciplinary perspectives in the field, international leading and diverse authors survey the determinants and mechanisms which are associated with happiness, quality of life and subjective wellbeing. Jun 2024 c506pp Hardback 978 1 80088 966 8 c £175.00 / c $255.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Digital Society Manuel Castells, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, US ‘Over four decades, Manuel Castells has analyzed the evolving technical, economic, social, power, and moral aspects of the information society. The book is required reading for anyone who aspires to understand, and hopefully influence, the alignment of computational systems and power structures with human values.’ – Jerome Feldman, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and Founding Director of the International Computer Science Institute, University of California, Berkeley Ju 2024 168 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 111 2 c £85.00 / c $120.00 Jun 2024 Paperback 978 1 80392 113 6 c £15.95 / c $24.95 Examination Copies Available on Publication eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Advanced Introductions series SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

Power, Pain and Professional Cycling A Historical-Sociological Study John Connolly, Dublin City University, Ireland ‘Combining a wide array of historical literature from different national traditions and interpreting them from an Eliasian perspective, Connolly’s book makes for refreshing insights into the social basis of Western European professional cycling. Using shame as a central concept, he puts forward an original and nuanced understanding of the makings of the sport’s doping issue.’ – Stijn Knuts, Geheugen Collectief, Belgium Jun 2024 c 216 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 721 3 c £90.00 / c $125.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedia of Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity Edited by Frédéric Darbellay, University of Geneva, Switzerland ‘We live in an era when diverse forms of scholarship are being undertaken all over the world, and new computational systems surprise us with their human-like competence. The numerous distinctive contributions to this book provide a timely opportunity to take stock on where scholarship is today and how it may evolve in the period ahead.’ – Howard Gardner, Harvard University, US, author of A Synthesizing Mind (MIT Press) Jun 2024 c 666 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 1795 0 c £270.00 / c $380.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series Age and Dignity Anti-Ageist Theory and Practice Neil Thompson, Independent writer, educator and adviser and Visiting Professor at the Open University, UK and Gerry R. Cox, Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, US ‘Respect for the individual regardless of their age upholds their dignity. Age and Dignity by Neil Thompson and Gerry R. Cox will enlighten you, whatever your relationship to the elderly, on how they should be treated. I highly recommend Age and Dignity for the wisdom that is conveyed throughout this amazing, comprehensive book.’ – Inge Corless, MGH Institute of Health Professionals, US Jun 2024 c 258 pp Hardback 978 1 0353 3047 8 c £95.00 / c $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline 10 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, APRIL – JUNE 2024

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