1. Governance and Family Firms

    Governance and Family Firms

    Edited by Julio Pindado, Ignacio Requejo
    This authoritative collection provides a broad overview of the role that family firms, both those publicly listed and privately held, play in the global economy. The editors have selected seminal papers which investigate how the family business model affects firm performance and corporate decision making, and contribute to disentangling the interrelations that exist between family control of corporations and other governance mechanisms. Given the relevance of corporate governance and family firms for the economy and society as a whole, the present collection constitutes a point of reference for family business researchers, practitioners and policymakers alike. A better understanding of family firms is of paramount importance because these companies are the main drivers of economic growth all over the world. The volume, with an original introduction by the editors, will be an excellent source of reference for students, practitioners and researchers in the field of governance and family firms. Learn More
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  2. Family Business

    Family Business

    Edited by Joseph H. Astrachan, Torsten M. Pieper, Peter Jaskiewicz
    This insightful collection conveniently presents the most influential and frequently cited family business research articles. ‘Must quote’ papers on a broad range of topics, as well as a variety of methods are included and serve as a model for forthcoming work and a foundation for future theory. Complemented by the authors’ comprehensive introduction, this volume is an essential reference tool for seasoned researchers, new students and those who work with family businesses. Learn More
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    Edited by Mary B. Rose
    Family businesses, have been instrumental in the industrialization of most countries and remain an important dimension of modern economies world wide. Yet analyses of international differences in Western micro– and macroeconomic performance, since the late nineteenth century, have usually been focused upon the rise and capabilities of the American-style business corporation. In this context, while family business has not been without its champions, these firms were often dismissed as inferior alternatives to managerial capitalism and the source of economic decline. As a result they have received, until comparatively recently, less attention than they deserve. This collection of essays which spans more than forty years of scholarship on family business is not confined to the discussion of Western firms. Instead contributions cover their role, capabilities and performance on four continents and include the work of leading institutional and development economists and sociologist as well as business and economic historians. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 425.00   Web: $ 382.50
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