1. The Singapore Economy

    The Singapore Economy

    Gavin Peebles, Peter Wilson
    This important new book is the first general overview of the macroeconomic nature and recent history of the Singapore economy. Learn More
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  2. Economic Stabilization for Developing Countries

    Economic Stabilization for Developing Countries

    Anthony Clunies-Ross
    This key textbook provides a fresh introduction to macroeconomics in developing countries. It presents the main elements of 20th century macroeconomics and shows how the models produced for industrialised societies need to be modified for various groups of less developed countries. It is designed for those who start with little or no economics but need to understand the issues involved in the stabilizing of national income and the price level, and in keeping a sustainable balance of payments. It focuses on a number of measures designed to create stability including fiscal policy, the exchange rate, wages and interest rates. There are several case studies of policy experiments conducted since the mid 1970s. Learn More
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  3. The New Global Economy and the Developing Countries

    The New Global Economy and the Developing Countries

    Gerald K. Helleiner
    This book explores the principle issues surrounding the effective participation of the developing countries in the new, more interdependent global economy. It is up-to-date and offers a fresh and critical assessment of traditional approaches in the sphere of international financial and trading policies. Particular emphasis is placed upon what is not known and requires further research. Among the major issues addressed are the impact of the global exchange rate system on developing countries, the efficacy of growth-oriented structural adjustment lending, the future role of foreign direct investment, the relevance of the ‘new’ trade theories to the developing countries, primary commodity market problems, poverty alleviation in adjustment programmes and the role of information systems. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 140.00   Web: $ 126.00
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