1. Global Skill Shortages

    Global Skill Shortages

    Malcolm S. Cohen, Mahmood A. Zaidi
    As the world entered the twenty-first century, global skill shortages in many occupations were evident throughout the world. While these were mitigated by a global recession, there is no generally agreed upon method for measuring these shortages. This book discusses various theories for measurement. Using data collected from 19 developed countries in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific region, the authors explore various aspects of skilled labor shortages, develop a methodology of measuring shortages by occupation, and provide estimates of the likelihood of the occurrence of such shortages. They develop labor market indicators which measure the degree of shortage or surplus in different occupations. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of the Apprenticeship System

    The Economics of the Apprenticeship System

    Wendy Smits, Thorsten Stromback
    Well-written and well-researched, this book succeeds in achieving a perfect blend of theory, evidence, and history. It will appeal to scholars in the fields of labour economics and human resource management, as well as those in private and public sectors working on policy development and planning of vocational education and training. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  3. Globalization and Labour Relations

    Globalization and Labour Relations

    Edited by Peter Leisink
    This important book presents an in-depth analysis of the neo-liberal viewpoint on globalization and its impact on labour relations. The policies of states and multinational corporations as well as their effects are analysed from the perspectives of international political economy, institutional economics, cultural studies and industrial relations. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 141.00   Web: $ 126.90
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  4. Managing the Multinationals

    Managing the Multinationals

    Anne-Will K. Harzing
    Managing the Multinationals provides a greater understanding of the ways multinational corporations operate in the age of globalisation. It is an in-depth analysis of the control mechanisms used by multinationals, and considers among other issues the structure and strategy of multinationals, the role of expatriates in controlling subsidiaries, the international transfer of managers and international human resource management. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 183.00   Web: $ 164.70
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  5. The Challenges to Trade Unions in Europe

    The Challenges to Trade Unions in Europe

    Edited by Peter Leisink, Jim Van Leemput, Jacques Vilrokx
    In The Challenges to Trade Unions in Europe, a group of prominent authors examines the unions’ strategic policies in seven European member states and at the European Union level, as well as their responses to the globalization of economic competition. Using theoretical and historical analysis as well as up-to-date empirical research, they examine the successes of trade unions and their capacity to innovate in order to remain strategic actors in the industrial relations arena. In particular, the authors examine trade union policies responding to topical issues such as training, sustainable growth, flexibility, decentralization, deregulation and neo-liberal state policies. Learn More
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