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  1. Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

    Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

    Edited by David Smallbone
    This important two-volume set presents an authoritative selection of papers concerned with entrepreneurship and public policy, drawing on a wide range of international experience. Volume I includes: entrepreneurship and economic growth, the research-policy interface, innovation and entrepreneurship, taxation policies and regulation, interventions in the market for business advice and regional perspectives on entrepreneurship. Volume II is devoted to policy evaluation studies, covering both ‘hard’ financial measures and ‘soft’ interventions focused on information, advice, training and networking. Learn More
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  2. Tourism and the Environment

    Tourism and the Environment

    Edited by Susanne Becken
    This volume is a unique collection of important academic contributions made in the field of tourism and the environment in the last 30 years. Dr. Becken has carefully selected seminal articles which together represent a wide range of theoretical and applied pieces of research and offer detailed examples from different geographical areas. Learn More
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  3. The Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship

    The Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Zoltán J. Ács
    With this selection of previously published articles, Professor Acs provides a guided tour to the leading ideas in knowledge spillover theory. The volume not only includes some of the foundational writings on the use of knowledge in business and industry, but also brings us right up to date with some seminal articles illustrating the latest thinking on entrepreneurship, the knowledge spillover theory and the knowledge filter. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 396.00   Web: $ 356.40
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  4. Strategies for New Venture Development

    Strategies for New Venture Development

    Edited by Ari Ginsberg
    This groundbreaking work brings together a comprehensive set of scholarly articles that help shape our understanding of the strategies deployed to create and grow new business entities. The editor draws on a broad set of multi-disciplinary contributions to the domain of new venture development from scholars who publish in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship, finance, organization theory and strategic management. Learn More
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  5. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

    Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

    Edited by Zoltán J. Ács
    Entrepreneurship and regional development can be addressed from many different angles: clusters, creativity and human capital. Professor Acs, a distinguished researcher in this field, approaches this debate through technology. Technological change can be regarded as the most important factor in long-run macroeconomic growth. It has been argued in new growth theory that the technological element of the growth process results from the profit-motivated choices of economic agents. This important volume makes an essential contribution to this debate by presenting an authoritative selection of the most significant published work on entrepreneurship and regional economic growth. Learn More
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  6. Stakeholders


    Edited by Robert A. Phillips, R. E. Freeman
    This landmark book takes a retrospective look at the most important and influential works in the study of stakeholders since Freeman’s 1984 publication, Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. 2009 marked the 25th anniversary of this watershed in organizational scholarship, so now is an excellent time for Phillips and Freeman to revisit this topical and exciting subject. Learn More
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  7. Intellectual Property and Business

    Intellectual Property and Business

    Edited by Stephen E. Margolis, Craig M. Newman
    This authoritative two-volume set brings together the most significant scholarship on intellectual property. It provides comprehensive coverage, with a mix of theory, empirics and institutional details. The emphasis is on more recent writings, although it also includes some early work that continues to provide the platform for contemporary scholarship. Learn More
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  8. Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

    Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

    Edited by Thorsten Beck
    This essential collection contains the most influential articles written over the past two decades that help us to understand the role of entrepreneurs in the development process, both theoretically and empirically. These important papers span a wide methodological range, from theoretical models, over cross-country studies, to firm- and household-level studies, utilizing both regression analysis and simulation techniques. Learn More
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  9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Edited by David B. Audretsch, Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich
    This comprehensive volume integrates pathbreaking and seminal scholarship from two interrelated fields – innovation and entrepreneurship – with the chapters providing a compelling link between the two. The editors seek to introduce and contextualize some of the most important research. Topics covered include: history of thought, innovation and growth, the innovation process, role models of the entrepreneur, knowledge flows and institutions. Learn More
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  10. The Globalization of Retailing

    The Globalization of Retailing

    Edited by Neil M. Coe, Neil Wrigley
    This path-breaking collection, edited by two leading scholars in the field, brings together seminal contributions from the burgeoning multidisciplinary literature on the globalization of retailing. In addition to focusing on the retail corporations and their expansionary strategies, it explores the multi-faceted impacts of retail globalization on host economies and profiles the store and sourcing dimensions of transnational retail activity. Learn More
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  11. Entrepreneurial Teams and New Business Creation

    Entrepreneurial Teams and New Business Creation

    Edited by Mike Wright, Iris Vanaelst
    There is a growing interest in the diversity and complexity of entrepreneurial teams because of their potential to shape new business growth. In particular, curiosity is focused on how entrepreneurial teams should be formed in order to allow new businesses to be created and therefore ensure their growth. This timely collection identifies leading contributions in this developing area and reflects a growing body of research. Learn More
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  12. Multinational Enterprises and Host Economies

    Multinational Enterprises and Host Economies

    Edited by Klaus E. Meyer
    Multinational enterprises (MNEs) invest in a variety of host economies, and closely interact with local businesses and society at large. This role has become the focus of policy debates of all sorts, as MNEs are seen as a primary conduit of globalization, thus spreading both its benefits and its negative side effects. Learn More
    2009   Hardback Price: $ 651.00   Web: $ 585.90
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  13. Family Business

    Family Business

    Edited by Joseph H. Astrachan, Torsten M. Pieper, Peter Jaskiewicz
    This insightful collection conveniently presents the most influential and frequently cited family business research articles. ‘Must quote’ papers on a broad range of topics, as well as a variety of methods are included and serve as a model for forthcoming work and a foundation for future theory. Complemented by the authors’ comprehensive introduction, this volume is an essential reference tool for seasoned researchers, new students and those who work with family businesses. Learn More
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  14. International Management of Research and Development

    International Management of Research and Development

    Edited by Maximilian von Zedtwitz, Julian Birkinshaw, Oliver Gassmann
    International Management of Research and Development brings together the most influential contributions to managing, organising and coordinating R&D and innovation on a global scale. In addition to papers on the fundamental principles, trends and drivers of international R&D, it covers strategies and operations of global R&D. It also provides an introduction to modern concepts such as knowledge networks, open innovation and virtual innovation. It is a key reference collection for professors and researchers wishing to understand the practical implications of industrial R&D and a valuable resource for chief technology and innovation officers keen to develop their corporate R&D more systematically. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 315.00   Web: $ 283.50
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  15. Landmark Papers on Trust

    Landmark Papers on Trust

    Edited by Reinhard Bachmann, Akbar Zaheer
    This important two-volume set presents the most influential papers published in the field of trust research since the early 1960s. It reflects the key ideas on trust which have developed in various disciplines, including management studies, social psychology, organizational sociology and economics. The many topics covered include the foundations of trust research, the role of trust in economic exchange and trust as a fundamental social coordination mechanism. This reference collection will be invaluable to scholars wishing to keep Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 707.00   Web: $ 636.30
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  16. Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

    Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

    Edited by William H. Starbuck
    For this three-volume set the editors have selected many of the most influential articles published since 1984 on the topics of knowledge management and the improvement of organizational learning, developmental learning by individual organizations and the development of populations of organizations. New, authoritative introductions to each volume by the editors offer a comprehensive overview and informative discussion of the issues. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 889.00   Web: $ 800.10
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  17. Financing Entrepreneurship

    Financing Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Phillip Auerswald, Ant Bozkaya
    This important collection comprises 24 previously published papers. These include foundational papers which offer an understanding of the conceptual and historical substructure of entrepreneurial finance and more recent seminal works about entrepreneurs and the obstacles that they systematically seek to overcome. Further articles describe the variety of institutional forms that have evolved to address the challenges inherent in entrepreneurial finance and the role of government in the process of innovation, entrepreneurship and the financing of new ventures. These papers, complemented by the editors’ comprehensive introduction, are essential for scholars, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurs wishing to advance their understanding of this important and expanding field of study. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 392.00   Web: $ 352.80
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  18. The Political Economy of Entrepreneurship

    The Political Economy of Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Magnus Henrekson, Robin Douhan
    Political economy has been at the core of entrepreneurship research since its conception. Although the entrepreneur is frequently regarded as the key figure in the capitalist system, academic research in economics has for a long time overlooked the entrepreneur in its analyses of growth. In terms of political economy this neglect has been even more glaring. These volumes bring together the most important contributions from a very scattered and disparate research field. The collection provides scholars, postgraduates, and students of economics and entrepreneurship with a systematic exposition of a largely undefined field of research. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 623.00   Web: $ 560.70
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  19. International Marketing: Modern and Classic Papers

    International Marketing: Modern and Classic Papers

    Edited by Stanley J. Paliwoda, John K. Ryans Jr
    This authoritative three-volume collection presents the most important articles and papers published in the field of international marketing during the last thirty years. It includes both classic articles as well as cutting-edge papers from the new breed of top researchers informed by theoretical rigour and using the most up-to-date research methodologies. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 987.00   Web: $ 888.30
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  20. The Economics of Modern Business Enterprise

    The Economics of Modern Business Enterprise

    Edited by Martin Ricketts
    Martin Ricketts, a leading scholar in this field, has selected the seminal papers from a variety of traditions that illustrate the evolution of thinking on ‘the firm’ over a considerable period of time. The firm as a vehicle for entrepreneurial initiative and the exercise of business judgement is contrasted throughout with the firm as a policing mechanism in response to known contractual hazards. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 966.00   Web: $ 869.40
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