Praise and awards for Elgar Advanced Introductions

Advanced Introduction To Comparative Constitutional Law

Awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2014

'Tushnet provides an authoritative review of the growing literature on comparative constitutional law . . . This book, however, is much more than a review of the existing literature and is a must read for both newcomers and those with more experience in the field.'

H. Shambayati, Florida Coast University, Choice


Advanced Introduction to International Trade Law

‘An essential volume for students of international trade law. Michael Trebilcock presents a comprehensive, concise and accessible account of the legal regime governing the trading system. This revised edition takes account of the latest developments in the field. Like the first edition, this one is a masterful treatment of the subject that should be on the shelf of everyone working in international trade.’

Andrew Guzman, University of California Berkeley School of Law, US


Advanced Introduction to International Conflict and Security Law

‘This is a very welcome publication by Professor Nigel White, an established expert in international conflict and security law. It is an excellent introduction to this area of law. The book is accessible and provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject matter. It represents a distinct contribution by offering a succinct but incisive appraisal of the law and practice in this area and should serve as an excellent source of reference for advanced students, academics, and practitioners.’

Surya P. Subedi OBE, UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in Cambodia


Advanced Introduction to the Law of International Organizations

This inspiring presentation of the subject – which is anything but introductory – simultaneously remains an accessible read for all researchers, teachers, students and practitioners as it is written with the thought-provoking but elegant style which its author is famous for.’

Jean d’Aspremont, University of Manchester, UK
and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Advanced Introduction to International Human Rights Law

‘Written by a leading scholar in the field, this book provides an insightful analysis of the normative principles comprising this ever-expanding subject. Equally valuable is the extensive overview of the practice of universal and regional judicial and quasi-judicial institutions that apply and help create contemporary international human rights law. Scholars and practitioners alike will find this book to be an indispensable resource in their work.'

Judge Thomas Buergenthal, George Washington University Law School, US


Advanced Introduction to International Humanitarian Law

‘A fascinating and inspiring presentation and discussion of the most crucial and controversial features of international humanitarian law with respect to its application in contemporary armed conflicts’

Fausto Pocar, President, International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Sanremo, Italy and Judge and Former President,
ICTY, The Hague, the Netherlands


Advanced Introduction to Public Policy

‘”Less is oftentimes more!” This new book by Guy Peters proves the point: it is a small but beautifully crafted book, which provides an excellent introduction to and survey of public policy. It should be required reading for students and practitioners alike.'

Wayne Parsons, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University, UK


Advanced Introduction to International Political Economy

‘Benjamin J. Cohen’s Advanced Introduction to International Political Economy evaluates the fragmented intellectual landscape of international political economy and suggests points of conversation, if not integration, among its varied elements. His analysis is wide-ranging and balanced, geographically and in its examination of a variety of standpoints; it is engaging in its combination of sympathy and criticism. All advanced students of the field will benefit from reading it.’

Robert O. Keohane, Princeton University, US


Advanced Introduction to Cultural Economics

‘Ruth Towse presents a fabulous, broad ranging overview of cultural economics. The book is up to the state of knowledge, is easy to read and reveals sound judgment. I highly recommend the book to anyone concerned about the relationship of culture to society – as everyone should!’

Bruno S. Frey, University of Zurich, Switzerland
and Zeppelin University, Germany


Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics

‘Randy Holcombe’s Advanced Introduction is a comprehensive and extremely readable introduction to the main ideas of this school of economic thought. Holcombe uses plenty of everyday examples and common sense wisdom to explain often esoteric sounding doctrines in very plain language. The result is an exemplar in clear thinking and clear writing.'

Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University, US


Advanced Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics

‘The Elgar Advanced Introduction series is a very good idea and fills a real gap in the literature. John King is an excellent choice as the author of the Post Keynesian volume. In past work he has explained his preference for a Kalecki–Keynes–Marx synthesis in economy theory. He is no ideologue, however, and all the different strands of Post Keynesianism get a fair hearing. It is also made clear what Post Keynesian economics is not – almost anything called “Keynesian” in the standard textbooks.’

John Smithin, York University, Toronto, Canada


Advanced Introduction To Entrepreneurship

‘Governments worldwide recognize that entrepreneurial behavior is essential to economic health and prosperity. Universities have responded with an explosion of entrepreneurship courses. Hisrich answers the demand for education with innovation. He shows how entrepreneurship and innovation connect, and he takes an innovative approach in this book. He introduces the latest in research findings with a storyteller’s enthusiasm. This is the rare textbook that readers will have trouble putting down. When they do, they will have skills to be successful in entrepreneurial careers.’

Franck Hoy, Director of the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US