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  1. Linkages between China’s Regions

    Linkages between China’s Regions

    Nicolaas Groenewold, Anping Chen, Guoping Lee
    The rate of economic growth in China over the last 50 years has been remarkable. However this has only highlighted the inequalities between regions in China, making for considerable disquiet at the highest levels of Chinese policy-making. Not everyone has benefited from the same levels of prosperity and this book examines the many and varied policy solutions and proposals that have been applied to this thorny problem. The authors find that the industrial core of China (the South East and the Changjiang and Yellow River regions) is reasonably well integrated but not well connected to the remainder of the country. Indeed, evidence suggests that development in coastal areas comes at the expense of that in the interior while much of the policy designed to boost the interior actually flows to the coastal provinces. Learn More
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  2. Japanese Investment in the World Economy

    Japanese Investment in the World Economy

    Roger Farrell
    This book examines Japanese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world economy over more than five decades. It provides a unique focus on the internationalisation experience of selected industries, such as forestry, textiles, electronics, motor vehicles, steel and services as well as case studies of individual firms. Japanese Investment in the World Economy is distinctive in that it examines overseas investment by firms in the primary, manufacturing and services sectors over the period in which the Japanese economy became the second largest in the world. Learn More
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  3. Infrastructure and Trade in Asia

    Infrastructure and Trade in Asia

    Edited by Douglas H. Brooks, Jayant Menon
    Analysis of infrastructure’s role in facilitating international trade and consequently regional economic integration is still rudimentary. This original book fills that knowledge gap by exploring relevant concepts, measurement issues, aspects of the implementation of trade-related infrastructure facilities and their impacts on poverty, trade, investment and macroeconomic balances. Learn More
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  4. Political Economy of Northeast Asian Regionalism

    Political Economy of Northeast Asian Regionalism

    Edited by Jehoon Park, T. J. Pempel, Gérard Roland
    This book is an objective analysis combining both ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ (most notably US) perspectives of Northeast Asian regionalism. It also usefully applies regional integration theories to the realities of the Northeast Asian situation and presents policy options for regional integration. Learn More
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  5. Mergers and Acquisitions in China

    Mergers and Acquisitions in China

    Chien-Hsun Chen, Hui-Tzu Shih
    This book discusses cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by Chinese companies, mainly to clarify their strategies and the effect of their M&A at an international level. Chien-Hsun Chen and Hui-Tzu Shih also explore the strategies and considerations of Chinese companies or international companies – including those from Taiwan – who conduct M&A in China. This is an invaluable study on the acquisition and transfer of technology, branding and marketing channels within the context of competitive cooperation on development targets for foreign, Taiwanese and Chinese companies. Learn More
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  6. Imagining Globalisation in China

    Imagining Globalisation in China

    Nick Knight
    This comprehensive book analyses debates on globalisation in China, focusing on the consequences of globalisation for the ideological, political and cultural realms. Learn More
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  7. China’s New Industrialization Strategy

    China’s New Industrialization Strategy

    Y. Y. Kueh
    Deng Xiaoping’s economic strategy is widely regarded as a complete anathema to Mao’s, but this study strongly argues that without the material foundations laid by Mao, it would have been very difficult for Deng to launch his reform and open-door policy. Deng basically shared Mao’s aspirations and approach in pursuit of China’s industrialization, and this had in fact helped to condition him to the successful gradualist methodology. Deng lost patience at times and resorted to the ‘big bang’ strategy, only to fail miserably. Taken together, the book tells a new story about the economics of China’s transition. This is a highly thought-provoking study, blending institutional and convincing statistical analysis. Learn More
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  8. Policy Reform and Chinese Markets

    Policy Reform and Chinese Markets

    Edited by Belton M. Fleisher, Nicholas C. Hope, Anita A. Pena, Dennis T. Yang
    The evolution of China’s market economy is one of the most important developments in the world economy in the twenty-first century. The diverse contributors to this book provide a unique set of essays that evaluate legal, regulatory, and economic aspects of China’s transition from planned to market economy. Learn More
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  9. International Business in Korea

    International Business in Korea

    O. Y. Kwon
    The study assesses that the South Korean market and business practices will maintain some sui generis characteristics because of the country’s idiosyncratic culture and singular form of institutional development in the recent past. The book contains comprehensive analysis of macro-level topics (such as business opportunities, cultural influence, country risk and market configuration) and micro-level topics (including business negotiation, business ethics, management of international joint ventures and the management system). Learn More
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  10. Regional Trade Agreements in Asia

    Regional Trade Agreements in Asia

    Edited by Tran Van Hoa, Charles Harvie
    Tran Van Hoa and Charles Harvie present this original study of the likely effects of new regional development. The first East Asia Summit in 2005 prompted discussions of enlargement of ASEAN free trade agreements to include all major trading blocs and their likely regional and global implications. The contributors to this book, internationally renowned experts from ASEAN, East Asia, India and Oceania, analyse the probable impacts of this expansion on trade, investment, development, poverty and economic growth and integration. Learn More
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  11. Sustainable Automobile Transport

    Sustainable Automobile Transport

    Lisa Ryan, Hal Turton
    Transport, and in particular road transport, represents a significant global threat to long-term sustainable development, and is one of the fastest-growing consumers of final energy and sources of greenhouse gas emissions. In this book, long-term energy–economy–environment scenarios are used to identify the key technological developments required to address the challenges passenger car transport poses to climate change mitigation and energy security. It also considers possible targets for policy support and examines some of the elements that contribute to the significant levels of uncertainty – particularly social and political conditions. The book then builds on this long-term scenario analysis with a broad review of recent empirical examples of relevant policy implementation to identify near-term options for the passenger transportation sector which may promote a shift towards a more sustainable transport system over the longer term. Learn More
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  12. Technical Progress and Economic Growth

    Technical Progress and Economic Growth

    Ranald J. Taylor
    Most of the studies conducted to examine the growth performance of many developing economies are based on the traditional neoclassical growth frameworks. This book takes an alternative path. It employs a blend of historical, neoclassical, Kaldorian, and endogenous growth frameworks to shed further light on the growth process. Whereas most cross-sectional growth analyses tend to focus only on the steady state, this volume is one of the relative few that attempt to trace the whole growth path. In doing so, it addresses a number of important factors and issues associated with economic growth, and aims to answer to one of the hardest and most fundamental questions – how do we get poor developing countries on the path to sustained growth? Learn More
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  13. Sustainable Growth and Economic Development

    Sustainable Growth and Economic Development

    Reunka Mahadevan
    This book provides an insight into some of the efforts and actions taken by the rapidly developing economy of Malaysia towards its ‘Vision 2020’ of becoming a developed country. Renuka Mahadevan explores whether the vision can become reality and not just remain a dream. Learn More
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  14. Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st Century

    Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st Century

    Edited by John H. Dunning, Tsai-Mei Lin
    A cast of prestigious international business scholars explores here the emerging challenges and issues facing multinational enterprises. The book integrates the latest theories, thoughts and empirical evidence along with several case studies in international business in the 21st century. Learn More
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  15. The Making of China’s Exchange Rate Policy

    The Making of China’s Exchange Rate Policy

    Leong H. Liew, Harry X. Wu
    During Asia’s financial crisis, the attention of policymakers was focused on China’s exchange rate policy. Post-crisis, this interest has increased further due to China’s growing influence in world trade and investment. However, the process of policy making in China is still opaque, creating demand for further research on how China formulates exchange rate policy. This book examines the major factors influencing China’s exchange rate policy from the foundation of the People’s Republic to the present. It analyses how national economic and political priorities, international influences, domestic and institutional interests and new constraints imposed by China’s rapidly globalising post-Mao economy determine exchange rate policy. Learn More
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  16. The Korean Economy

    The Korean Economy

    Wan-Soon Kim, You-il Lee
    The Korean Economy examines how Korea’s inward FDI-led globalization, particularly since the financial crisis of 1997, has been experienced, understood, managed and often strongly resisted in various economic, social and cultural domains. It is an in-depth analysis combining perspectives from politics and economics, examining a number of grievances as seen through the eyes of actual foreign investors operating in Korea. The authors argue that it is precisely these obstacles that need to be addressed if Korea is to live up to its full potential in terms of becoming a truly attractive magnet for FDI and comprehensively integrating into the global economy. The authors make a convincing case that the challenges Korea currently faces are by no means limited to institutional and policy reforms, but rather are entrenched in an anti-globalization mindset shared by all sectors of society. Learn More
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  17. Productivity in Asia

    Productivity in Asia

    Edited by Dale Jorgenson, Masahiro Kuroda, Kazuyuki Motohashi
    The outstanding economic performance of East Asian countries has been investigated in numerous studies. However, most comparative studies analyze macro-level productivity. In this book, the productivity performance of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the United States are compared at industry level. The work is a result of an international collaborative research project by RIETI (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry), Japan. The total factor productivity growth and level amongst these five countries sheds new light on the industrial competitiveness of growing Asian economies compared to Japan and the United States. In addition, this book provides detailed information on productivity datasets for these five countries. Learn More
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  18. Asian Firms

    Asian Firms

    Frank B. Tipton
    Frank Tipton’s book is a comparative study of the management structures of Asian firms. As Asian economies continue to expand, the management of Asian firms becomes ever more important, whether they are suppliers, customers, partners, or rivals. As the author argues, Asian firms are very different from their Western counterparts, and these differences reflect the variations in national history and institutions within which they operate. Learn More
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  19. Economic Analysis of Law in China

    Economic Analysis of Law in China

    Edited by Thomas Eger, Michael Faure, Zhang Naigen
    This book comprises contributions on recent developments in China from a law and economics perspective. For the first time Chinese and European scholars jointly discuss some important attributes of China’s legal and economic system, and some recent problems, from this particular viewpoint. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 165.00   Web: $ 148.50
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  20. Crisis or Recovery in Japan

    Crisis or Recovery in Japan

    Edited by David Bailey, Dan Coffey, Phil Tomlinson
    This innovative and multidisciplinary book explores Japan’s economic crisis and recovery. Specifically, it analyses the role of corporations, the state, macroeconomic and industrial policy, and the changing status of Japan as an economic role model. The contributors list comprises an international panel of economists, political scientists and international relations specialists. From vantage points across Japan, North America and Europe, they bring together a collection of original studies considering Japan’s economic malaise and the potential for sustained recovery. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 131.00   Web: $ 117.90
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