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  1. Complexity in Economics

    Complexity in Economics

    Edited by J. Barkley Rosser Jr.
    Complex dynamics in economics arise from nonlinear systems that do not converge to a fixed point, a limit cycle, or explode or implode exponentially due to endogenous factors. They arise from cybernetics, catastrophe theory, chaos theory, or the varieties of modern complexity theory, including models with heterogeneous, interacting agents. This major three-volume collection presents the most important papers in the area of complexity in economics. Learn More
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  2. Evolution and Economic Complexity

    Evolution and Economic Complexity

    Edited by J. Stanley Metcalfe, John Foster
    Dedicated to the goal of furthering evolutionary economic analysis, this book provides a coherent scientific approach to deal with the real world of continual change in the economic system. Expansive in its scope, this book ranges from abstract discussions of ontology, analysis and theory to more practical discussions on how we can operationalize notions such as ‘capabilities’ from what we understand as ‘knowledge’. Simulation techniques and empirical case studies are also used. Learn More
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  3. Economic Institutions and Complexity

    Economic Institutions and Complexity

    Karl-Ernst Schenk
    This book presents a concept of interactive economic institutions and systems, considered by the author to be a bottleneck to scientific progress. In the author’s evaluation of contemporary institutional economics, the focus is on the interaction of complex economic structures in terms of their coordination routines, emergent behavioural characteristics and also their economic performance. Differences of behaviour characteristics and economic performances are explained as consequences of differently structured coordination routines. The book demonstrates that complexity, rather than being part of the problem of institutional analysis, can be made part of the solution. Learn More
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  4. The Complexity Vision and the Teaching of Economics

    The Complexity Vision and the Teaching of Economics

    Edited by David Colander
    This ground-breaking book focuses on the implications of the complexity vision, such as that held by economists at the Santa Fe Institute, for the teaching of economics. This complexity vision suggests that answers to questions such as how do markets develop and how do they evolve need to be approached head on. Complexity economics is beginning to do just that. Learn More
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  5. Handbook of Research Methods in Complexity Science

    Handbook of Research Methods in Complexity Science

    Edited by Eve Mitleton-Kelly, Alexandros Paraskevas, Christopher Day
    This comprehensive Handbook is aimed at both academic researchers and practitioners in the field of complexity science. The book’s 26 chapters, specially written by leading experts, provide in-depth coverage of research methods based on the sciences of complexity. The research methods presented are illustratively applied to practical cases and are readily accessible to researchers and decision makers alike. Learn More
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  6. Governance and Complexity in Water Management

    Governance and Complexity in Water Management

    Edited by Hans Bressers, Kris Lulofs
    The premise of this book is that careful reconsideration of strategies to achieve water management ambitions, together with more in-depth knowledge on the theories and practices of boundary spanning, could bring solutions for contemporary water problems within reach. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 129.00   Web: $ 116.10
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  7. Managing Complexity and Change in SMEs

    Managing Complexity and Change in SMEs

    Edited by Poul Rind Christensen, Flemming Poulfelt
    The process of founding new enterprises and making them grow and prosper is a far more convoluted undertaking than it was just a few decades ago. This book explores the complexity faced by today’s entrepreneurs. Institutional boundaries, evolutionary perspectives and the intricacies of management are the central themes in this study of entrepreneurs and SMEs in a world marked by major transitions. Learn More
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  8. Handbook on the Economic Complexity of Technological Change

    Handbook on the Economic Complexity of Technological Change

    Edited by Cristiano Antonelli
    This comprehensive and innovative Handbook applies the tools of the economics of complexity to analyse the causes and effects of technological and structural change. It grafts the intuitions of the economics of complexity into the tradition of analysis based upon the Schumpeterian and Marshallian legacies. Learn More
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  9. Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System

    Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System

    Edited by Matthew Hollow, Folarin Akinbami, Ranald Michie
    With contributions from across the disciplines of law, history, finance, and economics, Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System offers a truly interdisciplinary study of the relationship(s) between crises and complexity in the US and UK financial markets. Taken together, the contributions in this volume not only challenge many often taken-for-granted ideas about the nature of financial crises, but also broaden our understanding of the long-term causes (and consequences) of the global financial crisis of 2007–2008. Learn More
    2016   Hardback Price: $ 147.00   Web: $ 132.30
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  10. Risk, Complexity and ICT

    Risk, Complexity and ICT

    Edited by Ole Hanseth, Claudio Ciborra
    This book explores the challenges regarding risks and risk management related to the growing complexity of ICT solutions. The main argument of the book is that the complexity of ICT solutions has continued to grow throughout the history of ICT, and that it has now reached a level that goes beyond our current understanding of solutions and our methods of dealing with them. The contributors demonstrate how the complexity of ICT solutions is increased by various integration efforts. Drawing upon theories of risk society and reflexive modernization, various case studies are used to demonstrate efforts aimed at controlling and managing the complexities of various ICT solutions. Paradoxically, these control and management measures are shown to increase rather than decrease complexity and risk. Learn More
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  11. Complexity and Ecosystem Management

    Complexity and Ecosystem Management

    Edited by Marco A. Janssen
    The quality of ecosystems is affected by the actions of different stakeholders who use them in a variety of ways. In order to understand this complex relationship between humans and nature, it is vital to understand the complexity of the interacting agents. The authors in this book attempt to do this by applying multi-agent systems to the problems of ecosystem management. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 164.00   Web: $ 147.60
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  12. Complexity and the Economy

    Complexity and the Economy

    Edited by John Finch, Magali Orillard
    The authors examine the causes and consequences of complexity among the broadly economic phenomena of firms, industries and socio-economic policy. The book makes a valuable contribution to the increasingly prominent subject of complexity, especially for those whose interests include evolutionary, behavioural, political and social approaches to understanding economics and economic phenomena. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 165.00   Web: $ 148.50
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  13. Networks, Security and Complexity

    Networks, Security and Complexity

    Sean P. Gorman
    Networks, Security and Complexity goes on to address specific concerns such as determining criticality and interdependency, the most effective means of allocating scarce resources for defense, and whether diversity is a viable strategy. The author provides the economic, policy, and physics background to the issues of infrastructure security, along with tools for taking first steps in tackling these security dilemmas. He includes case studies of infrastructure failures and vulnerabilities, an analysis of threats to US infrastructure, and a review of the economics and geography of agglomeration and efficiency. Learn More
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  14. Complexity and Co-Evolution

    Complexity and Co-Evolution

    Edited by Elizabeth Garnsey, James McGlade
    This book applies ideas and methods from the complexity perspective to key concerns in the social sciences, exploring co-evolutionary processes that have not yet been addressed in the technical or popular literature on complexity. Authorities in a variety of fields – including evolutionary economics, innovation and regeneration studies, urban modelling and history – re-evaluate their disciplines within this framework. The book explores the complex dynamic processes that give rise to socio-economic change over space and time, with reference to empirical cases including the emergence of knowledge-intensive industries and decline of mature regions, the operation of innovative networks and the evolution of localities and cities. Sustainability is a persistent theme and the practicability of intervention is examined in the light of these perspectives. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 128.00   Web: $ 115.20
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  15. Handbook of Research on Complexity

    Handbook of Research on Complexity

    Edited by J. Barkley Rosser Jr.
    Complexity research draws on complexity in various disciplines. This Handbook provides a comprehensive and current overview of applications of complexity theory in economics. The 15 chapters, written by leading figures in the field, cover such broad topic areas as conceptual issues, microeconomic market dynamics, aggregation and macroeconomics issues, econophysics and financial markets, international economic dynamics, evolutionary and ecological–environmental economics, and broader historical perspectives on economic complexity. Learn More
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  16. Handbook on Complexity and Public Policy

    Handbook on Complexity and Public Policy

    Edited by Robert Geyer, Paul Cairney
    Though its roots in the natural sciences go back to the early 20th century, complexity theory as a scientific framework has developed most rapidly since the 1970s. Increasingly, complexity theory has been integrated into the social sciences, and this groundbreaking Handbook on Complexity and Public Policy has brought together top thinkers in complexity and policy from around the world. With contributions from Europe, North America, Brazil and China this comprehensive Handbook splits the topic into three cohesive parts: Theory and Tools, Methods and Modeling, and Application. Learn More
    2015   Hardback Price: $ 240.00   Web: $ 216.00
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    Edited by William Darity Jr.
    This two volume set consists of the most significant theoretical and empirical writings on economic discrimination based upon race, gender and ethnicity with an international emphasis. Economics and Discrimination is an essential reference for scholars interested in the analysis of economic inequality between ascriptively differentiated groups. The work of economists spanning the ideological spectrum from John Roemer to Thomas Sowell is represented in the pages of this important title. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 707.00   Web: $ 636.30
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  18. Quality Measurement in Economics

    Quality Measurement in Economics

    Steven Payson
    The concept of quality measurement is revived and given new meaning in this innovative new book. Steven Payson argues that quality measurement is an important issue in the study of price indices and in the additional areas of product innovation and evolutionary change. The user-value definition of quality is forcefully defended against the producer-cost definition, and a new method of measurement is introduced – the representative good approach (RGA). The RGA provides a new means for measuring quality over long periods of time by examining historical documents. A discussion of evolutionary change lays the groundwork for the identification of two processes: quality improvement and cost reduction. Using data from the Sears Catalog, quality improvement and cost reduction rates are estimated for five goods between 1928 and 1993: shoes, sofas, gas ranges, window fans and air conditioners, and cameras. The results are dramatic, supporting ground-breaking hypotheses on the determinants of quality improvement and cost reduction. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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  19. Innovation, Evolution and Complexity Theory

    Innovation, Evolution and Complexity Theory

    Koen Frenken
    The motivation behind this book is the desire to integrate complexity theory into economic models of technological evolution. By means of developing an evolutionary model of complex technological systems, the book contributes to the neo-Schumpetarian literature on innovation, diffusion and technological paradigms. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  20. The Evolutionary Complexity of Endogenous Innovation

    The Evolutionary Complexity of Endogenous Innovation

    Cristiano Antonelli
    The notion of endogenous innovation as the outcome of the creative response of firms to out-of-equilibrium conditions is the cornerstone of the new evolutionary complexity. This book elaborates and applies the theoretical framework established in the author’s previous work Endogenous Innovation: The Economics of an Emergent System Property. This volume carefully explores the role of the reactivity of firms to out-of-equilibrium conditions. It also examines the quality of knowledge governance mechanisms in assessing the levels of externalities that define the likelihood of creative responses, as an alternative to adaptive responses. Learn More
    2018   Hardback Price: $ 135.00   Web: $ 121.50
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