Leading Research Handbook programme in the social sciences and law

Elgar has been publishing research orientated handbooks focused on the social sciences and law for almost 30 years.  Our close relationships with the academic community and feedback from customers has allowed us to develop the leading programme covering business, international legal topics, economics, policy and political science.


Acclaim for Elgar Handbooks

Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade

Edited by David A. Deese

This extensive collection, skillfully edited by David Deese, provides a comprehensive overview of the politics of international trade in the contemporary era.

– David A. Lake, University of California, San Diego, US

Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy series


Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism

Edited by Ben Saul

The 40 experts assembled by Ben Saul who are addressing the many-faceted legal issues connected to the ever-expanding meaning of “terrorism” are remarkable.

– Cherif Bassiouni, DePaul University College of Law, US

Research Handbooks in International Law series


Handbook of Management and Creativity

Edited by Chris Bilton and Stephen Cummings

This Handbook collects some of the very best research on creativity and why and how it matters to companies and their management’

– Richard Florida, University of Toronto, Canada, New York University, US and author, Rise of the Creative Class

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series


Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation

Edited by Janet E. Milne and Mikael Skou Andersen

A splendid treatment of environmental taxation. . . several insightful case studies that show how environmental taxes actually work in practice. It is the best overall treatment of environmental taxation available: comprehensive, rigorous, and readable.

– Wallace Oates, University of Maryland, College Park, US


Handbook of Innovation Indicators and Measurement

Edited by Fred Gault

A great book to understand and foster innovation at all levels: a truly innovative piece of work.

– Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Italy