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Analysing Social Policy

A Governmental Approach Edited by Greg Marston, Professor of Social Policy, Queensland University of Technology and Catherine McDonald, former Professor of Social Work and Program Director, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University, Australia
This book brings together leading international researchers to discuss governmental approaches to analysing social policies.
Extent: 256 pp
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Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 978 1 84542 507 4
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Publication Date: 2009
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  • Social Policy and Sociology
  • Comparative Social Policy
This book brings together leading international researchers to discuss governmental approaches to analysing social policies.

Analysing Social Policy expands the scope of social policy analysis using the insights from post-Foucauldian scholarship on the art of governing in liberal democracies. One of the main conclusions reached is that policy researchers need to pay much greater attention to the minutiae of policy reform, and to the discursive and material ways in which power operates in policy change. The chapters comprising this book are purposefully written in a clear, accessible and reflective manner, with each of the contributions empirically grounded, drawing on social policy problems and practices in many countries, ranging from North America to Europe to Australasia. The editors address key concerns of both policy analysts as well as academic researchers attempting to locate appropriate theoretical frameworks to make sense of welfare state restructuring in the 21st century.

This book will appeal to researchers and research students in political science, social policy, social work and sociology through its demonstration of how to apply contemporary social theory to research problems. It will also be of interest to policy scholars around the world who are involved in analysing the intersections of power, politics and policy.
Contributors: J. Clarke, M. Dean, J. Elm-Larsen, P. Henman, F. Kessl, A.C. Korteweg, W. Larner, G. Marston, C. McDonald, B. Pease, J. Smith, W. Walters

1. Introduction: Reframing Social Policy Analysis
Greg Marston and Catherine McDonald

2. Governmentality and Powers of Life and Death
Mitchell Dean

3. Global Governance and Local Policy Partnerships
Wendy Larner

4. Governing the Spaces on the Margin of Society
Jørgen Elm-Larsen

5. Consumerism and the Remaking of State-Citzen Relations in the UK
John Clarke

6. The Politics of Subject Formation: Welfare-Reliant Women’s Response to Welfare Reform in the United States and the Netherlands
Anna C. Korteweg

7. Governing Men and Boys in Public Policy in Australia
Bob Pease

8. Activating Child and Youth Welfare – A Case of the Neo-Social Re-arrangement of German Social Policy
Fabian Kessl

9. ‘The End of the Passing Past’: Towards Polytemporal Policy Studies
William Walters

10. Governing the Mother: Access to Reproductive Technologies
Jennifer Smith

11. Segmentation and Conditionality: Technological Reconfigurations in Social Policy
Paul Henman

12. Conclusion: A Conversation Worth Continuing?
Greg Marston and Catherine McDonald