Publish your journal with Elgar

Through our journal programme we seek to provide editors and learned societies with the level of personal and friendly service to which they have become accustomed to with their Edward Elgar books.

As a family-run firm with many loyal employees, we offer continuity and a long-term relationship to editors and societies, as well as flexible and responsive decision-making.

Our journals are copyedited and proofread in the UK by a team of professionals with whom we have been working for several years.

We send out over 90,000 catalogues, undertake extensive electronic marketing, visit scholars at over 100 campuses, and attend over 50 international conferences each year. We can also use the strength of our book programme in many sub-disciplines to provide a high-level of targeted communication to those academics who are responsible for making the decision to purchase journals.

With our technology partners, we have developed a leading online platform for the e-journal to ensure ease of use and access.

We are currently commissioning new journals in all of our core subject areas including law, economics, business and management, and public and social policy.

If you have a proposal for a new journal please email:
Tim Williams, [email protected]