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Air Transport

Edited by Peter Forsyth, Professor of Economics, Monash University, Australia, Kenneth Button, University Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, US and Peter Nijkamp, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi, Iasi, Romania
This authoritative new collection of 40 articles, presents the most important classics and contemporary papers on air transport.
Extent: 704 pp
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Publication Date: 2002
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This authoritative new collection of 40 articles, presents the most important classics and contemporary papers on air transport.

It features a comprehensive range of topics, including airline costs and productivity, pricing and yield management, competitive behaviour and strategic alliances, environmental aspects, and aviation in developing nations. Congestion and investment in airports, and regulation of airports are also covered.

The articles selected cover theoretical analyses of air transport, empirical findings and discussion of policy issues such as liberalisation and deregulation of airline markets. The collection highlights current policy issues and emerging trends which will be of interest to students of transport economics, industrial organisation and regulation. It will also be a useful reference tool for policy makers and regulators, airline executives and to consultants in aviation and transport.
‘This volume of air transport economics classics is a superb resource for researchers, educators, policy planners and consultants covering the most important aspects of aviation economics - pricing, yield management, productivity and cost, competition, regulation and institutional reform, strategy, efficiency and investment, and the environment. Edited by three of the leading academic exponents of aviation economics, this book of readings is a must on all bookshelves of those engaged in serious thought about the aviation sector.’
– David A. Hensher, University of Sydney, Australia
40 articles, dating from 1970 to 2000
Contributors include: E. Bailey, M.E. Beesley, S. Borins, S. Borenstein, D.W. Caves, L.R. Christensen, T.H. Oum, J.C. Panzar, N. Rose, M.W. Tretheway
Introduction Peter Forsyth, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
1. George W. Douglas and James C. Miller III (1974), ‘Quality Competition, Industry Equilibrium, and Efficiency in the Price-constrained Airline Market’
2. Robert H. Frank (1983), ‘When Are Price Differentials Discriminatory?’
3. Dennis J.H. Kraft, Tae H. Oum and Michael W. Tretheway (1986), ‘Airline Seat Management’
4. John C. Panzar (1979), ‘Equilibrium and Welfare in Unregulated Airline Markets’
5. Arthur S. De Vany (1975), ‘The Effect of Price and Entry Regulation on Airline Output, Capacity and Efficiency’
6. Douglas W. Caves, Laurits R. Christensen and Michael W. Tretheway (1985), ‘Economies of Density Versus Economies of Scale: Why Trunk and Local Service Airline Costs Differ’
7. Tae Hoon Oum and Chunyan Yu (1998), ‘Cost Competitiveness of Major Airlines: An International Comparison’
8. David W. Gillen, Tae Hoon Oum and Michael W. Tretheway (1990), ‘Airline Cost Structure and Policy Implications: A Multi-product Approach for Canadian Airlines’
9. Tae Hoon Oum and Chunyan Yu (1995), ‘A Productivity Comparison of the World’s Major Airlines’
10. Robert J. Windle (1991), ‘The World’s Airlines: A Cost and Productivity Comparison’
11. Elizabeth E. Bailey and Jeffrey R. Williams (1988), ‘Sources of Economic Rent in the Deregulated Airline Industry’
12. Steven A. Morrison and Clifford Winston (1987), ‘Empirical Implications and Tests of the Contestability Hypothesis’
13. James A. Brander and Anming Zhang (1990), ‘Market Conduct in the Airline Industry: An Empirical Investigation’
14. Severin Borenstein (1989), ‘Hubs and High Fares: Dominance and Market Power in the U.S. Airline Industry’
15. Martin Dresner and Michael W. Tretheway (1992), ‘Modelling and Testing the Effect of Market Structure on Price: The Case of International Air Transport’
16. Andrew S. Joskow, Gregory J. Werden and Richard L. Johnson (1994), ‘Entry, Exit, and Performance in Airline Markets’
17. Pedro L. Marín (1995), ‘Competition in European Aviation: Pricing Policy and Market Structure’
18. David Starkie and Margaret Starrs (1984), ‘Contestability and Sustainability in Regional Airline Markets’
19. Elizabeth E. Bailey and John C. Panzar (1981), ‘The Contestability of Airline Markets During the Transition to Deregulation’
20. M.E. Beesley (1986), ‘Commitment, Sunk Costs, and Entry to the Airline Industry: Reflections on Experience’
21. Theodore E. Keeler (1972), ‘Airline Regulation and Market Performance’
22. Kenneth Button (1996), ‘Liberalising European Aviation: Is There An Empty Core Problem?’
23. Christopher C. Findlay (1985), ‘The Persistence and Pervasiveness of the Regulation of International Trade in Civil Aviation: Services’
24. Alfred E. Kahn (1988), ‘Surprises of Airline Deregulation’
25. Severin Borenstein (1992), ‘The Evolution of U.S. Airline Competition’
26. Dennis W. Carlton, William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner (1980), ‘Benefits and Costs of Airline Mergers: A Case Study’
27. Tae Hoon Oum and Jong-Hun Park (1997), ‘Airline Alliances: Current Status, Policy Issues, and Future Directions’
28. Michael Z.F. Li (2000), ‘Distinct Features of Lasting and Non-lasting Airline Alliances’
29. Alan Carlin and R.E. Park (1970), ‘Marginal Cost Pricing of Airport Runway Capacity’
30. David Starkie (1994), ‘Developments in Transport Policy: The US Market in Airport Slots’
31. David Gillen and Ashish Lall (1997), ‘Developing Measures of Airport Productivity and Performance: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis’
32. Peter Forsyth (1997), ‘Price Regulation of Airports: Principles with Australian Applications’
33. Sandford F. Borins (1978), ‘Pricing and Investment in a Transportation Network: The Case of Toronto Airport’
34. Tae Hoon Oum and Yimin Zhang (1990), ‘Airport Pricing: Congestion Tolls, Lumpy Investment, and Cost Recovery’
35. Sean D. Barrett (2000), ‘Airport Competition in the Deregulated European Aviation Market’
36. Nancy L. Rose (1992), ‘Fear of Flying? Economic Analyses of Airline Safety’
37. Jon P. Nelson (1980), ‘Airports and Property Values: A Survey of Recent Evidence’
38. Anming Zhang (1998), ‘Industrial Reform and Air Transport Development in China’
39. Tae Hoon Oum (1997), ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Asian Airlines and Governments’
40. Paul Hooper (1997), ‘Liberalisation of the Airline Industry in India’
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