1. Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight

    Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight

    Edited by Laura Anna Costanzo, Robert Bradley MacKay
    Drawing together a collection of 29 original chapters, the Handbook makes an invaluable contribution to theory and practice by stimulating disciplined, rigorous and imaginative enquiry into the relationship between strategy and foresight. Leading scholars in the field of strategic management are brought together to offer innovative and multi-disciplinary perspectives on the past, present and future of strategy formation and foresight. In so doing, they challenge research in four key areas: strategy and foresight processes; strategy innovation for the future; understanding the future; and strategically responding to the future. Learn More
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    2010   Paperback Price: $ 87.00   Web: $ 69.60
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  2. A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy

    A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy

    Edited by Frank Wijen, Kees Zoeteman, Jan Pieters
    In the current era of globalisation, national governments are increasingly exposed to international influences which can present many new constraints and opportunities for domestic environmental policies. This comprehensive Handbook pushes the frontiers of theoretical and empirical knowledge, and provides a state-of-the-art examination of the critical effects of globalisation on environmental governance. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 325.00   Web: $ 292.50
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    2006   Paperback Price: $ 74.00   Web: $ 59.20
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