Textbook Evaluation Policy

If you are currently teaching a module or class with 10 or more students enrolled, you can request a copy of an Elgar textbook for inspection/examination purposes. You can either email us, call us or request a copy via our website. Please note that in all instances, evaluation copies can only be sent to a bona fide institution-based email and mailing address.


Send us an email to [email protected] (UK and rest of the world) or [email protected] (US), including the title, author and ISBN of the book you would like to consider. In order to approve your request, we also require you to provide us with details of the course title and catalogue number, start date and the number of students you expect to be enrolled.


Call us on +44 1242 226934 (UK and rest of the world) or (413) 584-5551 (US) to let us know which titles you would like to inspect/examine.  We will ask you for your contact and course details in order to approve your request.


Simply search for titles of interest on our website.  If the title you are interested in is available for inspection/examination, you will see the following buttons on the right hand side of the screen:


Click the appropriate button and follow the link to elect to receive either a print or electronic copy of the title.  You will then be asked to provide your personal details as well as some details about the course for which the book is being considered.

Requesting an electronic inspection copy is extremely easy and is the quickest way to consider an Elgar textbook for your course.  Simply register your details at Vitalsource.com, download Bookshelf to your device, and all the textbooks you request will be available for inspection/examination in a single location.

If the inspection/examination copy links are not present, that title may still be eligible for consideration.  Please email [email protected] (UK and rest of the world) or [email protected] (US) to enquire.

Terms and Conditions

Paperback inspection/examination copies of eligible titles are FREE to lecturers and instructors based at higher and further education institutions for consideration for adoption on courses with 10 or more students.  All we ask is that you agree to provide us with feedback on each inspection/examination copy you receive within 90 days of receipt. 

Your feedback, help us:

  • Identify where our books are being adopted so that we can work with your preferred vendor to ensure we have the right number of books available so that none of your students miss out when your course starts.

  • To continue to support our valued adopters through updates, new editions or additional resources.

  • Ensure that we continue to develop a high-quality, carefully-conceived textbook programme that provides the best possible fit for your course.

Please note that by requesting an inspection/examination copy, you consent to our marketing team contacting you by email or by telephone to ask for your feedback.  All inspection/examination copies are sent at our discretion and we reserve the right to send electronic instead of print copies.


If you have any questions about our inspection/examination copy policy, please contact us at [email protected] (UK and rest of the world) or [email protected] (US).