Permission Requests

Requests to use content from an Edward Elgar Publishing book are handled by PLSclear based in the UK or the Copyright Clearance Center in the US. We recommend searching by ISBN to ensure you get the most accurate search result. Many simple permissions can be granted instantly through these sites.

Visit the PLSclear website

Visit the Copyright Clearance Center website

For extracts that fall under fair dealing, you must make full acknowledgement of the author, title and Edward Elgar Publishing. You do not need to request formal permission or pay fees. Fair dealing covers text reproduced for the purposes of criticism, review, non-commercial research or the reporting of current events.

If the rights you are looking for are not available please contact: [email protected]

Authors reusing their own material

Please visit our author self archiving and reuse page to find out when you need to request permission. This covers self archiving, reuse in new books that you are authoring or editing, reusing parts in journal articles, reusing figures and tables, use in presentations, teaching, course packs and PhD thesis.

Reporting Piracy

We employ a company called Link-Busters and they provide an automated system that detects and removes unauthorized content on offending sites such as cyberlockers and torrents. In parallel they request removal of unauthorized content on Google. Although Link-Busters protects our content 24/7, we encourage you to report any suspicious links in order to increase the likelihood of prompt takedown.

How you can help 

To report a suspicious link, please email [email protected] and include: the title of the book that you are reporting, the infringing URL, and where/how you found the link. Information provided will be used solely for investigating and pursuing any intellectual property infringement claims on behalf of Edward Elgar Publishing, if applicable. For additional background details concerning the information collected please see our privacy policy.

Translation Rights

To enquire about translation rights for Elgar books please contact Karen Plowman: [email protected]

For Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation rights please contact our exclusive agents:

Chinese: Big Apple Agency, Inc.
(Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese)
email: [email protected]

Japanese: Tuttle Mori Agency, Inc.
email: [email protected]

Korean: Eric Yang Agency
email: [email protected]

Eulama Literary Agency
(Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
email: [email protected]