1. Austrian Law and Economics

    Austrian Law and Economics

    Edited by Mario J. Rizzo
    The use of economics to study law was pioneered by the Austrian School of Economics. The nineteenth century founders of the school believed that economics could contribute to understanding the spontaneous development of common law as well as the nature of legal rights. For this insightful two-volume collection Mario Rizzo has selected key papers from today’s vibrant Austrian School, focusing on the study of property, market-chosen law, slippery-slope analysis, entrepreneurship, institutions, decentralized social knowledge, and the evolution of legal institutions. These volumes represent the cutting-edge Austrian contributions to economics and will be an essential reference source for both students and researchers. Learn More
    2011   Hardback Price: $ 845.00   Web: $ 760.50
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  2. The Legacy of Ludwig von Mises

    The Legacy of Ludwig von Mises

    Edited by Peter J. Boettke, Peter T. Leeson
    This pathbreaking book seeks to be the definitive collection documenting the intellectual legacy of Ludwig von Mises in modern political economy. Its intended readership is scholars in the history of political economy and in particular those interested in the Austrian school of economics. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 700.00   Web: $ 630.00
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  3. The Economics of Property Rights

    The Economics of Property Rights

    Edited by Svetozar Pejovich
    This authoritative collection presents the most important published articles on the cultural, legal, philosophical and economic dimensions of property rights. It shows how the economics of property rights has enriched our ability to understand as well as to predict a wide range of real world events. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 738.00   Web: $ 664.20
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  4. The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek

    The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek

    Edited by Peter J. Boettke, Andrew Farrant, Greg Ransom, Gilberto O. Salgado
    This major three-volume collection – offered in the centenary year of Hayek’s birth – celebrates a lifetime of scholarship and original contributions that cross the disciplines of politics, philosophy and economics. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 921.00   Web: $ 828.90
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  5. market process theories

    market process theories

    Edited by Peter J. Boettke, David L. Prychitko
    Market process theory is principally concerned with explaining how the market moves towards a state of general economic equilibrium and how production and consumption plans become coordinated. Market Process Theories presents in two volumes the most important articles by leading economists which contribute to an understanding of the processes of economic coordination. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 548.00   Web: $ 493.20
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  6. Austrian Economics

    Austrian Economics

    Edited by Stephen Littlechild
    This major authoritative three volume work gathers together for the first time the seminal articles and papers – many of which are widely dispersed in rare publications – which provide the foundation and development of the Austrian School of Economics. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 829.00   Web: $ 746.10
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