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  1. Real Options and International Investment

    Real Options and International Investment

    Edited by Alan M. Rugman, Jing Li
    The application of real options theory to the decision making of multinational enterprises (MNEs) is an exciting new area of research within the field of international business. Such contributions will make existing theories in international business (such as internalization theory) dynamic and more realistic. This important collection presents 20 of the most significant articles that apply real options theory to international business and strategic management. Learn More
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  2. The International Trading System, Globalization and History

    The International Trading System, Globalization and History

    Edited by Kevin H. O’Rourke
    The focus of this collection is the history of the international trading system over the past two centuries. Volume I includes an overview of the subject area as well as sections considering the effects of war and peace, the late nineteenth-century backlash, and contemporary views of interwar disintegration. Volume II looks at the issues of hegemony, non-discrimination and reciprocity. It also covers customs unions, preferential trading agreements, trade wars and trade rivalry. Learn More
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  3. Franchise Contracting and Organization

    Franchise Contracting and Organization

    Edited by Francine Lafontaine
    Much has been written about franchising in economics over the last two decades: researchers have gained important insights, especially into how and why it works and into the reasons behind the various forms of vertical restraints usually embedded in these contracts. This authoritative volume presents the key papers that have introduced the theoretical frameworks and the empirical facts that have spurred the interest of scholars in franchising as an organizational form. By combining all these contributions in a single volume, this collection not only highlights the main questions that have been addressed in the literature on franchising, but also illustrates the important role that incentive issues have played in it. As a result, this compilation should be of special interest to economists and management scholars with an interest in franchising but also to those interested in general issues concerning the organization of the firm. Learn More
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  4. The Life Cycle of Corporate Governance

    The Life Cycle of Corporate Governance

    Edited by Igor Filatotchev, Mike Wright
    This unique collection of new, previously unpublished papers demonstrates the importance of corporate governance throughout the different stages of the life-cycle of firms and organisations, and in particular in the crucial transitions between stages. In so doing it redresses an imbalance created by the wealth of literature and research devoted to the study of corporate governance in mature firms only. The book gives equal consideration to the monitoring and control functions of corporate governance mechanisms, and to the resource and strategic roles of governance in the decision-making process. In so doing it attempts to provide a framework through which to understand the factors that affect the balance between the possible functions of corporate governance. Learn More
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  5. Governance, Directors and Boards

    Governance, Directors and Boards

    Edited by Mahmoud Ezzamel
    This unique volume brings together contributions on corporate governance published in various disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance and management. Mahmoud Ezzamel presents a collection of seminal papers that focus on the relationship between boards of directors and corporate governance. Governance, Directors and Boards investigates such important issues as the composition of boards of directors, their key overall roles as mechanisms of governance, the impact of the board on the nature of decision making in contemporary organisations, and the role of the relationship between the board and the determination of executive remuneration. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 300.00   Web: $ 270.00
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  6. Corporate Restructuring

    Corporate Restructuring

    Edited by John J. McConnell, David J. Denis
    This authoritative book features previously published articles which describe, analyze and empirically explore corporate restructurings. Restructurings include corporate combinations that come about through mergers, tender offers, and joint ventures. They also include various forms of corporate split-ups that come about by means of asset sales, spin-offs, equity carve-out, and distressed restructurings. This two-volume set will be of interest to managers of large corporations and financial institutions, investment and commercial bankers, and scholars with an interest in corporate finance and strategy. Learn More
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  7. Governance and Ownership

    Governance and Ownership

    Edited by Robert Watson
    This collection consists of 20 papers, organised into four sections, that have each made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the motivations and actions of different types of corporate owners and the impact that ownership appears to have upon key areas of corporate governance and corporate decision making and performance. The wide variety of specific research issues addressed, the research methods used and the institutional contexts examined by these 20 papers reflects the great diversity, multidisciplinary nature and dynamism of the research currently being undertaken into these topics. This insightful and innovative collection will be of great interest to students of corporate governance, researchers and practitioners alike. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 301.00   Web: $ 270.90
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  8. Governance and Auditing

    Governance and Auditing

    Edited by Peter Moizer
    This authoritative new collection contains reprints of seminal articles on the subject of auditing and its relationship to the way in which outside stakeholders monitor the activities of corporate management. Whilst the primary audience is students in upper-level undergraduate and graduate accounting courses, the book should also be of use to existing researchers, as it collects together the ‘must read’ articles on the subject in a readily accessible form. Learn More
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  9. Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Edited by Julian Birkinshaw
    This authoritative new collection of previously published articles provides a solid and broad-minded overview of the field of strategic management in business studies. It includes the seminal writings of the leading scholars in the field, and covers six different schools of thought on the nature of business strategy. While the field is only 40 years old, there is now an enormous body of literature for a student of strategic management to get to grips with. This book pulls together the relevant strands of thinking to provide all the critical readings in a single source. Also included is an introduction written by Julian Birkinshaw, one of the leading figures in the field. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 570.00   Web: $ 513.00
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  10. Networks


    Edited by Gernot Grabher, Walter W. Powell
    This major two-volume collection presents a comprehensive overview of the scholarly literature exploring the emergence, functioning and forms of networks, focusing on their role in the economy. The collection draws from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds to combine key writings that have defined the field with more recent contributions in emerging areas of network research. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 707.00   Web: $ 636.30
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  11. The Economics of Nonprofit Enterprises

    The Economics of Nonprofit Enterprises

    Edited by Richard Steinberg
    The literature on nonprofit organizations can be said to have developed in three waves. The first wave asserted some plausible objectives for a nonprofit organization possessing monopoly power and examined the subsequent implications for organizational behaviour; the second looked more broadly at the role of nonprofit organizations in a wider economy as they compete or collaborate with for-profit firms and government agencies; the third wave began the development of integrated theories in which the objectives of nonprofit organizations emerge endogenously within an environment potentially containing organizations from other sectors. The Economics of Nonprofit Enterprises brings together some of the most important previously published articles which investigate and elucidate these phases. Learn More
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  12. Globalization and the Location of Firms

    Globalization and the Location of Firms

    Edited by John Cantwell
    This authoritative collection reprints the key articles in the field of locational clustering, and the relationship between local clusters and the activities of multinational firms. It covers both the principal theoretical and statistical explanations of the clustering of firms in common locations, and includes a selection of important empirical studies of this phenomenon. Special attention is given to the role played by knowledge spillovers, and notably the geographical dimension of the relationship between firms and universities. Further articles demonstrate how, contrary to some popular beliefs, globalisation is not only consistent with the emergence of a new emphasis upon locational clustering, but in many ways it has helped to promote the differentiation of the productive capabilities of different locations, and so has reinforced clustering and reflected it. Learn More
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  13. The International Library of Leadership

    The International Library of Leadership

    Edited by J. T. Wren, Douglas A. Hicks, Terry L. Price
    The International Library of Leadership brings together in one place the most significant writings on leadership, the process by which groups, organizations, and societies seek to satisfy their needs and achieve their objectives. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 833.00   Web: $ 749.70
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  14. Mergers and Corporate Governance

    Mergers and Corporate Governance

    Edited by J. H. Mulherin
    This authoritative collection of previously published articles emphasizes recent empirical research on mergers and corporate governance. The papers included present provocative questions dealing with the causes and effects of takeover and restructuring activity, the distribution of wealth gains between bidding and target firms, and the relevance of governance in modern corporations. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 273.00   Web: $ 245.70
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  15. The Management of Innovation

    The Management of Innovation

    Edited by John Storey
    This is the definitive collection on the subject of innovation and innovation management. It brings together in two volumes the essential analyses in the field from its leading authorities. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 707.00   Web: $ 636.30
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  16. Developments in the International Harmonization of Accounting

    Developments in the International Harmonization of Accounting

    Edited by Christopher W. Nobes
    The measurement of harmonization became a well-established area of academic research from the late 1980s, and the discerning selection of papers in this volume reveal a continuing interest in the topic by a large number of researchers. The coverage is divided into two parts. The first part concerns the measurement of harmonisation, and the second contains analysis of, and comment on, harmonization. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 238.00   Web: $ 214.20
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  17. Multinationals and Public Policy

    Multinationals and Public Policy

    Edited by Stephen Young
    In this authoritative selection of previously published articles by leading scholars in the field, Stephen Young provides balanced coverage of this wide-ranging and controversial topic. The articles chosen reflect the major changes which are taking place in government policies and attitudes towards foreign direct investment. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 574.00   Web: $ 516.60
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  18. Developments in International Accounting – General Issues and Classification

    Developments in International Accounting – General Issues and Classification

    Edited by Christopher W. Nobes
    This title provides a thorough overview of recent developments in the area of international accounting, and serves as an essential introduction to the series. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 336.00   Web: $ 302.40
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  19. Personnel Economics

    Personnel Economics

    Edited by Edward P. Lazear, Robert McNabb
    Over the past twenty years or so there has been a marked increase in the study of personnel issues by labour economists. These studies have explored such topics as incentives, compensation methods, human resource strategies and institutional structures, and have provided an insightful empirical literature rich in the creative use of new data. In these two volumes, the editors bring together many of the theoretical papers which were key in establishing personnel economics as a discipline within economics, as well as a selection of empirical studies which have been important in developing an understanding of the economics of human resource issues. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 546.00   Web: $ 491.40
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  20. Venture Capital

    Venture Capital

    Edited by Mike Wright, Harry J. Sapienza, Lowell W. Busenitz
    Recent years have witnessed massive development in both the venture capital market and in academic research relating to this market. The aims of this timely collection are to identify leading contributions to this developing area from the past two decades; to reflect the growing multi-disciplinarity of research on venture capital; and to highlight the need to recognize international differences in venture capital markets. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 819.00   Web: $ 737.10
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