1. Young Workers in the Global Economy

    Young Workers in the Global Economy

    Edited by Gregory DeFreitas
    Featuring new findings and fresh insights from an international roster of labor economists, including such eminent authors as Morley Gunderson, Harry Holzer, and Paul Ryan, this book delves into a uniquely wide range of high-profile labor issues affecting youth in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan – from declining job, wage, and training prospects to workplace health hazards, immigration, union activism, and new policy strategies. This widely accessible introduction to the latest research in the area presents original empirical economic studies in an engaging style. Learn More
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  2. Creative Cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development

    Creative Cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development

    Edited by Philip Cooke, Luciana Lazzeretti
    This book analyses the economic development of cities from the ‘cultural economy’ and ‘creative industry’ perspectives, examining and differentiating them as two related but distinct segments of contemporary city economies. The authors argue that although they are normally conflated, the first is largely subsidized while the second is highly entrepreneurial hence they actually make very different kinds of contribution to a city’s character, attractiveness and competitiveness. Learn More
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  3. Recent Developments in Cultural Economics

    Recent Developments in Cultural Economics

    Edited by Ruth Towse
    This volume is a compilation by one of the most experienced editors in the field of published articles on cultural economics. It includes articles on both the ‘traditional’ fare of cultural economics – economics of cultural policy, the performing arts, museums and heritage, and artists labour markets – and extends the scope to the economics of creative industries and copyright, topics that are now at the heart of cultural policy. The articles (with one exception) have all been published in the last 10 years and the aim of the book is to bring readers up to date on cultural economics in a range of related fields: cultural and social policy, sociology of the arts and culture, arts management, indeed, anyone with an interest in the ‘creative economy’. Learn More
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  4. Tourism in Developing Countries

    Tourism in Developing Countries

    Edited by Twan Huybers
    The effect of tourism activity in developing countries has been a hotly debated topic for a number of decades. Opinions have fluctuated between the extremes of tourism as the catalyst for socio-economic development and tourism as the basis for neo-colonial exploitation and environmental and cultural decline. The contributions to this timely volume provide a balanced overview of these various perspectives. Key papers that are theoretical, conceptual and empirical, drawn from the literature in the fields of tourism, economics and development studies are contained in this authoritative volume. Learn More
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  5. Managing Tourism Firms

    Managing Tourism Firms

    Edited by Clive L. Morley
    Managing Tourism Firms is an authoritative selection of the most important published work on the particular characteristics and problems associated with running a firm in tourism. Major topics covered include: strategy, marketing, the use of the Internet and IT, pricing, managing staff and studies of specific sectors of the industry. The book provides an overview of current issues and a handy reference in one volume to the major published research contributions. The editor has written a new, authoritative introduction which offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art summary of the literature. This volume will be valuable to researchers and students in tou Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 351.00   Web: $ 315.90
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  6. The Economics of Leisure

    The Economics of Leisure

    Edited by Clem Tisdell
    This authoritative two-volume collection presents a comprehensive set of key articles that address the economics of leisure, arranged in a manner that facilitates the understanding of the subject. The editor’s perceptive introduction highlights the contribution of each article, provides an assessment of the current state of the available literature and draws attention to those areas that are worthy of more research effort. Learn More
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  7. Work, Leisure and the Environment

    Work, Leisure and the Environment

    Tim Robinson
    This significant book explains how work–life balance is being destroyed because individuals fail to link their work effort with its adverse environmental effects and the personal costs they impose. Learn More
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  8. The Economics of the Mass Media

    The Economics of the Mass Media

    Edited by Gillian Doyle
    The study of the mass media has flourished over recent decades. Whereas media and communications have traditionally been studied via the lens of sociology or other non-economic disciplines, the perspectives and frameworks offered by economics are now properly recognised as central to our understanding of the organization and behaviour of the mass media – a fact reflected in this unique collection. As more and more economists have turned their attention to media firms and industries, a rich and diverse body of literature has emerged. The articles drawn together in this volume present a survey of the papers that have contributed in important ways to this developing field of enquiry. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 381.00   Web: $ 342.90
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  9. The Economics of Association Football

    The Economics of Association Football

    Edited by Bill Gerrard
    This authoritative two volume collection pulls together the work of leading sports economists over the last five decades to answer these and other questions using consumer theory, labour economics, industrial organisation and a range of other theoretical insights combined with econometric analysis. These innovative volumes bring together a careful synthesis of applied economics that will be of interest to all those concerned with analysing the real world. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 548.00   Web: $ 493.20
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  10. The Economics of Sport and the Media

    The Economics of Sport and the Media

    Edited by Claude Jeanrenaud, Stefan Késenne
    The relationship between sport and the media raises numerous issues and problems. This book outlines the current major policy concerns relating to the commercialization of sports broadcasting rights. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  11. The Intellectual Property Debate

    The Intellectual Property Debate

    Edited by Meir Perez Pugatch
    Intellectual property (IP) has become one of the most influential and controversial issues in today’s knowledge-based society. This challenging book exposes the reader to key issues at the heart of the public debate now taking place in the field of IP. It considers IP at the macro level where it affects many issues. These include: international trade policy, ownership of breakthrough technologies, foreign direct investment, innovation climates, public–private partnerships, competition rules and public health where it is strongly embedded in contemporary business decision making. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 178.00   Web: $ 160.20
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  12. The Economics of Experiences, the Arts and Entertainment

    The Economics of Experiences, the Arts and Entertainment

    Åke E. Andersson, David E. Andersson
    The Economics of Experiences, the Arts and Entertainment serves as a welcome and unique introduction to various economic aspects of the production and consumption of art and entertainment products. The book begins with analyses and discussion of neoclassical production and utility functions, with a focus on art and entertainment as instances of experience goods or services. The authors then go on to present alternative Austrian and institutional approaches which focus on the role of creative entrepreneurs in the market process. Aesthetic and psychological theories are also discussed with a focus on their impact on producers’ and consumers’ decisions, as well as historical examples of creative centres, such as Renaissance Florence and Post World War II New York. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 128.00   Web: $ 115.20
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  13. Economics Uncut

    Economics Uncut

    Edited by Simon W. Bowmaker
    This highly innovative and intriguing book applies principles of microeconomics to unusual settings to inspire students, teachers and scholars alike in the ‘dismal science’. Leading experts show how economics reaches into the strangest of places and throws light onto the occasionally dark side of human nature. Learn More
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  14. Developments in the Economics of Copyright

    Developments in the Economics of Copyright

    Edited by Lisa N. Takeyama, Wendy J. Gordon, Ruth Towse
    This innovative and insightful book, written by some of the leading academics in the field, advances research frontiers on intellectual property and copyright issues. Topics addressed include: peer-to-peer music file sharing, optimal fair use standards, the benefits of copyright collectives, copyright and market entry, alternatives to copyright, the impact of copyright on knowledge production, the proper balance between copyright and competition law, and the application of systematic principles to issues that arise at the periphery of intellectual property law – all with an eye toward economics. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  15. Cultural Diversity and International Economic Integration

    Cultural Diversity and International Economic Integration

    Edited by Paolo Guerrieri, P. L. Iapadre, Georg Koopmann
    This book aims to improve the understanding of the relationship between cultural diversity and international economic integration and its implications for global governance of the audio-visual sector. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 146.00   Web: $ 131.40
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  16. A Handbook of Cultural Economics

    A Handbook of Cultural Economics

    Edited by Ruth Towse
    A Handbook of Cultural Economics includes over 60 eminently readable and concise articles by 50 expert contributors. This unique Handbook is both highly informative and readable; it covers a wide area of cultural economics and its closely related subjects. While being accessible to any reader with a basic knowledge of economics, it presents a comprehensive study at the fore-front of the field. Learn More
  17. The State and the Arts

    The State and the Arts

    John W. O’Hagan
    At a time when state assistance to the arts sector has come under considerable scrutiny both in Europe and the United States, this book comprehensively examines the evolution of, and rationale for, state involvement with the so-called ‘high’ arts on both continents. It offers an overview of the key economic issues arising in relation to the state and the arts in these regions, with a detailed analysis of the European and American models of state assistance to the high arts sector. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 140.00   Web: $ 126.00
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  18. Cultural Economics

    Cultural Economics

    Edited by Ruth Towse
    These volumes contain a spread of influential articles on economic issues arising in all aspects of the cultural sector – the performing and creative arts, (including the art market); the heritage (museums and monuments) and the media industries (film, TV, recording etc.). Cultural economics, including in this term the economics of the arts, has developed steadily over the last thirty years, with a literature that is theoretical, empirical and institutional. Some of the most prominent economists have written on subjects in this field – Coase, Baumol, Peacock, Robbins, Scitovsky, West and it is now being developed by their successors, of whom Frey and Throsby are the best established. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 822.00   Web: $ 739.80
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