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NEW IN PAPERBACK How to Enhance Your Research 100 Practical Tips for Academics Don J. Webber, University of Sheffield, UK ‘Academia, while immensely rewarding, can be a pretty tough gig, particularly for junior researchers. In this book, Professor Webber, based on years of experience across countries and institutions, provides a very accessible set of tips to make the academic journey less daunting and more enjoyable. A delightfully free-flowing read, with many nuggets of quality information, for new and established academics as well as research leaders – a book that could easily become a staple on an academic’s bookshelf.’ – Gail Pacheco, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand 2021 272 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 808 8 £90.00 / $130.00 Oct 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0811 8 £30.95 / $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK A Modern Guide to Wellbeing Research Edited by Beverley A. Searle, University of Dundee, Jessica Pykett, University of Birmingham, and Maria Jesus AlfaroSimmonds, Loughborough University, UK ‘A powerful, thought-provoking and timely contribution, offering new insights that will greatly enhance our understanding of wellbeing and its determinants.’ – Dimitris Ballas, University of Groningen, the Netherlands 2021 328 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 015 6 £115.00 / $175.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0901 6 c £30.95 / c $45.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook of Digital Inequality Edited by Eszter Hargittai, University of Zurich, Switzerland ‘At the dawn of the Internet age, digital inequality was a central concern. But then a combination of triumphalism (in the developed nations) and spiraling complexity (rapid proliferation of ways to go online and things to do there) led attention to shift away from this topic. As work and schooling moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world rediscovered that inequality in access to digital platforms and resources remains high and is ever more central to social inequality overall. Eszter Hargittai has identified the scholars who have sustained a research focus on digital inequality and have found ways to cast empirical light on such complex issues as the impact of different ways of accessing the Internet and variation in online skills, and has produced a Handbook that will be invaluable to anyone who cares about social inequality – just when we need it the most.’ – Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University, US 2021 400 pp Hardback 978 1 78811 656 5 £180.00 / $265.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0898 9 c £42.00 / c $60.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks on Inequality Handbook on Academic Freedom Edited by Richard Watermeyer, University of Bristol, Rille Raaper, University of Durham and Mark Olssen, University of Surrey, UK ‘The Handbook on Academic Freedom paints an extremely disturbing picture of how, globally, academics’ ability to act as critical public intellectuals has been radically undermined by universities’ shift from a collegial to a managerial mode of governance. However, this is not simply a critique of the myriad ways in which academics’ “performance” is now constantly audited and monitored in a way that limits their freedom to perform their proper function, but also a much-needed call to arms.’ – Julian Petley, Brunel University London, UK Nov 2022 c 416 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 590 2 c £155.00 / c $225.00 eBook • Elgaronline 2 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY NEW TITLES, OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2022

A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime Edited by Paolo Buonanno, University of Bergamo, Italy, Paolo Vanin, University of Bologna, Italy and Juan Vargas, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime discusses the evolution of a field, whose growing relevance among scholars and policymakers is partly related to the persistence of crime and violence around the world and partly to the remarkable progress made in recent years in the economic analysis of individual and organised crime. With contributions from some of the leading scholars in the economics of crime, the volume highlights a variety of topics, conceptual frameworks and empirical approaches, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments of the field. Oct 2022 414 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 932 6 £145.00 / $200.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Modern Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK How to be a Reflexive Researcher Paul Hibbert, University of St Andrews, UK ’Reflexivity is an often misunderstood concept and an art that few have mastered but everybody would benefit from. In this informative and inspiring book, Professor Paul Hibbert, in an accessible and engaging manner, discusses theoretical debates on reflexivity and demonstrates what it means, in practical terms, to be a reflexive researcher. The book combines intellectual rigour – underpinned by a thorough reading of sources drawing on a range of disciplines – with a mature authenticity, built on personal experience. An absolute must-read for all academics, students and practitioners interested in reflexivity.’ – Martyna Śliwa, Durham University, UK 2021 176 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 184 7 £75.00 / $110.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0905 4 c £22.95 / c $35.00 eBook • Elgaronline How to Research Guides NEW IN PAPERBACK Handbook on Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development Edited by Walter Leal Filho, University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Amanda Lange Salvia, University of Passo Fundo and Fernanda Frankenberger, Pontifical Catholic University PUCPR and Universidade Positivo – UP, Brazil ‘Walter Leal Filho and his team have been tireless advocates for the power of education to advance the UN sustainable development goals. Now, at a time when the world needs fresh ideas for sustainability as it never has before, this book provides a resource that should be used across the globe.’ – Eric Pallant, Allegheny College, US 2021 512 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 464 0 £205.00 / $295.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0906 1 c £47.00 / c $70.00 eBook • Elgaronline Building Markets Distributional Consequences of Social Policy in East Asia Gyu-Jin Hwang, University of Sydney, Australia ‘Gyu-Jin Hwang shows that social policy in East Asia was always tied to capital accumulation and the building of markets. Hwang raises the crucial question of whether this model—perhaps appropriate for early phases of growth—can shield workers from risk in economies witnessing higher inequality and rapid technological change. He provides answers by looking at Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore: richer countries where many at the bottom still remain exposed.’ – Stephan Haggard, University of California, San Diego, US Nov 2022 c 240 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 107 8 c £85.00 / c $125.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in Social Policy series Handbook of Spatial Analysis in the Social Sciences Edited by Sergio J. Rey, University of California, US and Rachel S. Franklin, Newcastle University, UK ‘Rey and Franklin introduce this new Handbook with an allusion to a rapidly changing landscape. And perhaps because any landscape, but especially a swiftly evolving one needs solid landmarks, this collection is a welcome addition to the literature that should appeal to any researchers in the social sciences working to learn the ropes of spatial analysis.’ – Antonio Paez, McMaster University, Canada Nov 2022 c 592 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 393 5 c £220.00 / c $320.00 eBook • Elgaronline NEW IN PAPERBACK How to Lead Academic Departments Successfully Edited by Adam Lindgreen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and University of Pretoria, South Africa, Alan Irwin, Flemming Poulfelt andThyra UthThomsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark ‘Few colleagues plan (and prepare) to be an academic leader at the start of their career. But, almost inevitably, many of us will be asked to take up a major leadership role at some point, and often unexpectedly. Managing professionals within a distinct organisational climate, with unique practices and politics, against the backdrop of a dynamic marketplace is no small matter. It is, in fact, often a sink-or-swim experience. But, have no fear, How to Lead Academic Departments Successfully is here. The book is a rich source of information that offers actionable advice and perhaps comfort for those of us who are about to face the challenges of academic leadership or are trying their very best at it every day. – Ko de Ruyter, King’s College London, UK 2021 416 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 714 8 £125.00 / $180.00 Nov 2022 Paperback 978 1 0353 0903 0 c £35.00 / c $50.00 eBook • Elgaronline How To Guides Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022 3

TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Youth Studies Howard Williamson, University of South Wales, UK and James E. Côté, The University of Western Ontario, Canada ‘This timely book provides a fresh outlook on youth sociology, using historical perspectives to highlight the contrasts between different theories in the field while critically analysing contemporary scientific and methodological debates. This important book will help to illustrate how youth studies contributes to the social sciences.’ – Helena Helve, University of Tampere and University of Helsinki, Finland Oct 2022 160 pp Hardback 978 1 83910 715 3 £85.00 / $120.00 Oct 2022 Paperback 978 1 83910 717 7 £15.95 / $24.95 eBook • Elgaronline Examination copies available upon publication Elgar Advanced Introductions series Research Handbook on Leave Policy Parenting and Social Inequalities in a Global Perspective Edited by Ivana Dobrotić, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Sonja Blum, University of Bielefeld, Germany and Alison Koslowski, University College London, UK ‘This cutting-edge collection deftly explores the past and future of parenting leave policy. The authors – an interdisciplinary who’s who in leave policy research – tackle the complexities of parenting leave with a keen focus on social inequalities, broadly defined. Its fresh focus on new frontiers in policy development and research will be generative of research for years to come.’ – Jennifer Hook, University of Southern California, US Dec 2022 c 449 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 220 7 c £190.00 / c $280.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Social Policy and Welfare Research Handbook on Mental Health Policy Edited by Christopher G. Hudson, Salem State University, US ‘One of the most important lessons of six decades of community mental health practice is that a shelf full of evidencebased intervention manuals does you little good without quality mental health policy to put them into action. Yet the empirical study of mental health policy has lagged far behind the study of interventions. This book constitutes a giant step toward closing the gap. Every mental health system should own at least one copy of the Research Handbook on Mental Health Policy, and preferably several.’ – Keith Warren, The Ohio State University, US Nov 2022 c 328 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 277 1 c £165.00 / c $240.00 eBook • Elgaronline Handbook of Qualitative CrossCultural Research Methods A Social Science Perspective Edited by Pranee Liamputtong, VinUniversity, Vietnam ‘The book provides an impressive and comprehensive set of views and methodological perspectives on how to be a true respectful and culturally sensitive cross-cultural researcher. Pranee Liamputtong has assembled a diverse group of contributors that include academics, field researchers and indigenous people; describing different approaches that range from community art to gardening. A must read!’ – Maurizio Trevisan, VinUniversity, Vietnam Dec 2022 c 389 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 661 8 c £150.00 / c $220.00 eBook • Elgaronline Handbook of Civic Engagement and Education Edited by Richard Desjardins, University of California Los Angeles, US and Susan Wiksten, European Institute of Education and Social Policy, France ‘A thought-provoking and significant contribution to the thinking on civic engagement and education that successfully integrates empirical knowledge with sophisticated theoretical perspectives. The editors should be congratulated for assembling such a stellar collection of authors. This book is an indispensable source for established scholars as well as students new to the field.’ – Kjell Rubenson, University of British Columbia, Canada Dec 2022 c 352 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 694 6 c £170.00 / c $250.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Handbooks in Education A Research Agenda for Civil Society Edited by Kees Biekart, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Alan Fowler, University of Witwatersrand Business School, South Africa ‘A Research Agenda for Civil Society provides a much needed synopsis of the antecedents, internal contradictions, and promises of civil society within a comparative African-Global Southern Context. At a time of pervasive political and epistemological uncertainty, the book throws precious critical light on a subject of increasing academic and policy relevance.’ – Ebenezer Obadare, Council on Foreign Relations, US Oct 2022 332 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 814 8 £115.00 / $165.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas 4 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

Smart-Tech Society Convenience, Control, and Resistance Mark Whitehead and William G.A. Collier, Aberystwyth University, UK ‘The pages of this book take the reader on a perceptive and revealing journey through the smart-tech society. Bringing clarity to these disorientating and farreaching transformations, it offers guidance, understanding and an irresistible call to engage with how the future might yet be shaped.’ – David Beer, University of York, UK Dec 2022 c 232 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 409 0 c £85.00 / c $120.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Research Agenda for Social Welfare Law, Policy and Practice Edited by Michael Adler, The University of Edinburgh, UK ‘Michael Adler brings together a sharply focused selection of contributions that provide key insights into the issues facing social welfare law, now and in the future. This collection provides an in-depth discussion of the research challenges spanning different branches of law and methodological approaches, focused on different social welfare policies and on contemporary organisational developments. It makes a compelling case for how future developments in social welfare law, policy and practice need to be considered in a post-Brexit, post-Covid world. In doing so, it delivers a timely and significant agenda for research.’ – Gráinne McKeever, Ulster University, UK Dec 2022 c 336 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 632 2 c £110.00 / c $160.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas TEXTBOOK Advanced Introduction to Social Movements and Political Protests Karl-Dieter Opp, University of Leipzig and University of Washington, Seattle, US ‘This truly impressive book offers an integrated theoretical approach to social movements and political protests. Opp applies his approach to help our understanding of major events, past and present, like the spread of the Protestant Reformation, and protests against the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. A must-read for social scientists.’ – Sascha O. Becker, Monash University, Australia and University of Warwick, UK Dec 2022 c 248 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 791 6 c £85.00 / c $120.00 Dec 2022 Paperback 978 1 80088 793 0 c £15.95 / c $24.95 eBook • Elgaronline Examination copies available upon publication Elgar Advanced Introductions series Research Handbook on Society and Mental Health Edited by Marta Elliott, University of Nevada, Reno, US ‘This superb volume, edited by Marta Elliott, offers a rich and distinctly sociological exploration of classic and contemporary topics in mental health research. The authors, including emerging and eminent scholars, address core topics like stigma and medicalization as well as the mental impacts of contemporary crises like COVID-19 and environmental threats. Scholars, practitioners, and policy makers alike have much to learn from this collection.’ – Deborah Carr, Boston University, US Dec 2022 c 400 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 847 6 c £180.00 / c $265.00 eBook • Elgaronline Research Handbook on Strategic Communication Edited by Jesper Falkheimer, and Mats Heide, Lund University, Sweden ‘The Research Handbook on Strategic Communication provides a fresh and informed look at current research. The Research Handbook re-examines familiar contexts and questions such as the viability of the public sphere, the function of dialogue, and the role of culture in view of an ever-evolving communication landscape, while introducing perspectives in greater need of consideration such as the influence of place, the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence, and importance of engagement. This is a must read for scholars and graduate students studying strategic communication.’ – Timothy Sellnow, University of Central Florida, US Dec 2022 c 528 pp Hardback 978 1 80037 988 6 c £210.00 / c $300.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Research Agenda for the Gig Economy and Society Edited by Valerio De Stefano, York University, Canada, Ilda Durri, Charalampos Stylogiannis and Mathias Wouters, KU Leuven, Belgium ‘This important volume lays bare the significance of platform work for the wider world of work and for society at large. Through a multidisciplinary perspective it addresses a myriad of issues concerning platform work that have not received their due attention such as occupational safety and health, discrimination, and gaps in cross-border governance. The editors and contributors have done a fantastic job in making clear both the exceptional – and the unexceptional – aspects of platform work and thus provide a useful guide to scholars, social partners and policymakers of how to shape the gig economy so that it can be of benefit to all.’ – Janine Berg, International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland Nov 2022 c 264 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 350 5 c £95.00 / c $140.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas 5 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

The Elgar Companion to Gender and Global Migration Beyond Western Research Edited by Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, US and Natalia Ribas-Mateos, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain and Mesopolhis Aix-Marseille University, France ‘The editors, both renowned migration and gender scholars, have assembled a hugely impressive array of authors to rethink the global narratives which structure our understanding of gender and migration. Especially innovative is the focus on nonWestern settings wherein are explored a wide range of intersecting themes: migration, mobilities, displacement, gender, human rights, development, transnational care, and many more. This is a must-read for students of gendered migrations.’ – Russell King, University of Sussex, UK Dec 2022 c 480 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 125 3 c £165.00 / c $240.00 eBook • Elgaronline Norms, Gender and Corruption Understanding the Nexus Edited by Ina Kubbe, Tel Aviv University, Israel and Ortrun Merkle, United Nations University – MERIT and Maastricht University, the Netherlands ‘I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the complex relationship between gender equality, corruption and good governance. It clearly shows that the inclusion of women in positions of power is no “quick fix” to reduced levels of corruption. The chapters give new insights on how social and political norms specify the room open for women to maneuver in society.’ – Lena Wängnerud, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Oct 2022 304 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 582 4 £105.00 / $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline Teaching Social Work Neil Thompson, Independent writer, educator and adviser and visiting professor at the Open University, UK ‘This innovative book offers social work educators a sophisticated understanding of the complexities of teaching students to successfully engage in a complex and highly demanding profession. A set of short introductory essays is followed by a discussion of key educational issues and practical advice across different areas of the curriculum. It will clarify, challenge and inspire in equal measure.’ – Christa Fouché, The University of Auckland, New Zealand Nov 2022 c 280 pp Hardback 978 1 80220 629 6 c £90.00 / c $135.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Guides to Teaching Poverty and Inequality in East Asia Work, Family and Policy Edited by Inhoe Ku, Seoul National University, South Korea and Peter Saunders, University of New South Wales, Australia ‘In this engaging volume, leading experts utilize high-quality datasets to assess social policies in contemporary East Asia. These excellent and nuanced studies analyze interactions among multiple changes currently underway – including policy reforms, economic shifts, and demographic upheavals. This illuminating collection broadens and deepens cross-national scholarship on poverty and inequality.’ – Janet C. Gornick, City University of New York, US Oct 2022 256 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 897 5 £90.00 / $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline New Horizons in Social Policy series Asia’s Rising Research Dominance Universities and State Building Mats Benner, Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden ‘Mats Benner’s new book provides an expansive and much needed analysis on the campaign by Asian universities, and their governments, to be among the world’s most productive in research, with a laser focus on building nation-state economies. What sets Asia’s Rising Research Dominance apart is the nuance provided in the distinct national case studies - China, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea. Here is a story of a dramatic trajectory, where the goal at first was simply quantity in research productivity, and now increasingly quality and economic impact.’ – John Aubrey Douglass, University of California, Berkeley, US Dec 2022 c 216 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 930 9 c £80.00 / c $120.00 eBook • Elgaronline The Politics of the Public Encounter What Happens When Citizens Meet the State Edited by Peter Hupe, KU Leuven Public Governance Institute, Belgium ‘What happens when citizens meet the state? This excellent book provides a breadth of theoretically and empirically informed approaches to that question from leading scholars in the field. Drawing on insights from different kinds of frontline encounters, it is a reminder of why the street-level continues to be at the centre of public policy scholarship.’ – Catherine Needham, University of Birmingham, UK Nov 2022 c 398 pp Hardback 978 1 80088 932 3 c £110.00 / c $160.00 eBook • Elgaronline 6 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

Migrants and Welfare States Balancing Dilemmas in Northern Europe Edited by Christian Albrekt Larsen, University of Aalborg, Denmark ‘This stimulating book redefines the “progressive dilemma”, the fear that immigration and ethno-racial diversity undermine the welfare state. Drawing on a comprehensive analysis of the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, the book concludes that the tensions between natives and newcomers are real, but the result is not weaker social programs but pressure for more selective immigration. The battles and choices occur at the border.’ – Keith Banting, Queen’s University, Canada Oct 2022 228 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 372 7 £90.00 / $130.00 eBook • Elgaronline A Research Agenda for Social Networks and Social Resilience Edited by Emmanuel Lazega, Sciences Po, CSO-CNRS, IUF, France, Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Oxford, UK and University of Groningen and Rafael P.M. Wittek, University of Groningen, the Netherlands ‘A stimulating read that has left me – as any good book on a developing topic should – with more questions raised than answered. Its mix of perspectives is truly inspiring because it is unusually rich and still necessarily incomplete.’ – Ulrik Brandes, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Nov 2022 c 320 pp Hardback 978 1 80392 577 6 c £105.00 / c $155.00 eBook • Elgaronline Elgar Research Agendas 7 Save up to 20% at e-elgar.com I For our electronic content, visit: elgaronline.com SOCIOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY TITLES, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2022

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